PROGRAM: BSc BiotechnologyBSc Microbiology

Properties of solids: elasticity, stress-strain relation, Plastic behavior, isotropic materials, elastic energy.

Properties of liquids:  Pressure in liquids, Pressure transmission: Pascal’s law and its applications, Buoyancy: Archimedes principle and its applications. Surface tension: Measurement of surface tension, molecular theory, surface energy, pressure inside a soap bubble and a liquid drop, capillarity, negative pressure and the cohesion of water. Fluid flow: streamlines, Bernoulli’s Equation- Applications, Viscosity, Turbulence and Chaotic flow.

Properties of gases: Ideal gas, molecular view of pressure, Real gases, ideal gas equation

Dielectrics:  Properties of dielectrics, non-polar and polar dielectrics, Dielectric strength, Ferroelectrics, Piezoelectric, applications.       Magnetic materials:  Magnetism, magnetic materials, classification of magnetic materials, types of magnetic materials, soft magnetic materials, hard magnetic materials, applications.

Crystalline solids, crystal structure and systems, Imperfections, X-ray diffraction, semiconductors, doping, Diodes, Transistor, IC’s, Mems, introduction to Nanotechnology. Superconductors-properties, materials, SQUIDS, Cryogenics.

Spectroscopy: Types of spectroscopy-basic principles, instrumentation, applications.

Non destructive testing methods: X-ray methods, Radioactive methods, Thermometric methods, Electrical measurements, Magnetic measurements.

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