M.Sc Clinical Nutrition and Food Science

There is a growing demand in India and abroad for trained post graduates in the field of clinical nutrition and food science for positions in the health care centers, local government, food industries and research and development. Countries all over the world recognize the important role nutrition in improving health and preventing disease and have prioritized nutrition and diet within their national health plans. The Masters in Clinical Nutrition and Food Science is designed for students with a bachelor’s degree, in nutrition who want to embark on a career as a registered dietitian.

M. Sc. in Biostatistics

Biostatistics is the application of statistical methods in biological sciences and most commonly in the medical and public health research. The aim of the program is to train students in statistical methods, as applied to the problems in the bio-medical and health sciences. During the course, students learn the basic principles of biostatistics and data analysis with specific computing applications.

Biostatisticians play an inevitable role in the design and analyses of epidemiological studies, laboratory studies and clinical trials in several major specialties of medical research. The Masters in Biostatistics offered at Amrita will provide with knowledge and experience of the principles, theory and practical skills of statistics.

M. Sc. in Neuro Electro Physiology

The two year M. Sc. in Neuro Electro Physiology program intends to enlighten the students on the fundamental electrophysiological aspects of the electrical functioning of neurons in the Central Nervous System quintessential to comprehend drug delivery, actions and reactions, brain functions and anomalies etc. in a human body. Neurons are specialized cells that communicate with each other as well as with muscles and other end organs by integrating and propagating electrical signals through interconnected neural network. Electrophysiological techniques are indispensable for precise medical diagnosis by investigating discrepancies in electrical signals in body tissues. Electrophysiology finds its application in development of diverse diagnostic procedures, clinical and technical tests, measurement of electrical signals in neural networks for procedures like Electromyography (EMG), Mean Corpuscular Volume (MCV) etc., courses like Visual Evoked Potential (VEP) and Steady State Evoked Potential (SSEP) etc. On the successful completion of the program, students may devise a career in the health care domain or pursue research endeavors that extend electrophysiological services to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.

MSc Deglutology & Swallowing Disorders

MSc Deglutology & Swallowing Disorders is a graduate program offered by Amrita Center for Allied Health Sciences. The program augments the clinical science knowledge, research instincts and teaching abilities nurtured in the prospective students during their undergraduate courses in the field of Swallowing Disorders and Therapy (Dysphagia). Swallowing disorders surface in all age groups, resulting from congenital abnormalities, structural damage, medical conditions etc. Swallowing problems are a common condition among older individuals and the recurrence of dysphagia is persistent in the elderly, typically in patients who have had strokes and in patients who are admitted to acute care hospitals or chronic care facilities. Dysphagia symptoms can be diagnosed due to different causes which can usually be speculated through a careful history by the treating physician. A formal oropharyngeal dysphagia evaluation is performed by a Medical speech pathologist or occupational therapist.