Major research objectives

The research group intends to pursue research in the communication and signal processing and to develop cutting edge technologies to cater to the demands of futuristic wireless networks and systems. The research group focuses on

  • Massive 5G wireless communication systems – PHY layer design, signal processing and security;
  • Radio Frequency system design, Antenna systems for strategic applications, Microwave systems and materials;
  • Signal processing and optimization for inverse problems in communication system design and biomedical signal processing applications;
  • Hardware prototyping of signal processing algorithms.

Selected projects by UG students

  • Robust MIMO Detection in the presence of Channel Estimation Errors (UG)
  • A Meta Heuristic Approach to MIMO Detection (UG)
  • Quaterwave shorted Substrate free microstrip antenna systems for satellite launch vehicles.(UG)
  • Design, Implementation and realization of automated Ellipsometric system for the measurement of permittivity of planar materials.(UG)
  • Substrate Integrated Waveguide based slot antenna systems and radiation studies. (UG)
  • Investigation of Space Time Coding and Precoding for MIMO Systems (UG)
  • Implementation and Analysis of Efficient Scheduling Algorithm for IEEE 802.11e (UG)
  • Audio Steganography in DCT Domain (UG)
  • UKF for channel estimation for high mobility system. (UG)
  • Low complex fuzzy based kalman filter for fast time varying MIMO-OFDM systems. (UG)
  • Design and Analysis of MIMO -OFDM Transceivers via Geometric Mean Decomposition (UG)
  • Improved Channel Estimation Techniques for MIMO-OFDM Systems (UG)
  • Development of Spectrum Sensing Techniques for Cognitive Radios in Low SNR Conditions (UG)
  • Implementation of Software Defined Radar with Improved Signal Detection Techniques using Wavelets (UG)
  • Joint CFO and Channel estimation for fast time varying channels in MIMO-OFDM systems. (UG)
  • Sparse channel estimation for MIMO-OFDM system. (UG)
  • Non Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing system. (UG)
  • Design, Analysis and Optimization of Microwave Band Pass Filters (UG)
  • Design and Implementation of Angle Acquisition Card and Development of its GUI (UG)
  • Design and Development of a Reconfigurable Antenna for WLAN Applications (UG)
  • Implementation of Orthogonal Complementary Codes for Reducing Interference in CDMA Technology (UG)

Selected projects by PG students

  • Dielectric resonator based on-chip antenna and studies on mutual coupling issues in integrated circuits. (PG)
  • Substrate Integrated Waveguide based dielectric resonator antenna and its performance studies (PG)
  • Multi-layer microstrip antenna for MIMO (PG)
  • FPGA Implementation of Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm for MIMO Transceivers (PG)
  • High Performance MIMO Systems using Simulated Annealing (PG)
  • Implementation of PSO Algorithm on FPGA for MIMO Systems (PG)
  • Mp3 Steganalysis (PG)
  • Network Intrusion detection system in FPGA.(PG)
  • Implementation of baseband transmitter and performance analysis of multiband OFDM UWB system (PG)
  • EKF for channel estimation combined with decision feedback equalizer for high mobility system. (PG)
  • Precoding of OFDM signals for PAPR reduction. (PG)

PhD program and area of focus

  • 5G LTE systems
  • Massive MIMO and OFDM systems
  • Compressed sensing
  • RF systems
  • Millimeter wave MIMO
  • Hardware architectures for signal processing
  • Signal processing for communications
  • Wireless information security
  • Microwave Absorbers

Funded projects

Title: Hardware Trojan Detection and Consistency-based Diagnosis

Investigators: Dr. M. Nirmala devi, Dr. M. Jayakumar, N. Mohan Kumar

Agency: DRDO


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Laboratory facilities

  • Computational Optimization and Innovations Lab
  • Communication System Design Lab
  • Communication Engineering lab
  • Microwave & Antenna Lab

Opportunities for projects UG/ PG/ PhD

Projects are currently available in the following topics

  • Massive MIMO communications
  • Specialized RF systems and antennas for wireless Technologies
  • Vehicular networks and intelligent transportation systems
  • Compact Multi-polarized antenna for MIMO configurations
  • Channel Estimation Techniques
  • Wireless Information security
  • MIMO Radar systems
  • Compressed sensing
  • Design of MIMO OFDM systems
  • Adaptive Filtering techniques
  • Substrate Integrated Waveguide based differential band pass filter for space applications
  • Development of planar wide band microwave absorbers
  • Integrated microstrip antenna with low noise block for launch vehicle TTC application
  • Image/Audio  steganography / steganalysis
  • Coding and Cryptography
  • Signal processing for communications