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Amrita Research Center Faridabad

A land that has witnessed the historical prominence of ultra-modern facilities in India. A place where science, technology, and research merge to embrace good health across a 130-acre sprawling health city campus. India’s largest multi-specialty hospital and home to Amrita…

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Amrita Research Center, Faridabad, Delhi NCR area, is a newly established pioneering institution at the forefront of biomedical innovation, dedicated to bridging the gap between scientific discovery and clinical application. Founded by a team of visionary researchers and healthcare professionals, our center serves as a dynamic hub for collaborative research, aiming to transform and translate groundbreaking discoveries into tangible solutions that improve patient care and enhance public health.


Our vision is to lead the way in translational research, pioneering innovative solutions that transform the landscape of healthcare. We envision a future where scientific discoveries seamlessly translate into clinical applications, revolutionizing patient care and improving quality of life for generations to come. Driven by a commitment to excellence and collaboration, we strive to break down barriers between disciplines, foster interdisciplinary partnerships, and create a culture of innovation that empowers researchers to push the boundaries of knowledge and discovery. With a relentless focus on translational excellence, we aim to accelerate the pace of medical innovation and deliver transformative therapies and interventions that address unmet medical needs and improve health outcomes on a global scale.


Our mission is to advance translational research, catalyze innovation, and drive positive change in healthcare through a multidisciplinary approach that integrates basic science, clinical research, and patient care. We are dedicated to:

Pushing the Boundaries of Knowledge:

By conducting cutting-edge research and pushing the boundaries of scientific knowledge, we aim to uncover new insights and discoveries that have the potential to revolutionize healthcare.

Translating Discoveries into Solutions:

We are committed to translating scientific discoveries into tangible solutions that have real-world impact, accelerating the development and adoption of innovative therapies, diagnostics, and medical technologies.

Improving Patient Outcomes:

At the heart of our mission is a commitment to improving patient outcomes and advancing public health. Through our research and clinical initiatives, we seek to develop novel interventions and treatment strategies that address the root causes of disease and enhance the quality of care for patients worldwide with better efficacy and affordability.

Fostering Collaboration and Innovation:

Collaboration is fundamental to our approach. We actively seek partnerships with academia, industry, government agencies, and patient advocacy groups to foster innovation, share expertise, and accelerate the translation of research into clinical practice.

Thematic Areas of Research Focus

The Amrita Research Center plans to focus on the thematic areas of Precision/Personalized Medicine, Biotherapeutics and diagnostics, which includes immunotherapies, cell therapy, antibody therapy, gene therapies as well as regenerative medicine using innovative scaffolds and adjuvants.


Dr. Shantikumar Nair

Dean and Head of research for FBD Campus

Dr. Amit Dinda

Research Director


Dr. Bhargab Kalita

Assistant Professor

Dr. Aparup Patra

Assistant Professor

Dr. Ashish Kumar Vyas

Assistant Professor,
Former DST Inspire Faculty


The Center offers PhD and MSc degree programs in Translational Medicine. Both Programs are currently accepting applications. The MSc program starts August 2024. Scholarships are available based on merit. Apply with CV and transcripts to:,

Together, we are driving forward a new era of translational medicine, where scientific discovery meets clinical application to transform lives and shape the future of healthcare.

About the MSc program in Translational Medicine:

The PG program in Translational Medical Research is designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills to bridge the gap between basic scientific research and the development of medical applications. The curriculum typically includes a combination of core courses, elective courses, and hands-on research experiences. The following is a list of courses in this program:

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