Major Research Objectives

  • VLSI Design & Testing – Development of efficient algorithms for VLSI testing and extending it to focus on low power concept with compression schemes
  • RF CMOS System Design – Application of CMOS or GaN technology in the design of RF transceiver systems at L, S, and C bands
  • Hardware Security & Trust - Enhancing the security of VLSI chips in safety critical applications like missiles & biomedical implants
  • Computational Intelligence - Application the high potential intelligence concepts like Neural networks, Particle Swarm Optimization, Genetic Algorithms etc., on social and health related problems like perception engineering & cancer Diagnosis for the improvement  
  • Evolvable Hardware – Emulation of efficient and optimized algorithms on FPGAs to develop proof-of-concept.
  • To design novel RF/Analog Integrated Circuits with MOSFETs of gate length 65nm and smaller.
  • To develop novel circuit designs for high speed, high frequency, low-power and chip area efficient applications.
  • To design novel high frequency (RF/Microwave/millimetre wave) and high power output circuits for RF communication.
  • Implementation of the above ICs with RF/Analog MOSFET models of International foundries and subsequent fabrication in International foundries abroad, characterisation at home for International publications.
  • VLSI Design, FPGA Logic Architectures and Timing Analysis.  Activity Estimation in  Field Programmable Gate Array is the main Goal. Static Timing Analysis (STA) and Statistical static Timing Analysis (SSTA) are  incorporated into the activity estimator to predict the runtime.  Approaches like parallel processing can be incorporated to improve the efficiency.
  • To develop new circuit designs for high speed, low-power and area efficient applications. Further to characterize new and existing circuit simulators and/or improve speed and reduce power for digital simulation. Digital circuit devices have important applications in many fields including Signal processing, communications, sensing, transportation, avionics and space technology, and medical technology.
  • Antenna simulation modeling at microwave and millimeter wave frequency region .
  • EMI shielding at different frequency bands  by Design and Optimization of microwave absorbers

Selected UG/PG Projects

  • FPGA Implementation of Genetically Evolved Artificial Neural Networks For Effective Resource Utilization
  • A Power Aware Reordering Based Compression Scheme for Test Volume Reduction
  • Power Reduction and Defect Coverage Improvement in At-Speed Testing
  • FPGA Implementation of Feedforward Neural Network with Layer Multiplexing
  • Security Enhanced Testing Using Scrambling and Test Compression
  • Test Compression for Low-power Testing
  • Small-signal Modelling of GaN HEMT based Transistor using PSO
  • An Efficient FIR Filter Design Using Common Sub Expression Elimination Method
  • VLSI Implementation of Multimode Floating Point Adder and Multiplier
  • Design of RF CMOS LNA for Millimeter wave Technology
  • Reversible Logic Synthesis of Fault Tolerant Combinational Logic Circuits
  • VLSI implementation of an enhanced text compression technique based on Lempel-Ziv Welch Compression,
  • Malicious struck-at and somersault combinational Trojan design and detection.
  • Preventing Hardware Design Obfuscation by detecting hardware Trojan,
  • Compressive sensing for PPM Modulation
  • Design of Axial mode helical Antenna for NOAA-18 HRPT Reception at 1700MHz
  • Optimization of SDR Based Weather Satellite image  Reception
  • Dual Band Wearable Antenna for Communication and Navigation
  • Support Vector regression for the design of array antennas
  • Hardware Trojan Detection using scalable gate level characterization
  • VLSI Architecture for Video Watermarking During Compression
  • Design and implementation of a Low power Color Image Watermarking chip
  •  Statistical Static Timing Analysis Using Parallel Processing of Timing Graphs
  • Design of an Optimized Double Precision Floating Point Divider using Cache Memory and a Multiplier
  • Decomposition and Synthesis of XOR Based Logic Circuits for LUT Based FPGAs
  • Parallel Multiplier-Accumulator unit based on Vedic mathematics.
  • Design for trust based hardware security.
  • Scheduling for Real time operating system
  • Static and Dynamic path allocation of Robots.

PhD Program and Area of Focus

  • Secured testing of VLSI Circuits
  • VLSI Testing and Security
  • Design for Security
  • Antenna Design & Optimization
  • Hardware Design for Trust
  • Security in Multi-core Architectures
  • RF CMOS Design of Low-noise Amplifier
  • Detection and Diagnosis of Malicious activity in Hardware.
  • Broadband Distributed Amplifier (1-100 GHz) in 65nm CMOS for 100 Gb network
  • Distributed LNA (UWB band in 65nm CMOS)
  • BF Fundamental Frequency Oscillator (90 GHz and higher frequency in 65nm CMOS)
  • Quadrature VCO (60 GHz band in 65nm CMOS)
  • Injection Locked Frequency Divider (60 GHz and below in 65nm CMOS) for PLL
  • Class E Power Amplifier for RF Communication (millimetre wave in 65nm CMOS)

Funded Projects

Title of the Research Proposal - Hardware Trojan Detection and Consistency based Diagnosis

Investigators Dr. Nirmala Devi M., Dr. Jayakumar M., Mohankumar N., Dr.Sethumadhavan M.

Funding Agency – DRDO-New Delhi - 2015

Indian Patent number 269540 granted as on 27/10/2015 of Kalyan Bhattacharyya (single author) titled “Tunable Distributed Voltage Controlled Oscillator for Generating High Frequency Microwave Signals” in CMOS Technology.


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Laboratory Facilities

  • VLSI Design Laboratory
  • Hardware Security Laboratory