• First ever techfest exclusively for Robotics
    Add colours to your robotic dreams.
    Win prizes worth 1 Million INR
    July 28-30,2017
  • Event Supported and Organized by
    IEEE Student Branch
    Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Kerala.
  • In Assosciation with,

    Robotics and Automation Society Student Chapter

    Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Kerala.

India's first ever International level tech fest
exclusively for 'Robotics'

  • Location

    Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Amritapuri Campus.
    Vallikavu, Clappana P.O,
    Kollam dist., Kerala.
  • Starts from

    July 28-30, 2017



About Robotsavam

Truly analogous to the traditional Kalotsavam (festival of kala - arts), the Robotsavam (festival of robots) targets all those who are keen on learning more about the field of robotics. The Robotsavam 2017 is designed to be a perfect blend of fun, competition and learning. Participants get a chance to work on the applications of theories that they have learnt in class and even work on concepts they’re learning for the first time. Being the first tech-fest in India that is only for robotics and its applications, we hope to set an example for all the other tech-fests. This is truly one-of-a-kind with a repertoire of events ranging from traditional classes to robowars to drone races. Also, the participants will get an opportunity to learn how to professionally present a paper which will prove invaluable in their future endeavours.

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Robo Shaala-Workshops

Robots for Landmine Detection New

Build robots that can detect landmines. Register now to experience a whole new level of robotics.

Swarm Robotics New

Get hands on experience over the most popular form of Robotics

Industrial Automation and Robotics New

Learn how to increase the productionwith less man power, high precision and less cycle time.

Neuroinspired Robotics New

Learn how the neuro controlled devices work.

BrainWave Controlled Robotics New

Learn and work on how to control robots using Brain Waves

Underwater Robotics

Explore the underwaters by making your own robot.

Cloud Computing and RoboAnalyzer New

Explore the world of cloud integrated robots

Robotic Vision New

Ever wondered how robots see and understand?

Build the Drone

There is nothing more satisfying than flying a quadcopter that is the product of your determination and hard-work!


Ever heard of ROS? It is being used extensively for many of the world's most leading and awe-inspiring robots.

ABB Robotics

How do these robots work? How are they operated? How are they programmed?


Learn how to make a robot that matches your moves

Haptic Technology

Understand the key concepts of Haptic Technology and its applications.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Understand the key concepts of Machine Learning and A.I.

Robo Ranathanthra-Competitions

Humanoid Robot Challenge

Name: Robo, Speed: 1 Tera Hz, Memory: 1 Zetta Byte

Robo Race

Designed a manually controlled robot? Good. Does it have speed? Even better.

Robo Wars

Trained your robot for the war?

Pick 'N' Place Challenge

Interested in making a robot that can pick things up and place them somewhere else?

RC Boat Challenge

Rough waters make true sailors.

Robo Soccer

Train your bots to make a goal.

Line Follower Bot Challenge

Will your bot move as per the line? Then this challenge is for you.

Maze Solving Robot Challenge

Can your bot travel through the most trickiest maze?

Robo Short Film

Got creative ideas? Love robots? Love film-making?. Lights! Camera! Action!

Robo Exhibition

Made some robots? Then grab this chance to exhibit them!

Fly the Drone

Got a drone of your own? Willing to race with it?<

Gaming Challenge

Are you a gamer? Are you up for some real challenges?

Robo Hunt

Be the first one to discover the mysterious robot @ Amritapuri.

Exclusive Events

Paper Presentation

How innovative do you think your research work is? Want feedback from professionals?

Poster Presentation

“Everything begins with an idea” But tired of writing down ideas or making simple presentations?

Robo Kshethra-Fun Events

Robo Football

Do you play soccer? Well, what about with robots?

Robo Face Painting

Are you a good artist? Wanna paint your friend's face like a robot?

Explore all Fun Events

School Zone

Robot Premier League

India is a country where Cricket is people’s favorite, why not add Football to the list?

Painting Competition

Unleash the hidden artist in you. Take part in the International level Painting Competition.

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