Amrita Sanjeevani Observes Grandparent’s Day

Since its beginning, celebration has been the middle name of Amrita Sanjeevani, or so it seemed when they visited the Gandhi Bhavan Old age home at pathanapuram as a part of the grandparent’s day. When we are growing up we want our parents to support us but when we are grown up and they want us support them the result is only rejection denial, irritation and finding addresses of old age homes. Seldom do we know that what they want is our love.

World Water Day 2012 at Amrita

Since India attained independence, the per capita availability of water in the country has plummeted 70% to 1,582 cubic meters per year. This makes India a water-stressed nation. If the per capita availability were to plunge further to 1000 cubic meters per year, India would be a water-scarce nation.

Classroom Cleanup

It would have in the mind of many who attended the ABC drives, “Why shouldn’t we clean the college first before cleaning the outside townships?” well though there were cleanup drives in the surroundings of the college campus, the idea of the cleaning the classrooms themselves was not something strange, nor was it out of the way.

Moulding the Next Generation

Clay can be moulded into any desired shape before it is placed in a kiln. But once it is fired, the shape cannot be changed. Thus we should teach our children noble values before their minds are firmly set by exposure to the heat of worldliness.