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“Intergenerational transmission of entrepreneurship and gender

Micro, small, and medium enterprises account for nearly 30% of India’s GDP [2019-20/20-21], which suggests that this sector is important for the Indian economy’s growth. It is also well known that in India, most SMSE’s are family-owned firms in which the enterprise is passed down from one generation to the next. The entrepreneurship literature has only recently begun to understand the role of religion in entrepreneurship and the succession intentions of owners of MSME’s. However, there are a number of areas that can be researched. For example, given that the predominant gender norms and cultural norms within Indian society enable men to take on the role of the successor of family-owned firms, what is still unknown is the implications for the enterprise when the successor is a woman. Further, successors of MSME family firms, have higher educational levels when compared with the founder/owner, and thus, they might emphasize that their MSME focus on using sustainable practices in their business. Thus, this PhD seeks to understand the role of gender in the intergenerational transmission of entrepreneurship, its impact on the adoption of innovative or sustainable practices of MSMEs.”

Department & Campus

Amrita School of Business, Coimbatore

Skillsets preferred from applicants

Professionalism; willingness to work collaboratively; qualitative research methods; mixed methods; reflexivity


Dr. Hemalatha Venkataraman
Dr. Hemalatha Venkataraman
Assistant Professor

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