Major Research Objectives

The current research focus includes error control codes and applications of error control codes. Ongoing UG/PG/PhD projects are on Block and Convolutional Turbo codes, LDPC codes and BCH codes. Optimization techniques for decoding algorithms are also a focus of our research. Current research is also based on coded cryptographic scheme for reliable and secure communication. One of the future focuses of the group will be in the area of Genomic coding.

Selected Projects by UG / PG Students

  • Implementation of Multistage Detector for CDMA receiver.
  • VLSI Architecture for Reed Solomon CODEC.
  • Information set based soft decision decoding.
  • Adaptive iterative threshold decoding of Block Turbo Codes.
  • Soft Decision Decoding Scheme for Linear Block Codes using Genetic Neural Network algorithm and particle swarm optimization algorithm.
  • Decoding of Linear Block Codes using Low Complex A* Algorithm.
  • Two stage Hybrid decoding techniques for LDPC.
  • Soft decision decoding of linear block codes using Sum product Algorithm.
  • A new Space Time Block Codes with Non –vanishing Determinants and performance analysis.

PhD Program and Area of Focus

  • Turbo and LDPC codes
  • Iterative decoding algorithms
  • Secure and reliable communication using coding and cryptography
  • Genomic coding


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Opportunities for Projects UG/ PG/ PhD

  • To work on Turbo codes and LDPC codes.
  • To work on the application of coding in cryptographic schemes.
  • To work on Genomic coding.
  • To work on Decoding Architecture.
  • Application of coding techniques to VLSI Test data compression.
  • Error correcting codes for semiconductor memory.
  • Reduce computational complexity of decoding algorithm.