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Development of fast, rapid and cost-effective method for the determination of biologically important molecules has been attracted considerable attention in many areas such as clinical, diagnostic, biochemical, environmental and food industries. Nowadays, the main problem faced by human health is food safety and environmental issues. Therefore, various analytical methods have been considered to detect water pollutants, food additives or colorants, and biomolecules as a preparatory step to control them. This presentation highlights biopolymers as promising electrochemical probes studied for detecting these molecules. Due to greater electrocatalytic activity of biopolymer modified working electrodes, oxidation or reduction signals of analyte molecules can be enhanced considerably compared to conventional modifying methods. After optimizing experimental parameters, practical applicability of fabricated sensor will be assessed by determining concentration of these molecules in different samples. The ultimate aim is to develop portable device for the analysis of very small volume of biomolecules, food additives and organic water pollutants from real samples.


Topics of Discussion

  • Biopolymer Based Electrochemical Sensors for the determination of Biomolecules, Food Additives and Organic Water Pollutants.
  • Research opportunities at Amrita.

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Webinar on Analytical Chemistry
Dr. Rejithamol R.

Assistant Professor (Sr. Gr.) ,
Department of Chemistry,
School of Arts and Sciences,
Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Amritapuri.

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