M. B. A. Program

A two-year, full-time residential program, Amrita's MBA is considered on par with the best in the world. Case Studies, Guest Lectures, Workshops, Seminars, Games, Role Plays - Amrita School of Business integrates a healthy blend of methodologies in imparting holistic nourishment to young managers in the making. We strive to ensure that the students' managerial competency is built on a very strong foundation of the core values that the Mata Amritanandamayi Math stands for. We have assembled a team of the best of faculty and take pride in making available the best of resources including library, a world class e - learning plaform, an extensive data base repository of knowledge and other facilities to the students.

The program follows a daily regimen of at least four classroom sessions of seventy-five minutes each. There is also one hour of hands-on training in the computer centre and at least two hours of course preparatory work (both individual and group work) for every one hour of classroom session. In all this requires, on an average, twelve to fourteen hours of work each day.

Case Study Method

The corner stone of pedagogy in this MBA program is the Case Study Method. This method of learning is used to develop problem-solving and decision-making skills by facilitating the application of theoretical concepts to real life situations. The methodology provides a great opportunity to innovate, apply the theoretical concepts and sometimes question even the fundamentals.

Case discussions are supplemented with guest lectures, seminars, workshops, games and role-plays.


First year courses are compulsory for all students. These courses provide basic conceptual knowledge and inculcate attitudes and skills necessary for managerial effectiveness.

In the second year, students take mostly elective courses. These help hone students' basic analytical skills as well as help build an overall business perspective. A wide variety of latest courses in Finance, Human Resources, Marketing, Systems and Operations help the students focus on their desired/ chosen area (s) of specialization. New and innovative courses like managerial Values and Business Ethics, Business Across Cultures, Business Process Management, High Technology Product Marketing etc help the students to mould themselves into modern managers, while firmly grounded in fundamentals. Overall, the curriculum demands long hours of work and calls for sustained commitment from students.

Since the inception of the first School at Coimbatore, the curriculum has included a course on Self Awareness and Personal Growth. This unique offering that includes yoga and meditation sessions is meant to help students face life's challenges headlong without losing perspective about what truly matters.

Since the inception of the first School at Coimbatore, the curriculum has included a course on Self Awareness and Personal Growth. This unique offering that includes yoga and meditation sessions is meant to help students face life's challenges headlong without losing perspective about what truly matters.

Summer Project

ASB students have, over the years built a strong reputation for the value they have provided through the work done through their summer projects. The summer of 2009, for example, saw ASB students ivolved in a wide range of live projects across the country. These included the mapping of business opportunities for Canon in Delhi, Hyderabad & Chennai; exploring chemist channels for Ranbaxy in the NCR region and Hyderabad; Measuring Training Effectiveness for Pantaloon in Bengaluru; an extensive market mapping exercise for NDDB in Haryana and Rajasthan; a study of the treasury operations of primary dealers for IDBI Gilts in Mumbai; Analysis of Presales Activities for i - Practice for Mind Tree, Bengaluru; process optimization using Six - Sigma tools for Brakes India in Chennai; an extensive consumer behavior study for Cavinkare in Tamil Nadu and Gujarat; and a working capital and inventory management exercise for Dhanalakshmi bank in Kerala. There are, we believe, three strong dimensions on which the ASB students have differentiated themselves.

Attitude: Probably the greatest visible differentiator that ASB students bring to their summer projects is a positive and never say die attitude towards their work. The summer project is understood as a vital learning experience, and no challenge is considered too small or too big. The summer projects are taken very seriously by both the institution (it is treated as the equivalent of two courses) and the students, and the effort put in shows up in the consistently positive feedback we have received from the industry, year after year.

Training: ASB has, arguably, one of the best full time faculty profiles amongst the private B - Schools in the country, and the quality of the training that the MBA students receive is in ample evidence during their summer projects. The ASB students stand out for their sincerity and the work they deliver during their summer project, and the rigor of the training they receive during their first year plays an important role in this process.

Mentorship: To this mix of the ability, attitude and training, we add a unique two level mentorship for the summer projects - each student is appointed an individual faculty guide, as well as an alumni mentor for the project. This mentorship plays a vital role in giving the students the confidence to require minimal hand holding from their industry guides. It is also structured to ensure that the work done by the students maintains the quality standards that we at ASB are proud of.


Trimester Month
I & IV Mid July to Mid October
II & V Mid October to Mid January
III & VI Mid January to Mid April
v May & June

Orientation Programme

In mid - June 2010, the School organizes a two week orientation programme for the incoming new batch. This programme of preparatory studies is necessary before students can begin their regular trimester. Participation is compulsory for all students. The exact dates will be intimated to the selected student community at the appropriate time.

Every new batch at ASB also goes through Corporate Theatre Workshops, that are popular, powerful theatre-based workshops, which emphasize team work and self-discovery.