Amrita and Anti Ragging Measures

Quite a number of anti ragging measures have been initiated at Amrita. All students have signed a declaration, with their parent’s counter signature, that they would not indulge in ragging. Printed posters are displayed all over the campus appealing and warning the students about the punishment that will be meted out to those who indulge in ragging.

The intercom and mobile numbers of the Professors, Students Welfare have been displayed and communicated extensively so the victims of ragging could contact them at any time. In the re-orientation program for the non-fresher students, a strict warning is issued.

All the departments are alerted to be vigilant. The Department of Physical Education and the Student Affairs Counsel are always on the look out to curb any acts of ragging where there are more opportunities for the freshers to mingle with the seniors. In the college buses, the drivers, bus in charges and the faculty travelling with them have been instructed to keep an eye on the freshers. The General Administration has been requested to alert the non teaching staff, helpers, assistants, attendants etc. to be vigilant, and report to the authority concerned without personally interfering.

Anti Ragging Committees have been formed with senior student representatives to deal with ragging expediously. Their names with phone numbers have also been communicated.

Amrita campuses are ragging free, still all these measures have been taken to ensure that the freshers are able to pursue their studies without getting teased, insulted or in any way troubled by the seniors in the name of an obsolete, barbaric ritual.