My First Onam in ASB

On 4th September I celebrated my first Onam in ASB and honestly I never thought that the celebrations would be this grand. We all friends wore dhothis( mundu) and went to class and this too was a first for me ( I mean one entire day wearing mundu). And for that I’ll give full thanks to Vishnu who convinced me to wear it and had to run around in hostel asking for one mundu for me because I didn’t have one. I still remember how difficult it was to get onto the bike wearing that.

As usual everything went over my head in the morning accountancy classes and we had a photo session with Karthik Sir in the afternoon. The celebrations began around 2: 30 and lasted till 7: 30 in the night . One of the main highlight of my day was that I heard Malayalam from the mouth of two people Shweta mam and Avinash Sir, which I thought I would never hear in my life. All the competitions were extremely entertaining starting from the ‘Sundariku Pottu thodal’ and the last item ‘Thiruvathira’ dance. I was afraid to participate because I was too scared that my mundu will fall off. However hats off to all my friends for putting all their effort into the ‘Tug of War’and making it a real war and even now they have bruises all over their body. Thanks to our senior Jishnu for a brilliant commentary throughout the events. We were served Palada Payasam for the event. And finally a big thanks to all the seniors for such a wonderful day to remember.

Altogether, I had a very different Onam experience and an experience which I will cherish for a long, long time. I wish my next onam in ASB will be even better....

Sangeeth Soman (Ist yr, MBA)

ARPEGGIO-2011: The first cultural fest in ASB Amritapuri

August 15th is a historical date for our nation, even for ASB Amritapuri.

When the curtain rose for ARPEGGIO*-2011, it was not just a beginning of a cultural completion; it was the realization of dream, the punch and treble in heartbeat of the 2011-2013 batch. ARPEGGIO is the first cultural fest in the history of ASB Amritapuri. It had a grand start by the inauguration of the events on 13th August 2010 by Mr. Krishnachandran, renowned singer and actor in the Malayalam film industry. He gave ideas about the importance of arts in corporate scenario. Since he also plays an Executive role in Amrita TV, he was able to share the thoughts easily. He shared with the students, his experience in the film industry and corporate world. Little Siddharth was also present in the function, ‘blessing’ us all by singing a beautiful bhajan.

August 14th midnight, to the surprise of all, the students with the help of Mr. SIju (Ani’s brother) set up a massive, gorgeous stage in the Sri Krishna hall which nobody dreamed to happen. After the stage setup and the decoration work, the Srikrishna hall became a magnificent place to “rediscover the talents”. The events of the cultural fest included lots of dances, songs, skits etc. It was the result of teamwork, it was a story of dedication and enthusiasm, and it was a memorable epic in ASB Amritapuri.

The first years and the second years were divided into three different teams- Amritamayi, Chinmayi and Jyotirmayi. Even though there was a tough competition; there were instances when members of the different group helped each other to select songs for competition and to choreograph dance steps etc!

The event happened right after the mid-trimester exam, but it has never let down the spirit of practice. In hostel the students practiced even till early morning 2:00 am! They did not get time to practice all events so some teams did their first practice on stage and grabbed even first price for some events. The students played different roles of participants and the coordinators. All this shows the spirit of the students, and that’s the major success of ARPEGGIO. After the curtain was down for the day, the audience chairs were stacked aside and the whole space became a dance floor. Even though all were tired after the event, the Punjabi music and drums ignited spirit inside the students and the dance floor became full of life…

Ashrey captured all wonderful moments of the event and with Prof. Avinash, the students got a golden chance to show Amma the Arpeggio video. Amma was very happy and She talked with the students for around 5 minutes. Tears of joy filled the students eyes and the satisfaction was beyond 100%.

The students have written the name ARPEGGIO in golden letters in the pages of history of ASB Amritapuri, and this is not the end; this is a warm new beginning for the rediscovery of talents.

My Hostel life!!!!!!!!!!!

First thing that flickers through my mind when I think about hostel is the late night chats, long gossip sessions, jokes that makes us roll on the floor laugh and so on…. For residential students, hostel is definitely a home away from home….. It’s a place where you get inspired and also you inspire others… Studying in a group with hot cups of coffee and Lay’s packets that gets empty as soon as it is opened, occasional jokes to overcome sleep, with a soft melody playing… Then, of course the wonderful bunch of people who make you feel worthwhile, who add bright colours to the white canvas of your lives, who hold your hand when you need support, who help you in studies and loads of assignments and home works that goes without saying… It is definitely a place where a sense of brotherhood, mutual cooperation and healthy competition is nurtured….

Hostel life gives you wings… We become our own masters… We learn to manage everything ourselves starting from washing clothes, managing pocket money, managing time and studies. Thus hostel life brings out the manager in you in spite of strict rules and regulations.

The things that you get to learn in hostel are endless, fitness tips, early morning jogs and number of languages from students from far north east, the south… Hostel gives you a glimpse of the great Indian diversity.

Hostel life is like the two sides of a coin... It’s a place where you can enjoy life. But at the same time you also tend to hold on to wrong things, smoke in one hand and bottle in the other… There are chances that you may get negatively influenced by people and finally end up in tears, loose hope and end up being depressed thinking about the opportunities that you didn’t explore despite its knocking at your door…

For me hostel life is a treasure trove of memories that’s gonna last a life time. Life has presented me with such memories because I imbibed good from everyone…it has made me practice never to take negative things about someone other than their positive things, because if you think negatively about a person and talk to him, you would always think whatever he does is wrong.

So its upto us to choose head or tail because the “probability” is equally likely.

Aravind B. (Ist year, MBA)

First day of College

It’s my first day of Amrita College. I mean it’s my first day of me being in college and it’s like the birth pangs all over again.

At first, I was nice and cozy in the womb, all warm and safe and snug, and then it was time to come out into the real world.

The first day of business school is nerve wracking, filled with all kinds of worries and apprehensions. But a few days down the line you get the satisfaction of a job well done when you see yourself coping with the transition and actually enjoying going to B-school.

Deep in my heart I know that it’s time for me to find my own feet and that every student goes through the mixed feelings that I am going through today, and that tomorrow, tomorrow it will be okay..

First day of Amrita College, soon it will be first day at work! A student work is never over.

Few Lines for AMMA

“Amma you always win”
“You evoke spirit and spirit evokes my soul”
“Your serene nature makes me calm”
“Your jovial nature makes me hearty “
“Amma you’re a dignified person who makes me composed”
“Your nature is strengthening our relationship”
“Amma you always win”

Rajiv Chandran (Ist year, MBA)


AMMA (Satguru Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi) was planning to leave the next day early morning for Europe trip. So before leaving the ashram SHE comes to the Kali temple, talks for a while and then leaves in her white car. We, Amma’s kids, never leave this opportunity of meeting HER before SHE leaves. Two months without AMMA is the toughest thing in our life. SHE usually leaves quite early in the morning. Speaking of myself, I am a lazy girl who finds waking up in the morning as the most horrible thing in my life. Even the alarm is a lullaby for me. I really wanted to meet AMMA before SHE leaves. I didn’t know what to do because some of my friends never call me when they go to see AMMA. If someone says Her name I will wake up at anytime, but who would do that? Alarm is of no use. I will switch it off and will be back to sleep. I prayed to AMMA. Only you can help me. Please do wake me up because I really want to see you before you leave. I don’t want to miss that opportunity.

Well in my dream I saw AMMA, we both talked for a long time. Suddenly SHE shook me and said, “its time for AMMA to leave, Wake up my dear daughter, Wake up!! Wake up!!” I could really feel the shake and I woke up. I looked at my friend’s bed she had already left. I ran towards the Kali temple. When I climbed the last step of Kali temple and saw AMMA. SHE was saying, “It is time for AMMA to leave, Namah shivaya”, and gave me a wonderful look. I was overwhelmed with joy.

AMMA never abandons HER children. Surrender yourself to AMMA. SHE will take care of you. Whatever be it.

SONI VIVEK (Ist year, MBA)

Friends for Life !!!

28th July, 2011

Our placement training hour was going on and I was feeling dizzy and my whole body was aching and I knew it was a fever. Soon after the class was over, I told Chappz (Rahul) that “I am not feeling well and I think I am having fever”. He checked my body temperature and it was a bit high. I was feeling nauseous. By seeing this some of my classmates rushed to the canteen to buy lemon soda. When I had it I felt so relieved. They insisted me to go back to the hostel and take rest, but I was feeling much better after having that lemon soda. Then we went to the mess to have lunch. After having my lunch, I felt nauseous again.

It was like hell for me, it was like fire inside me and by seeing this Ashrey took me on Rohith’s bike to a nearby clinic. Chappz and Vivi(Vishnu Vijay) accompanied. I rested my head on Ashrey’s back and he asked me to hug him tight. As soon we reached the clinic the doctor came and checked me and declared that I was having a viral fever. I was admitted in the clinic for 1 hr with a drip bottle and the nurse gave me a pinchy injection on my butt. It is still paining. I was discharged soon after and they took me back to the hostel and I slept for the rest of the day. When it was dinner time my roomie (Ashwin) brought porridge for me from Ashram. I had my medicine and I don’t remember what happened next.


29th July, 2011

I couldn’t move my body at all. My whole body was aching like hell. I wanted to take the QMM test but I didn’t have any other choice but to stay in the hostel. It was like I was strangled in an island at the middle of the ocean. I started to miss my parents. Nobody was nearby everybody was in the class. I took my medicine and it was sedative. I slept till lunch time and woke up at 1:15 pm when I heard a knock on the door. It was my roomie, Chappz and ViVi. It was dark outside and it started raining. I never expected them at that point of time because we had the QMM test at 2 ‘o’ clock and they didn’t even had lunch. They came in and took the porridge can and rushed to AMMA hotel. After 10 mins they came back fully drenched in rain. That’s the moment when I realized that friends are for life. They sacrificed their lunch and took care of me when I was sick. I never felt the absence of my mom because of them except when I was alone. I am so happy and blessed to have got a bunch of nice friends. This fever feels so good.

I am so lucky to be a part of such a caring bunch of classmates. I know that they will be with me forever and in all hardships. Love u all ...!!!!!

Sreenath N, Ist year MBA

Back in Action!!

Hey!! Hardik Sir is back on the track!!! We had our first class today!! Really interesting!! Ofcourse Organizational Behavior (OB) is one among the subjects that I love the most. I still remember those days during my UG where AmritaLekshmi Madam taught me OB, coz of which I really got addicted to the subject. Still have the lecture notes of those days… Awaiting a wonderful experience of OB for the rest of the trimester!!!




MBA life is really like the ‘Transformers’ movie I must say…

Wonder how many of you have watched the movie.. What a question to ask, right? All of us…

As the name suggests, life from UG to PG is really like a transformation..

A transformation in many aspects..

Transformation from messing up notes for marks to understanding theories for applying it in professional life.
Transformation from hosting in group works and getting marks easily to doing things of our own and leading the group.
Transformation from hiding in class to avoid public speaking to fighting in class for a chance to go to the podium and address the class.
Transformation from wearing green shoes, red jeans and yellow t-shirt to a decent formal dressing style.
Transformation from kiddish behavior to a bit matured person even though the kid is hidden deep within us.

It is all about Transformation… MBAs are the real TRANSFORMERS!!!

Rohith K. Ajay (Ist year, MBA)


From the past few days I was wondering , being a ten-rupee coin is no fun and especially not when your owner leaves you in his purse undisturbed (I don’t know whether he had a coin or not) for days on end…….. One usually leads a very sweaty life like a coin. No baths and no refreshments (AALOO KA PARATHA, PIZZA, MAKHI KI ROTI etc.) even! The reason he left me alone was that he was a millionaire (TATA, $, BIRLA). He dished out five hundred rupee notes for everything he bought, to the anger of newspaper sellers (ALTHOUGH HE MADE NEWS BUT, they sell newspapers at two rupees each). I got quite friendly with a one rupee coin and a five rupee coin and they showed me all the nooks and crannies of the purse. We had to do this at night because if we explored in the morning, we would cause the purse to wriggle in the man's pocket and that would be catastrophe, at least for us. I hoped that I would be used soon as it was considered an honor for us coins. At last my dream was realized but in a SHOCKING manner. I was given to a beggar as alms! (IF SO I DON’T KNOW) What did he think I was? Any way…. there I was with the beggar in his stinking pocket. This opened a whole new phase in my life. The beggar fingered me frequently as though I was the only thing he had received that day. This was true. The beggar was a small boy, who on receiving me immediately spent me on a CHOCOLATE (yummy!!!). He bought a 'DAIRY MILK' for a miserly ten rupees (I AM NOT SAYING I AM MISERLY!) when he could have utilized it on something loads better (notebook). I was given to the shopkeeper and he put me in his coins box. It was nice there, as there were many of my purse friends (REMEMBER THE TATA- BIRLA’s PURSE) I was quite contented to spend the rest of my days there but soon enough, I was spent. I was getting quite used to this procedure having done it two times already. This time I was provided to a furniture-selling (DURIAN) department which dropped me under a chair as soon as they reached their own premises. There I lay collecting dust for a long time until someone recovered me and put me in a familiar looking purse. Oh joy!!!! I was where I had started. Yes, I was back in the millionaire's (TATA, BIRLA) purse. I did not know he owned a furniture department. Yet, who cares? I spent my last days in the purse with my friends and had a lot of fun with them.


 Seniors Speak!!!

Can MBA guys really have so much fun???? This was the only question heard after the awesome program made successful with our combined efforts.....

Yes!!!!! Yes we did it.........After the Ice-breaking session, there were no more the typical juniors and seniors but an ASB family........ A nervous and tensed atmosphere inside the first year class turned a complete 180 degrees to one big ball of fun and frolic...... A potpourri with a pinch of trifle management games, a touch of subtle humor and a dash of certain hidden talents from the first years gave the feel of a CARNIVAL of our own.......

Yes!!!! We are.... We indeed are molded together...and yes we will work together and have a great time to achieve greater glory in the times to come.

Akash M.P and Arjun Warrier (2nd yr MBA)