Students are provided with adequate facilities to make them feel at home. Their stay in the hostel enables them to imbibe a different life-style and involve in activities including yoga, meditation, sports, music, etc., suiting individual tastes and preferences.

The hostels are within walking distance from the business school. There are seven hostel complexes to house students from various institutes in the campus. Following are the hostels for management students in the campus:

Boys : The Vyasa Maharshi Bhavanam provides single room accommodation for the Postgraduate students.

Girls : Single room accommodations provided to the students at the New PG Girls Hostel .

A modern central kitchen operates in the campus. Pure vegetarian food prepared under hygienic conditions at this central kitchen is served in the student dining halls and the canteens.

We attach great significance to the nature of life-style on the campus. Intake of tobacco in any form and any other intoxicants is strictly prohibited. The serene location, modern amenities and the presence of a large body of students from sister institutions provide a distinctive atmosphere to the Ettimadai Campus. While there are a few restraints, one is lightly nudged to be a little sensitive to the needs of other residents. Students learn to take care of their personal needs and grow in a conducive environment, and pay attention to their own self.