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Amrita-SUNY EMBA-MS Twinning Program is a well structured program for experienced professional without taking break from the work. All the courses are aptly selected to meet the current industry requirement for professional to grow into leadership positions. All the faculty members are well experienced with tremendous kowledge in their respective fields. At the end of this program I felt very happy and satisfied for taking a right decision to do this program which gave me two PG Degrees. Thanks to Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, University at BUffalo and TCS for giving us a fantastic laerning oppertunity.


Chandra Sekhar Koduru,
Head AcademicInterface Programme, TCS

Batch: 2016-2018

After spending 25+ years in multiple corporates, I was not sure if i had made the right choice of joining Amrita- UB EMBA-MS twin programme.
But Amrita-UB joint faculty and courses surpassed my expectations. It is as much about discovering myself, transforming into a new league of leadership. All my ego, inertia, negative thoughts and complacency got destroyed during this two year course time. This course has forced many of us to discover what we are capable of, so much more than we thought or believed in ourselves.


R. K. Patham Iyer, Head- Audit and Compliance,
Analytics & Insights, TCS

Batch: 2012-2014

Some of my most enriching and rewarding experiences as an MIS student are

Studying with professionals from some of the best IT companies.
Being taught by eminent and immensely respected academicians from two world renowned B-Schools.
Working with highly professional administrative staff, who understand the psychology of the working professionals who are balancing the act between study and work.
It is highly gratifying to know that MIS will help you emerge out a winner, at the end of an exhilarating 18 month journey, without missing a day at work. All working professionals who are aspiring to enhance their academic credentials SHOULD consider MITES-MIS program.


Suganya D.

The MITES-MIS program of providing Business Management program in IT and ITES has created an immense impact on young aspirants, like myself. The program helped not only acquiring knowledge and skill but also it has brought out inherent qualities within us like co-operation, having fun during work, understanding others, and finally molding the character and personality of the individual. Infrastructure for conducting the program is WORLD CLASS, certainly equal to the corporate training classrooms at Infosys, Wipro or Siemens.

The best part of the program is all students are given access to the lectures after the class in form of digital media, which the student can go through anytime and from anywhere.


Nandhini R.

The course content was one of the best that I have come across, tailor-made to suit professionals. It was a privilege to be taught by eminent professors from SUNY, Buffalo, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham & other premier Institutes such as IIM's whose knowledge & professionalism was nothing less than outstanding. Overall the course was great. Things that I have learnt are becoming more and more logical and integrated in my professional world. Even though I attended this program as part of the first batch, the program, has, while still in its infancy, impressed me with its innovative and progressive academic style and its flexibility and willingness to take action on student thoughts and ideas. It was indeed a wonderful and challenging experience to be a part of the first graduating class of the MITES Course.


Rama Murthy Subramanya

February 2009 Pass out

One of the good things about the Dual Degree Masters Program with SUNY - Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham is that, it's a tailored business program. The best part about this Indo - US initiative is the opportunity that you get to interact with professors who are from different geographies, with varied consulting & teaching experience across the globe. Classroom sessions are highly interactive and are always accompanied by case studies, current affairs discussions, relevant video clips, presentations, etc. to give a very holistic learning experience.


Rajesh Mathew

Batch : 2007-2009

Lot of efforts have gone in to make the content relevant to the present industry trends and meaningful to the practitioners in the industry. The contents have been evolved year-on-year taking the feedback both from the faculty and the students of the current batches. This makes the new aspirants to look forward to more meaning and relevance in the coming years. It was a great honor to be taught by great academicians from world renowned universities in the US and India. Listening to the experiences these industry experts share, is the key learning of the program which is not very easy to find elsewhere. Without losing a day at work, to be a part of this journey of 18 months and to come out in flying colors is a great feeling. By putting all the learning into practice in the day-to-day business, will make a winner out of you.


Praveen K. R.

February 2009 Pass out with Silver Medal

Would count myself as privileged to have interacted with one of the best faculties from SUNY Buffalo and Amrita, We had professors who were well-known industry Leaders, Academicians sharing their learning and experiences. Well Structured Program,..Books & reference material are latest additions as per SUNY Professor's Recommendations, All modules comprised of class discussions based on Harvard Case studies and other well-known universities, Discussions are based on current industry trends and scenarios. Besides books, reference materials, each module is also supported with Assignments, Project Work, Presentations and test evaluations. Overall, a very good course addressing needs of today's business scenarios that will help individuals like me make better decisions.


Arvin Sharma

February 2009 Pass out

The course content is very relevant to deliver service to the customer. The most impressive thing was that I could apply the learning at my workplace on a daily basis. Most courses were taught based on case studies. The highlight was the esteemed faculty who were exceptionally brilliant & highly qualified with several years of research background. Their passion for teaching was manifested in their attitude of being always available to us during and after the course. The experience helped me gain confidence and I feel I am better equipped with the necessary tools and techniques to deliver in an organization.
The class encompassed students from various domains and services which brought in diverse perspectives. The institution and the faculty were very flexible which helped us balance work and education almost comfortably. The course covers a lot of areas which I feel is necessary for project and program management.


Dinesh Warrier N.

Batch: 2007-2009
NIRF 2018