Major Research Objectives

Spoken Language Processing:

  • Speaker Verification
  • Multilingual speech recognition
  • Speech enhancement
  • Improving the intelligibility of dysarthric speech, and therapy tools for dysarthric patients
  • Spoken language identification

Machine Fault Identification:

  • Scalable fault models for the prognosis of faults in generators
  • Machine and Speed Independent Fault Diagnosis through vibration analysis

Biomedical Engineering:

  • Improving the performance of multi-parameter patient monitors
  • Algorithms for low cost implementation of multi-parameter patient monitors
  • Respirator and ECG signal study for estimating hyper anxiety and chronic stress
  • Developing a real time compressive sensing system for signal and Image Processing applications
  • Developing active learning methods and classification techniques for Hyper Spectral Image Processing
  • Developing Technology for Agriculture  which includes Signal and Image Processing
  • Hardware Implementation of Signal and Image Processing Algorithms

Selected Projects by UG / PG Students

  • Lane detection of Images using Hough transform
  • Efficient Image segmentation during uneven illumination
  • Hardware Implementation of EZW algorithm
  • Hardware Implementation of circular Hough Transform
  • Hardware Implementation of Bio retinal image Encoder
  • Shape matching for Object in complex images
  • Edge detection and segmentation using Gabor filters
  • Hardware implementation of Hexagonal pixel grid modeling for edge detection
  • Hardware implementation of Hexagonal pixel grid modeling for skeletonization
  • Design of  Cellular array processor using Hexagonal pixel grid modeling for edge detection and skeletonization
  • Boundary contour system modeling for dynamic compression and image edge enhancement
  • Color Image compression for Limited Displays using  selforganising feature map
  • Analysis of Interpolation Kernels For Hexagonal Lattices
  • Multiresolution Image Processing Using Hexagonal Wavelets
  • Analysis of Edge detection techniques on Rectangular and Hexagonal Sampled Grids
  • Performance analysis of Blind Carrier Phase Estimators for General QAM.
  • Lens-less Imaging by Compressive Sensing
  • Implementation of Through-wall Motion Detection using Beam forming
  • Linear Equation Solver using Improved Cholesky Decomposition on FPGA for Compressed Sensing Applications
  • Spectrum Sensing using Compressed Sensing Techniques for Sparse Multiband Signals
  • SVM based Classification of Digitally Modulated Signals for Software Defined Radio Digital Radio design using Digital Signal Processing
  • Performance Improvement of Compressed Sensing Reconstruction Using Modified-AMP Algorithm
  • Implementation of Mixed Signal Architecture for Compressed Sensing On ECG S
  • Implementation of Blind-OFDM on USRP platform for Cognitive Radio Network
  • Hyper-spectral Image denoising by Legendre-Fenchel Transformation and Classification
  • Design and Implementation of OFDM based Communication System in GNU Radio Platform
  • Design and Implementation of MIMO based Communication System in GNU Radio Platform
  • Digital Gardening using Mote based Wireless Sensor Network
  • Spectrum Sensing Implementations using Simulink
  • Analog and Digital Modulations toolkit for Software Defined Radio
  • Multi-User Spectrum Sensing Based on Multi-taper Method for Cognitive Environments
  • Wireless electrocardiogram monitoring for cardiac patients on android platform
  • Development of a Ballistocardiogram system for cardiac health evaluation   
  • ECG arrhythmia classification by using wavelet and neural networks
  •  Respiration Signal derived from PPG, Low Cost Cardio Respiratory monitor
  • Density Based Score Level Fusion for Multimodal Biometric Authentication
  • Multimodal Score Fusion using Cuckoo Search Algorithm
  • Kalman filtering techniques for fault detection and diagnosis in a continuously stirred tank reactor
  • Wireless ECG Monitoring system for Bio-suit
  • Data Logger For Miniature Model Car Using Can Bus
  • Automatic Poly-Farm Controller Using Wireless Sensor Network
  • Low Cost Collision Avoidance System Using Inter Vehicle Communication
  • Android Device controlled Infusion Pump
  • Implementation of cost effective object recognition and sorting robot using embedded image processing technique
  • Gesture based Touchless joypad
  • Electric Vehicle with Charge Drain Control Assist
  • CNC PCB Drilling Machine
  • Intelligent Mobility Solution for Differently Abled
  • Blood Sample Characterisation using Embedded Image Processing Technique
  • Bluetooth enabled low cost  Infusion Pump
  • Vision Module for Stereovision Endoscope
  • Intelligent Autonomous Personal Transport System
  • Tracking down the abnormality in PCG Signal

PhD Program & Focus

  • Signal and Image Processing applications using compressed sensing
  • Hyper Spectral Image Processing – active learning methods , classification
  • Signal and Image Processing related with agriculture.
  • Hardware Implementation of Signal and Image Processing Algorithms
  • Hexagonal Image Processing
  • Compressed Sensing in Wireless Communication
  • Communication System development using GNU Radio with USRP
  • Biomedical signal Processing, currently pursuing Ph.D in Cardiac fitness evaluation using Ballistocardiogram
  • Holter Monitor” for Lungs
  • Biomedical signal data acquistation and Signal processing
  • Application of novel non-linear state estimation techniques (like particle filtering) to model based fault diagnosis.
  • Fusion of model based and data based approaches to fault diagnosis to obtain a better estimate of the diagnosis which will have advantages of both methods.
  • Hyper spectral images will find many applications in resource management, agriculture, mineral exploration, and environmental monitoring

Funded Research Projects

  1. Development of a text/language independent speaker recognition system, funded by DRDO, completed
  2. Scalable fault models for the prognosis and diagnosis of faults of generators in aircraft electrical system, funded by National Programme on Micro and Smart Systems (NPMASS), Bangalore
  3. Robust Features for Speaker Verification, funded by TCS, ongoing
  4. Machine Independent Fault Diagnosis : A Unified Approach, funded by DST, ongoing

Research Collaborations

We collaborate with Department of Neurology, Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Kochi for our research in biomedical engineering. Dr. A. Anand Kumar, Professor & Head, Department of Neurology, Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Kochi is our lead in Biomedical engineering research.

Industry Interactions

We also interact very closely with leading industries, TCS Innovation Labs., and Centre for Development of Advanced Computing, Thiruvananthapuram to make our research relevant and meaningful.

Doctoral Students

  • Kuruvachan K George, Robust features for speaker verification, TCS Research Scholar, ongoing
  • R Gopinath, Scalable fault models for synchronous generators, ongoing
  • K A Pradeep Kumar,  A low cost ambulatory system for capturing and analysis of human vital signals, ongoing
  • M. Pushpaparajan,  Speed independent machine fault diagnosis using vibration signal analysis, ongoing

Selected Publications

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