Machine Intelligence Research Lab. focuses its research activities on Spoken Language Processing, Machine Fault Identification, and on the development of Bio-medical engineering applications. In spoken language processing, we focus our research on multilingual speaker recognition, speech recognition, spoken language identification, speech non-speech detection and speech recognition for dysarthric patients. In machine fault identification, our current research focus is on capturing intelligence about the faults in a speed and system independent manner. Development of robust tools for ICU patient monitoring, Stress/anxiety desorder identification, Sleep apnea screening, early detection of cardiac desorders, retinal fundus image processing are the focus of our research in Bio-medical engineering. The lab research also focus on improving healthcare support for rural communities  in India.

Funded Projects:

  • Development of text/language independent speaker recognition system-DRDO (Completed)
  • Scalable fault models for the prognosis and diagnosis of generator in aircraft electrical system- NPMASS (Completed)
  • TCS Research scholarship- TCS (Completed)
  • Machine independent fault diagnosis – DST
  • Improving healthcare support for rural communities in India – Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC), United Kingdom.

Collaborated with Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK and University of Agder, Norway

Lab Facilities

  • Dell Power Edge Rack Mount Server
  • IBM Tower Servers
  • Speech Data Aqusition System (Dialogic Cards)
  • 3 kVA and 5 kVA Synchronous Generators
  • Synchronous Generator Fault Diagnosis Experimental Facility
  • National Instruments Data Acqusition Setup (NI PXI-1042 (NI PXI-8108, NI-PXI-6221, NI-PXI-2541)
  • BioHarness BT with Acknowledge (Bioharness)
  • MySignal eHealth
  • Spacelabs  Multi-parameter Patient Monitoring System