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AYKYA – Amrita Bengaluru’s Multi-Fest

AYKYA – Amrita Bengaluru’s Multi-Fest
2020-11-06 @ 9:00 AM – 2020-11-09 @ 4:00 PM

Amrita Bengaluru’s multi-fest, is the perfect blend of technical, managerial, and cultural events. It is a joint effort by all students at the Bengaluru campus – MBA, M.Tech, and B.Tech, creating a fusion of engaging competitions and activities. The objective of AYKYA’20 is to contribute and serve as a concrete platform to connect different kinds of people and build unity among all, giving every individual an opportunity to express themselves and work with each other for innovative enterprises and talents.

The unforeseen circumstances of the global pandemic did not hinder the growth of the AYKYA community and rather, made way for new creative perspectives and ideas. While the country is locked indoors, we aim to spread joy, joining hands together, through our screens, to triumph over these tough times. Social Media has been a great medium for students to interact and participate together. Over just a few months, AYKYA has held multiple events: Tech Week in May, Management Week in July, and Cultural Week in August.

Multi-fest: On November 6th, 7th and 8th, Aykya held its major fest, with each day packed with events and competitions from all fields. Under the Cultural wing – “Art gallery”, “Battle of the Bands”, and “Best foot forward”, under the Tech wing – competitions such as SLAC and “Ramanujam to Sherlock”, workshops on Blockchain renewable energy, Natural language processing, and Cloud computing, and under the Management wing – “Trade o mania”, “Scope” and “Pitch peek” are some of the many planned events that ensure that Amrita Bengaluru’s Aykya is full of life, with an enthusiastic and growing community that is here to stay.

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