PROGRAM: BSc BiotechnologyBSc Microbiology

Mechanics: Motion along a straight line, motion in two and three dimension, projectile motion, circular motion, relative motion. Force, Friction, Work, energy, power. System of particles, collisions, Rotational motion, combined rotational and translational motions.

Waves and Oscillations: Oscillations:  Oscillatory systems, Harmonic motion, Simple harmonic oscillator, applications of simple harmonic motion. Types of oscillations,  Resonance. Waves:  Types. Wave equation-power, intensity, principle of superposition- interference, standing waves - reflection, resonance. Sound-properties, interference, vibrating system and sources of sound, beats, Doppler effect, Effects at high speed ultrasonic’s.

Light: Electromagnetic spectrum, Properties of light, Reflection, Refraction, Optical fiber, Interference-Thin film interference, Newton’s rings, Air wedge, Michelson Interferometer, Holography, Diffraction- Single slit, double slit, multiple slit diffraction, grating. X-ray diffraction, Polarization-Types, production and detection of polarized light.  Dichroism, polarizing sheets. Thick and thin lenses-Defects, Uses of lenses, Laser- principle, types, uses.

Imaging Techniques: Microscopy: Electron Microscope - Dual nature of electron and its interaction with electric and magnetic fields, electron lens formation, Electron Microscope-construction, type, applications. Atomic Force microscope, Scanning Tunneling Microscope, Scanning Near field optical Microscope – an introduction. X- ray Crystallography:  X-rays, X-ray scattering, general design of X-ray spectrometer.

Spectrometry: Mass spectrometry - General design of Mass spectrometers, Types of mass spectrometers, Mass spectrum.

Text book:

Physics – David Halliday, Robert Resnick, Kenneth S Krane, Vol. 1, 5th (e), Willey Student Edition, 2002.
Physics – David Halliday, Robert Resnick, Kenneth S Krane, Vol. 2, 5th (e), Willey Student Edition, 2002.

Reference Books:

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General Reading:

  • Elementary Biophysics – An Introduction, P. K. Srivastava, Narosa Publishing House, Reprint 2006.