'Change, the lone constant might have worked into the fabric of our institution, with time flowing swiftly by, but your memories still linger in our courtyards'.

Alumni are the torchbearers of their alma mater. They are the traveling evangelists for an academy. We proudly dedicate this page to all our beloved alumni who have been adorning position of glory and stealing limelight in the corporate arena.
Actions speak louder than words, and if the achievements of our alumni are anything to go by, this adage is sacrosanct. Ten years is too short a time for any upcoming institution to prove itself in today's extremely competitive world. What our alumni have achieved through sheer grit and determination is a reflection of the grooming they underwent at this temple of knowledge.
Staying connected is the mantra for success in the corporate world, and our alumni are the corner stone to our network.


"My life at Amrita School of Business was a turning point in my career. Here in my present job as Joint Director Automation I have been able to develop a comprehensive automation plan, namely, WAN based on VPN, ERP solution and BPR for the Corps of Engineers of the Indian Army. I attribute my professional competence to the state of the art education and the continuous support I have had from ASB. The main differentiator is that as alumni I have been able to continuously seek and obtain knowledge from the Institute. This has given me the confidence to face the challenges as I can bank upon Amrita for any knowledge related issues not only because the institute is supportive to the alumni but also because of the state of the art technology. The clean campus, the serene atmosphere and the environment friendly outlook coupled with an excellent infrastructure makes it an ideal cradle for harnessing knowledge." Interview with Lt.Col.Korath
Lt. Col. Korath V. Mathew (Class of 2002), Director, Akshaya; Kerala State IT Mission

A key differentiator for any B � School is its faculty & Amrita School of Business has been blessed with an envious team of highly qualified faculty that not every institute can offer. Though we graduated a couple of years back, they still continue to be part of our lives as mentors, friends & above all an epitome of unconditional support and love � a quality unparalleled and unmatched anywhere. To quote John Ruskin �The entire object of true education, is to make people not merely do the right thing, but to enjoy right things; not merely industrious, but to love industry; not merely learned, but to love knowledge. "
We are glad we could be part of Amrita School of Business, an incubator of creativity and ideation, a melting pot of diverse cultures, traditions & educational backgrounds alike.
Mrs. Malini Vijay Nair, Consultant, Antal International Network 
Mr. Vijay Nair, Manager, Thomas Cook (I) Ltd

“My two year stint with ASB was a very enriching experience. The management programme is broad-based and specialized in business education, which helped me to counter the conflicting situations in the business environment with elan and confidence. It has helped me to develop the basics of business methodology with integrity wherein I am able to apply the same in the day to day transactions and thereby leading an effective and qualitative performance. ASB has led the foundation of the ethics in management that has helped me build blocks of practical experiences which continues till date. Am grateful to the entire team of ASB for providing me such a wonderful opportunity to be a part of the first batch of ASB, Coimbatore.”
Mr. Jitesh Mukundan, Vice-President, J P Morgan, Bangalore

As W. B. Yeats said �Education is not the filling of a bucket, but the lighting of a fire.� This is exactly what Amrita has done for its students.
An institution par excellence, Amrita School of Business is not just about management education � there s a difference about the place you can't put into words. Perhaps India�s most picturesque campus. Ettimadai promotes oneness with nature and others around you. Amrita was an unforgettable experience for me. I believe that my time at Amrita has shaped my life in immeasurably positive ways. I experienced a great deal of personal growth during my time in Amrita, improving specific knowledge bases and various skills.
The faculty and infrastructure are outstanding. All ourfaculty members are positive, hard working, dedicated and accessible professionals. I have gained life long friends, developed invaluable personal and professional skills and established a strong connection with several members of the institution that I am sure will continue to grow.
I am extremely proud to be an Amritian � a wonderful place to discover who you really are and where you want to go � Forever Amrita School of Business!
Anupa George, Manager Human Resources, CRISIL

".ASB has been a turning point in my life. Two years at ASB has transformed me as an individual and as a professional. The stint has given me a lot of confidence and knowledge to rub shoulders with the best in the industry, and to work for some of the finest companies in the world. Adaptability to changing work environments and the ability to tackle demanding situations are two of the exemplary by-products of the tough, modern and innovative curriculum at ASB."
Raj J. Kurup (Class of 1999), Business Manager - ASEAN, Zensar Technologies (S) Pte Ltd, Singapore

".Excellent infrastructure and well qualified faculty were the prime reasons that prompted me to do my PGDM with Amrita. I had no idea about the changes that this serene campus, its wonderful inmates and the holistic life could bring to my personality. By the time I completed the course, I could feel the difference. Even now, after 5 years in the IT industry, I feel that difference when I compare myself with MBAs from other schools. Whenever asked, on choosing the right business school, my bet is on Amrita School of Business, because MBA is not about learning from books. It's the education that you get from those two years you have spent on campus, an environment which prepares you to face the Corporate world. From Day One, one continues to grow faster and higher, under its top quality management, value based education and the Divine Grace of Amma."
Honey Krishnan P. (Class of 2000), Associate, Perot Systems, Bengaluru.

".To tell you the truth life was never easy at Amrita. Solving complex case studies, giving innumerable presentations, attending classes at 11 PM in the night! None of them were easy. But it taught us to think, team-up and challenge ourselves. Today I see a distinct advantage that I have compared to so many others!".
Manoj Kumar Das (Class of 2000), Sr Consultant - Human Capital Ops & Tech, Deloitte Consulting IPL, Madhapur

".I was coached by one of the best set of faculty one can get during the two years of rigorous training to become a successful manager. Faculty at ASB practised a "Learn-by-doing" approach. This helped in gaining in-depth knowledge of the subjects and made learning a pleasure. Our classroom sessions were nothing short of 'Reality playing'. It has been a pleasure to have been taught by such experienced and understanding faculty."
Gopal Gera (Class of 2003), Lead Trainer-Priority Clients, ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company Ltd, Bengaluru

".I guess its one of the longest and the most enjoyable breaks I have ever had all my life. Been to Canada (Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, Niagra) and in USA to (Buffalo, Long Island, Boston, New York, New Hampshire, Cambridge).Every place was different in its own way. I attended about 4 interviews with Insurance and Banking companies and also took some written tests. All I would like to say is that, my education in Amrita gave me all the confidence to face all these exams and interviews with utmost confidence. My first interview was with an Insurance company, and there, the branch President mentioned that I was the first Indian he had ever interviewed, and also that I was more confident and fluent than most others. After 3 rounds of interviews I was offered the job. The importance of value was another edge I had over others; I am so grateful to all at ASB, who helped me out in my education and personality building, without which I will not be in such a position today." 
Anitha G. (Class of 2003), Vermont, USA

".Life at Amrita was a soul-searching experience. It was where I managed to identify my inner strengths and learnt converting my weaknesses to strengths. Today when I move within the Industry, I realise the importance of teachings and guidance imparted to me that has groomed me into a fine manager..."
Niladri Mondal, Deputy Manager, Bombay Stock Exchange (Batch 2001)

"With its world class faculty, state of the art infrastructure, cutting edge pedagogy and a vibrant student community, Amrita School of Business (ASB) is in a class of its own. This is one B school that goes beyond just Management Education. ASB has evolved into a cradle of wisdom; where modern management education meets ancient Indian values, thus giving rise to a genre of highly motivated, dedicated socially responsible managers. I am sure that within the next three to five years ASB will set the benchmark for management education. I feel proud to be associated with this institution. "
Kesavan K. , Dy Manager, Godrej & Boyce Mfg.Co.Ltd, Bengaluru, (Batch 2004)

". The incredible wealth of intellectual and infrastructural resources at Amrita enlightened learning and made the two years there a unique experience. The best part of the program was the diversity of students."
Babuji, Senior Portfolio Reporting Analyst, Raymond James Financial, Inc. USA (Batch 1999)

".For me it was important to be part of a school that provides you the opportunity to interact with the best brains in academics and network with industry talent; a school that would welcome and encourage out-of-the box ideas and at the end of a rigorous two years to make every me an individual to reckon with. I am glad I chose ASB. It was in campus that the entrepreneurial bug bit me and this enabled the plunge I took with a telecom product start-up. I owe my growth at Sify and the contributions to operations, marketing and new product development at Drishti to the unique teaching methods used by ASB. It is a one of a kind B-school." 
Revathi Raghunath, Regional Manager, Drishti Soft Solutions Pvt Ltd. (Batch 2003)

".ASB has had a very strong influence on me. Its value based management approach I believe set the right tone for my foray in the corporate arena. After eight years of work experience I feel the difference ithas made to me. I am convinced that ASB's key differentiator vis-a-vis other B schools is it value based management education. Not to forget the outstanding campus at Ettimadai." 
Vivek Menon, Head, Marketing & Communications, Jones Lang LaSalle, India (Batch 1998)

".ASB has given me confidence and backed by solid academic foundation to compete and excel under difficult and challenging business environment. A perfect blend of IQ, EQ and Attitude is necessary for u to develop into successful business managers and ASB with its value based management education is the right place to nurture them..." 
Anupam Raj Gautam, Senior Manager, Reliance Industries Ltd (Retail Business) (Batch 2001)

".MBA student's life requires constant juggling of academic demands, extracurricular activities and personal responsibilities. At ASB we were nurtured to meet all these challenges. Everything in the campus was conducive for management studies." 
Bikash Baid, Team Leader, CMIC Investments and Securities Co.Ltd., Bangkok (Batch 2004)

".The success of any business depends on the quality of its people and the ethical practices it follows. Believe me, these are two things that I learned at Amrita, which has helped me grow and I've been passing on the same learning to my subordinates as well." 
Rajeev G. Kaimal , Asst Vice President , Citi Financial Consumer Finance I. Ltd (Batch 1999)

The highlights of my education in Amrita:

Applying modern technology in management
Ability to handle difficult situations
Importance of value system in management

Amrita contributed towards accelerating my career path in the organization.
Pramod K. , Manager Quality , Infosys (Batch 2000)