"During this period we learned about compost and vermicompost. It was very interesting! We also tested out some permaculture techniques, such as the bokachi technique, which is a fertilizer. Overall, this was a very enriching experience and we met a lot a nice people!"

- Loise Bagein, ISTOM, College of International Agro-Development, France

"The size, simplicity of design, and firing time for this particular kiln was perfect for the women of this village. The size would allow them to fire many items of the scale they were making within a time frame that would not keep them from their homes for too long. The design of the kiln was also simple enough to be built in just three days, and since the walls were made of a single layer of bricks, future repairs would be easy to make. "

- Meaghan Gates, University of Massachusetts - Dartmouth, U.S.

Adult Women’s Empowerment: Learning through peer teaching in ICT enhanced courses around employment skills and social issues in Indian villages