Amrita Doctor Helps Patient with JMC

Dr. Sheela Nampoothiri, Professor, Department of Paediatrics, School of Medicine, Kochi, and pediatric geneticist at Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Kochi, with her knowledge, extends a helping hand to Neena Nizar to identify her rare medical condition. Neena was almost-four-feet-tall, and had an unidentified skeletal condition that made her bones bend. Dwarfism, rickets and polio were some of the terms doctors had tossed around since her childhood but no one was certain what the real problem was. But Dr. Sheela had answers for her condition. It was Jansen’s Metaphyseal Chondrodysplasia (JMC) – a progressive bone disorder so rare that there are only 30 known cases in the world; three were Neena and her two sons. The disorder causes portions of the bones of the limbs to develop abnormally. It is also accompanied by high levels of calcium in the blood.

Workshop on Philosophy of Language (Brahmakāṇḍa of Vākyapadīya) at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham

Amrita Darshanam, International Centre for Spiritual Studies, organized a one-day workshop on ‘Philosophy of Language: Reading of the Brahmakāṇḍa of Bhartṛhari’s Vākyapadīya,’ on November 16, 2017, at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Bengaluru Campus.

Provisional Result of November 2017 Examinations Announced - Amrita School of Engineering, Coimbatore

The provisional results of all UG and PG Programs Examinations under Amrita School of Engineering, Coimbatore, conducted in November 2017 are announced by the Controller of Examinations of Coimbatore Campus. 

Please click here to view your result in Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham Management System.

Colloquium on 'Innovation and Technology Driving to Enterprise 4. 0'

A colloquium on the topic 'Innovation and Technology Driving to Enterprise 4. 0' was held at School of Business, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Coimbatore, on December 8, 2017. The session was handled by Mr. Ajay Vinze, Dean & Professor, Robert J. Trulaske, Sr. College of Business, University of Missouri (Columbia).