Design Implementation of ICT Based Virtual Labs for Laboratory Skill Education

Rapid advances in computer technologies and relative increase in internet connectivity has transformed Information and Communication Technology as a building block to meet the modern societal needs, mainly in business, industry and governance (Adesote & Fatoki, 2013). Several countries include the knowledge of computer skills as a core for education purposes, a social activity including teaching and learning (J. Augustus Richard, 2015). Implementing ICT in education system has been a multifaceted process, as it integrates technology with the needs of education institutes such as curriculum design, instructor competency, among others to improve efficiency and effectiveness of present education system(Tinto, 2002). According to British Council executive summary on Indian School Education System that there were more than 1.4 million schools, approximately 227 million students enrolled for higher education in various institutes (Ghosh, 2014). In such a situation, factors that retard sustainable development in the present education system,needs to be modified to attain the socio-economic growth of the country(Ozturk, 2001).