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About the Project

The synthesis and characterization of biodiesel using algal oil is attempted. During transesterification fatty acids present in crude lipids are reacted with methanol which converts it to fatty acids methyl esters or biodiesel. The heterogeneous catalyst of Nano CaO is coated acts as a catalyst for the transesterification process. The transesterification process would be carried out to study the effect of parameters such as temperature, residence time, methanol to oil ratio. The analysis of fatty acid methyl esters or biodiesel layer is carried using gas – chromatography (GC-MS) and HPLC system. The estimation of properties of biodiesel will be done to ascertain the quality of biodiesel. The calorific value of biodiesel will be estimated using bomb calorimeter.

Department & Campus

Department of Chemical Engineering, School of Engineering, Coimbatore

Faculty Profile

Algal Biodiesel – Synthesis and Characterization – Doctoral Research Topic
Dr. Krishna Prasad R.

Assistant Professor,
Department of Chemical Engineering,
School of Engineering,
Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Coimbatore

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