In the course of recovering from the challenges of Covid-19, a need was felt to strengthen community’s preparedness, response and approach to future health challenges as well as other uncertainties (including uncertainties in livelihoods) for Resilience, Risk Reduction and Sustainable Development. The Department of Science and Technology, Government of India had started an initiative to establish Community COVID Resilience Resource Centres (CCRRCs) for better recovery, building Science Technology and Innovation (STI) capacities and capabilities of the communities for improved resilience against the pandemic and post pandemic recovery for livelihood rejuvenation. 25 CCRRCs have already been established in various locations to complement the efforts of the Government at different levels in building resilience and post COVID socioeconomic recovery through various Science & Technology (S&T) interventions.

The various domains of resilience the CRRCs address are Access to basic needs, Livelihood Diversification, Health and Nutrition, Education, STI Capacity Building & Skill Development, Establishment of Social Enterprises, Information Sharing and Learning, Habitat and Environment, Skill Development & Capacity Building, Development of Resourceful & Effective Human Resources and Technology absorption capacity.


Building knowledge societies

Develop local community level resource centers with a focus on the thematic areas such as health, education, and livelihood.

Developing an empowered interconnected regional and national network of communities

Building a community level platform for mapping community level socioeconomic, cultural and political dimensions, and utilizing the existing knowledge, technology, innovations, and funds for resource mobilization and utilization to empower the community to become a knowledge society

Community level resilience

Develop and deploy strategies and technologies to achieve community level resilience in specific thematic areas such as in healthcare, education, skill development and optimal resource utilization

Building Resilient Communities through CRRC

Village Resource Centers established in all proposed communities transformed these communities into Community Resilience Resource Centres (CRRCs) by:

  • Deploy various STI interventions to enhance, engage and empower.
  • Utilizing proposed infrastructure and human resources available in AVRCs, and nearby WTP's, STI Hubs, and knowledge Institutions.
  • Liaise with the state S&T councils to provide knowledge support, resources, systemic linkage and act as a one-stop support for all covid related resources.
  • CRRC consists of a HUB and spoke model
  • Mapping of additional roles or incorporation of new roles to form an effective working model and impart support, recovery, and resilience mechanisms from a pre-covid, covid, and post-covid standpoint.