Student Associations help contribute toward academic progress; they open up new vistas for exploration and provide a forum for students to group together and exchange ideas.

Student chapters of several international associations are active on campus. These include the IEEE, ACM and SAE student associations.

These student associations work to organize distinguished lectures, contests, quizzes and seminars for the benefit of the student community.

In addition, each department has student associations. Lakshya, Sanskrit for goal, is the student association in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. Members participate in technical fests around the country, winning top honors for their alma mater. Learn More »

Elyzia, the EEE students' association facilitates technical visits for practical training and student project work. The Department of Computer Science has several student associations that come together to organize various events.

All associations encourage team work and help foster the spirit of self reliance in its members. Students are inspired to seek excellence in their areas of interest, as well as be willing to extend selfless assistance to society.