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Topics of Discussion
  • Water and Wastewater treatment using nanomaterials and biochar
  • Research Opportunities at Amrita

Over the past few decades, due to rapid industrialization, substantial amounts of toxic substances have been introduced into water bodies and terrestrial environments. Despite the numerous technologies for pollution remediation, low-cost, closed-loop technologies and a technology that produces less or no waste are seeking more attention. Currently, tremendous progress has been made in the development of advanced materials for the treatment of toxic pollutants. Advanced materials are tailored such that they have desirable properties such as strong adsorption, enhanced redox, improved surface area, enriched functional groups, and photocatalytic properties to treat the surface, ground, and industrial wastewater for the removal of inorganic components. This presentation includes some of the insights that our team has gained through our scientific investigations and field experience on the use of advanced materials for water treatment.

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Webinar on Advanced Materials for the Removal of Inorganic Contaminants from Wastewater
Dr. Nithya K.

Assistant Professor
Department of Chemical Engineering and Material Sciences,
Amrita School Engineering,
Coimbatore Campus.

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