Thrust Area Groups (TAG)

TAG 1: E-Mobility


Team Members

Team Members (PhD Scholars)

Sl. No. Name of the PhD Scholar Area of Research Guide Name Full time/ Part Time
1 Ms. Thiruvonasundari. D Electric Vehicle -BMS Dr.K.Deepa Part Time
2 Ms. K. Sireesha Battery Management system for EV Dr.J. Ramprabhakar Part Time
3 Ms. Anishaasmy Vehicle to Grid Interface control Dr.J. Ramprabhakar Part Time
4 Ms. Deepti. T Electric Vehicle -onboard chargers Dr.K.Deepa Full time
5 Ms. Ikkurthi Sai chaitanya Electric Vehicle - Drives Dr.J. Ramprabhakar Full time
6 Ms. Reshma P Eldho Electric Vehicle -onboard chargers Dr.K.Deepa Part Time
7 Mr. D Kodandapani Electric Vehicle -Drives Dr.K.Deepa Part Time
8 Ms. Mohana Latha P Electric Vehicle-Regenerative Braking Dr.K.Deepa Full time
9 Ms. G. Esha Electric Vehicle -BMS Dr.V. S. Kirthika Devi Part Time
10 Ms. Sruthi Damodaran Electric vehicle Dr.R Mahalakshmi Part Time
11 Ms. Saritha M. Electric vehicle Dr. Manitha P.V Part Time

Research Focus

The group mainly focus on

  • Optimisation of charging infrastructure
  • Optimisation of energy storage devices in EV
  • Optimized Passive Cell Balancing for Fast Charging in Electric Vehicle
  • Active cell balancing for electric vehicle battery management system
  • Application of ML/AI techniques for SoC estimation
  • Estimation of Regenerative Braking Force in Electric Vehicles for Maximum Energy Recovery
  • Mitigation of power quality issues in charging stations
  • Optimisation of energy transfer in V2G, G2V, V2V, V2H,.etc..
  • Selection of best power electronics converter for WPT
  • Improvisation of power transfer level with power electronics circuits in WPT.

Areas of Research

  • ON board and OFF board chargers
  • Battery Management Systems
  • Intelligent battery storage systems
  • Charging Infrastructure
  • Static and dynamic Wireless Power Transfer system for EV applications
  • Power Electronics converters for EV applications
  • Electric Motors for EV applications
  • Electric Vehicle Powertrain
  • Vehicle to Grid, Grid to Vehicle, Vehicle to Vehicle, Vehicle to Home strategies
  • Smart energy management systems for EV


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Conference Papers

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M.Tech. Dissertation

Sl. No. Name of the Student(s) M.Tech Topic Supervisor Year of Completion
1 Kuppili Vineel Kumar Power Electronics and Drives Demand Forecasting and Voltage Stabilization of micro grid based fast charging station using multi objective fuzzy logic controller Dr.K.Deepa 2022 (ongoing)
2 Pilli Adi venkata Narayana Power Electronics and Drives HHO/GHO algorithm based fast Charging of electric vehicles in
DC micro grid
Ms.V.Sailaja 2022 (ongoing)
3 Dinesh Pradiprao Patil Embedded Systems An Adaptable Control Strategy For EV To Achieve A Flat Demand Curve With PI And Fuzzy Logic Control Dr.K.Deepa 2021
4 Abhishek Saxena Power Electronics Electric Vehicle Charging Using DC Micro-Grid Dr.K.Deepa 2019
5 Sai Lakshmi K M Power Electronics Resonant Converter Based PV battery charger for ev applications Ms.V.Sailaja 2019
6 Sweya Sasikumar Power Electronics Dynamic EV Charging for Slow Moving Traffic Applications Dr.K.Deepa 2018
7 Vempalli Sai krishna Power electronics Electric vehicle modelling designing and simulation Dr.J.Ramprabhakar 2018
8 Bhavya.P Power Electronics Estimation and controlling the state of charge in battery
augmented photovoltaic system
Ms.V.Sailaja & Dr.J.Ramprabhakar 2015
9 Rishi Menon Power Electronics Multi flyback converter topology for EV application Ms.V.Sailaja 2012

B.Tech. Project Works

Sl. No. Name of the Student(s) Branch Topic Guided by Year of Completion
1 M. Charan, Naveen venkata Krishna sai , Evananda Reddy EEE Optimal power flow controller for V2G and G2V using Fast charging Technology in micro grid scenario Ms.K.Sireesha 2022(ongoing)
2 Poornesh.K EEE Battery Mangement System with active Cell balancing Ms.V.Sailaja 2021
3 Nivya.R EEE State Of Charge Estimation For Li-Ion Battery
Pack Using Extended Kalman Filter
Ms.V.Sailaja 2021
5 Maheswara Sai pavan,Raghunath Niharika EEE Design and Development of Fast Charging Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles Dr.P.V.Manitha 2021
6 Niharika EEE 48V/15AMP CC/CV Battery Charger for EV/E-Rickshaw Dr.P.V.Manitha 2021
7 Manikanta Surya Narayana Suri, Neha Raj, Rendeddula Chakradhar Reddy EEE Forecasting of EV Arrivals at Battery Swapping Station using Metaheuristic Algorithms Ms.K.Sireesha 2021
8 Bathala Prasanth , Batta Sanju Srivasthav, Yangalreddygari Sai Sreenivasa Reddy EEE  An Efficient Regenerative Braking System Based On Supercapacitor For Electric Vehicles With BLDC Motor Dr.K.Deepa 2020
9 Jyothi P. , Saketh P. and Vignesh EEE Renewable Energy Powered DC Charging System for Electric Vehicle Dr.V.S.Kirthika Devi 2020
10 Sai Aditya,Shabarish,Phanipavan EEE Switching between gasoline and battery in hybrid vehicle based on
estimation of SOC,RDE &Monitoring Application
Dr.P.V.Manitha 2020
11 Rahul George,Srikumar Vaidyanathan EEE Estimation of SoC and nearest Charging Station locator for Electric Vehicles Dr.K.Deepa 2019
12 P. R. Reddy, K. S. S. Gowda, S. Charitha EEE Designing Of A Hybrid Bicycle
Using Solar Power And Pedalling
Dr.R.Mahalakshmi 2019
13 B. Vijaya Bhargava EEE Making a standalone gear shift indicator using OBD-2 (BOSCH) protocol Dr.K.Deepa 2017
14 AB Abhinav, Fayaz Baig, P Mohit EEE Energy efficient battery charging in Electric Vehicle with Solar Panels Dr.K.Deepa 2017
15 Aneesh A., C. Bhaskar Reddy, G. Karthik EEE Integrated 3 port dc dc converter for hybrid pv/fc/battery backup Dr.K.Deepa 2015
16 Anil Kumar,Ishan Nagar,H S Manideep EEE AC charging system for electric vehicle Dr.P.V.Manitha 2014
17 Shansank Narayan,Vinay,Aneesh Bharadwaj EEE Regenerative Braking In Bicycles Ms.V.Sailaja 2013
18 Shruthi J,Subin K P EEE Solar Vehicle Ms.V.Sailaja 2009