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Dr. Vandana Dave did her postgraduation (MSc. Anatomy) from S.N. Medical College, Jodhpur and PhD Anatomy from Mahatma Gandhi Medical College, Jaipur, Rajasthan. She worked as senior resident in the Department of Anatomy, Vardhman Mahavir Medical College & Safdarjang Hospital, New Delhi. Later she joined Army college of Medical Sciences, Delhi Cantt. She has 14 research publications published in various national and international journals. Her research work includes coronary venous anatomy and gross anatomical variations.

Medical Qualification

Special Interests and Expertise



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  2. Vandana Dave, Kishore Sesham, Simmi Mehra, T.S. Roy, M.S. Ahuja. Persistent left superior vena cava: An anatomical variation. Medical Journal Armed Forces India 2022; 78: S277 – S281.
  3. Shaifaly Madan Rustagi, Suraj Prakash, Vandana Dave, Ruchi Dhuria, Shilpa Gorla. Case Based learning in Neuroanatomy in Small Groups for First MBBS Students. Indian J Anat. 2020;9(1):55-60.
  4. Shaifali Madan Rustagi, Niket Verma, Suraj Prakash, Vandana Dave, Ruchi Dhuria. Perception analysis of students and faculty of a recently implemented interactive Teaching 3 session in Anatomy using ‘Jigsaw Technique’ in a north Indian medical college. Journal of Education Technology in Health Sciences 2020; 7(1):17-22.
  5. Rachna Gulati, Manish S Ahuja, Vijay Langer Parishat Gopal, Shaifali M Rustagi, Vandana Dave. Comparative Study of Formalin Solution and Saturated Salt Solution for Embalming Cadavers for Surgical Skills Training. Indian J Anat. 2020;9(1):33-37.
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  14. Vandana M, and Suri R, and Ravi S, and Vandana D, and Gayatri R, Clinical submission of supernumerary head of adductor brevis muscle. Journal of Surgical Academia, 1 (1). 2011 pp. 78-81.
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