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Due to an increase in suicide rates in Tihar Jail, Bihar, a survey was conducted which revealed a high demand for yoga and meditation in the jail. In 2017, a survey was conducted in all of Kerala’s jails, as directed by the Legal Services Authority in charge of the Kerala High Court, and it was discovered that there is a desire to learn yoga meditation. The paralegal volunteer of the Kottayam District Legal Services Authority, Smt. Soja Baby approached Amma.

Amma’s response is always immediate and compassionate. She provides transformative support that helps individuals find both internal and external resources that equip them to live life to the fullest.


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Internal resources are the strength, confidence, and clarity for an individual to grow and live a fulfilling life. External resources are the basics in life that include one’s environment and the ability to adapt and utilize the present moment life offers.

Thus Amma gave full support to the Prison Department to cater to this need.

On May 16, 2018, the jail’s then DGP, Sreelekha Madhav, issued a permit for yoga programs to be held in all of Kerala’s jails, and a circular was sent to all of the state’s jails.

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Our Mission

A multi-faceted practice to encourage inmates in developing self-awareness and confidence, as well as recognizing their own worth, through empathy and compassion, with the goal of making them better social beings.

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  • Improving the mental health of prisoners
  • Techniques to reduce stress in prisoners
  • Techniques to provide peace and calmness
  • Methods to enhance discrimination even during stressful situations
  • Approaches to providing and enhance mental clarity
  • To instill confidence
  • To cultivate a wholesome mind
  • To facilitate re-entry into society
  • To transform the inmates into champions of change and inspiration
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More than 800 volunteers, including staff, brahmacharinis, devotees, swamis, and swaminis, visit jails in various districts of Kerala and Tamil Nadu to meet inmates and work with them to make them feel content, reduce tension, and have peace of mind through yoga and meditation. They are all involved in this initiative out of a desire to help others rather than for financial gain. They also offer inmates counseling sessions and provide answers to their questions in order to help them experience peace of mind.

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  • Developing socially responsible citizens
  • Anger management
  • Mind-body connection
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Disease prevention
  • Mental Clarity and Peace of mind
  • Good relations with everyone

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