In May of 2004, Chancellor Amma, together with the former Indian President, Dr. Abdul Kalam, launched an unparalleled, satellite-based education and research network in Amrita, the first of its kind in India.

This network connected Amrita's campuses using high-bandwidth satellite and internet connectivity. In addition, the network extended to several other engineering colleges in the nation, including the IITs and NITs.

Today the network is used extensively for beaming distinguished lectures being conducted at one campus of Amrita to all its other campuses. When renowned scientists and academicians visit, students and faculty at all Amrita's campuses, thus have the opportunity to participate.


At the Amritapuri campus, the e-learning network is being increasingly used to teach masters' and doctoral level classes. Faculty, many times from the US or Europe, use this high-bandwidth network to conduct classes.

For example, in 2009-2010, a renowned Indian scientist, Dr. Ananata R. Sethuraman, CEO of DFMSim Inc. of Palo Alto, California, U.S., together with his colleagues, taught a semester-long course on Design for Manufacturing to M. Tech. students at Amrita. Learn More »

The course, which included emphasis on the design and production of complex chips at substantially lower costs, is offered in very few universities around the world. Amrita was able to offer such a course, only because of this high-speed satellite network.

Dr. Sethuraman was inspired by Chancellor Amma's vision for education and research, and took time out from his busy schedule to teach the class. Several other such classes have been already conducted or are currently ongoing at the Amritapuri campus. Many others are in the offing.