B. A. (Bachelor of Arts) Mass Communication

Mass Communication is the practical applications of journalism (online or print media), television and radio broadcasting, film, public relations, animation and graphic design, advertising. The program intends instruction in the role and function of mass media in the society. It combines knowledge creation and extension, craft and context, with practical applications in a study programme of proven excellence.

M. A. in Communication

The Master of Arts in Communication program engages in a broad array of courses that range from the development of hands-on skills to the exploration of theory, to a focus on practice and application, and analysis of state-of-art research. This stimulating course which creates professionals with advanced communication skills. The course recognises the advances in communication technologies and the increasing globalisation of business enterprises. Graduates of the program serve as scholars...

P. G. Diploma in Journalism (P. G. D. J.)

The one year Postgraduate Diploma in Journalism (P. G. D. J.) program at Department of Mass Communication imparts training to students interested in print journalism who aspire to become journalists in newspapers and magazines . This also provides students an opportunity to make a lateral entry into our M.A. (Communication) program in the second year, in the print specialization stream.

Ph. D. in Communication

The Ph. D. in Communication Studies draws on preeminent research in both the humanities and social sciences traditions. The program is designed for those intending to pursue a teaching and research career in higher education. After a core curriculum of courses include print media, broadcast media, new media, film studies, integrated marketing communication and advertising each student builds a research specialization and enters into academic teaching and research careers, or communication-...