Amrita Teams in Top 10 at Ni-Yantra

Imagine this. When a blind person goes shopping to buy essentials, he or she can carry a small device with them that can help them see. Pointed at a particular object, the device can capture its image, read what is written on it, and convert this text to Braille, so that the blind person can immediately understand what the object is.

AIMS opened Amrita Healthcare Clinic at Pampa

Like every other year, AIMS reopened  Amrita Healthcare Clinic, an emergency care unit at Pampa during the pilgrimage season in Sabarimala. The unit is also facilitated with ICU and will operate 24 hours to provide free services to pilgrims. The Minister of  Dewasom Board, Shri.Kadanampally Ramachandran lighted the lamp on the starting day.