• To be a research-led school offering relevant and cutting edge postgraduate programs in management. 
  • To develop leaders who promote innovation and change in organizations for societal benefit, by providing ample opportunities for the students to extend selfless service so as to become aware of the needs of society and the environment.


To accomplish this, we:

  • Offer premier programs for shaping leaders who will create, redefine, and build cutting-edge products, services, markets, and organizations.
  • Collaborate across ASB to capitalize on and contribute to the Institute’s distinctive intellectual excellence and entrepreneurial culture.
  • Attract, develop, and retain outstanding faculty and staff who lead the world in management education and research.
  • Enroll students with integrity, strong leadership potential, high aspirations, and exceptional intellectual ability.
  • Foster a cooperative and adventurous learning community that includes alumni and business partners, works on important problems, and is based on mutual respect, rigorous analysis, and high ethical standards.


The ASB faculty has over the years published in some of the top peer reviewed international journals of their respective fields. This list includes Annals of Operation Research, European Journal of Operations Research, International Journal of Applied Economics and Econometrics, International Journal of Operations Research, International Journal of Production Economics, International Journal of Systems Science, OPSEARCH, Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Financial Economics, Journal of International Business Studies, Academy of Management, Academy of Management Review, Long Range Planning, and Leadership and Organizational Development Journal.