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Hostel Facility at Bengaluru Campus

There are 6 hostels in the campus, two for girls and four for boys.

Students seeking admission to the hostel have to apply separately in the prescribed application form. Staying in the hostel is mandatory for all the students whose parents are not residing in places accessible to institution transport.

The hostels are under the control of the Chief Warden. There is a deputy Chief Warden, Faculty Wardens and Resident Wardens to assist the Chief Warden. Pure and wholesome vegetarian food is served in buffet style in the hostel. Mathura, Yashodha and Devaki Hostels are having dining facilities for the students

Each hostel block is supervised by a Resident warden and an Assistant Warden. They stay in their respective hostel block and take care of students and attend to their needs. They closely monitor the student activities in the campus. We have four faculty wardens in boys hostel assigned to each year of B.Tech. There are two faculty wardens in girls hostel. The faculty wardens overview the day to day working of wardens and have interaction with students on daily basis.

Girls Hostels
Girls Hostels
B. Tech.
Ist and IInd Year
B.Tech. IIIrd and IVth Year
M.Tech. & M. B. A.
Boys Hostels

Boys HostelsGokul
B. Tech. Ist YearGovardhan
B.Tech. Ist YearMathura
B.Tech. IInd, IIIrd & IVth YearBrindavan
M.Tech and MBA

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