Major Research Objectives

  • Characterize Metamaterials-Based Devices and Materials for Sub-mm Applications
  • Ray Tracing Simulation Studies of Heavy Ions in Complex EM Fields
  • Rad-Hard Circuit Design for Space Applications
  • Electronic Materials and Devices for Sensing and Energy Harvesting: Experimental & Simulation Aspects
  • Energy Harvesting: Device Technologies and Control Architectures

Selected Best Projects by UG/PG Students

  • Carbon Nanostructures for EMI Shielding
  • Cement based EMI Shielding
  • Ray tracing simulation studies of heavy ions in complex EM fields
  • Implementation of microcontroller based floral fragrance analysis system
  • Data Analytics
  • Data Analytics/Embedded Systems

Ph. D. Program and Area of Focus

The research scholars associated with the faculty members are working in the following research areas.

  • Design of an improved adaptive beam forming system for Landing RADAR application
  • Security for Smart Grid and Smart Infrastructure Systems
  • Data Analytics for modelling of materials’ and device’ characteristics.
  • Material Characterization at RF Frequencies

Funded Projects

  • IBM (under Shared University Research SUR) Ongoing 2015-2017 Malware Detection Using FPGA, Sandboxing and Machine Learning - INR 7, 68,000
  • Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) Submitted Two years EM Studies on Coconut and Quality Evaluation by Non Destructive Techniques INR 17,60,000 (Submitted)
  • CDB, Gov. India Submitted 2016-2018 Yield Estimation of Coconut in Kerala using Hyperspectral Images - INR. 35,00,000 (Submitted)
  • TIDE Submitted 3 Years - A low-cost hand and arm rehabilitation system. - INR.25,16,760/- (Submitted)

Selected Publications

Opportunities for Projects UG/PG/PhD 

Please contact the faculty members associated with this TAG by email to know about various research opportunities.