Bring Your Ideas to Life! Launch your startup at Amrita TBI PitchFest 2018

Amrita TBI PitchFest is a platform for startups to showcase their ideas, qualify to receive a total seed investment up to $200,000 and get incubation space at Amrita TBI. Pitchfest is a unique initiative by Amrita TBI and partnered by Government of India, Amazon Web Services, Ankur Capital, Yourstory and Freshers World to find the most promising startups in India.

Amrita Vishwa Vidypaeetham Partners in LANDSLIP Consortium

Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham became a member of the LANDSLIP project, a research project to develop landslip hazard assessments and early warning systems in South Asia. The other members include 34 scientists and engineers led by Dr. Helen Reeves from the British Geological Survey and Professor Bruce Malamud from King's College London (KCL) with the other project partners from Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (Research Institute for Geo-Hydrological Protection), the Geological Survey of India (GSI), Newcastle University, the UK Met Office, Practical Action Consulting India and Practical Action Consulting UK, who will collaborate to improve the assessment of landslip hazards and early warning systems.

Amrita Medical Faculty Attended National Conference on Neurology

Dr. Vinayan K. P, professor and head, division of paediatric neurology, Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Kochi, attended '4th National Conference on Neurology,' organised jointly by Apollo Hospitals and Dr. Bindu Menon Foundation of Nellore, held at Kochi on 16th December, 2017. Dr. Vinayan K. P. said, "Just two minutes on a cell phone call can alter the electrical activity in a child’s brain for up to an hour. The disturbed brain activity could impair children’s learning ability and can produce other behaviour and personality problems."