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M. Sc. in Environmental Sciences with a minor in Remote Sensing & Geographical Information Systems (RS & GIS), is a Post Graduate program offered by the Department of Chemistry Amritapuri Campus.

    Attention Please!

    Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham has not appointed any Agent or Third-Party Client for securing admission in any programme. Students are hereby requested to contact only the toll-free number on our website for any admission related queries.

    – Issued In Public Interest By Directorate Of Admissions And Academic Outreach

    Terms and Conditions for Award and Renewal of Scholarship Fees

    Scholarship Fees, i.e. Slabs 1 to 3 is allotted for the Academic Year 2023-2024 ONLY. Renewal of Scholarship Fees for subsequent years is subject to meeting the following conditions:

    1. Consistent Academic performance by securing a Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 
      1. 8.0 and above in the case of Scholarship Slab 1 at the end of each academic year
      2. 7.5 and above in the case of Scholarship Slab 2 at the end of each academic year
      3. 7.0 and above in the case of Scholarship Slab 3 at the end of each academic year
    2. No disciplinary action during the period of study in the University.
    3. Clearing each semester without any arrear

    Failing to meet the aforesaid conditions 1,2 and 3, the candidate will be required to pay higher fees in the subsequent years. 




    Bachelor’s degree in any of the following subjects: Chemistry, Physics, Botany, Zoology, Life Science, Environmental Science, Environmental Management, Food Science, Geography, Geology, Microbiology, Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Plant or Animal Science, Agriculture, Fisheries, Aquaculture, Forestry, Horticulture, BTech in Civil, Mechanical, Chemical, Environmental or equivalent examination with not less than 55 % marks in part III.

    Important note: It is mandatory to meet the required eligibility criteria to complete the admission process. Admission process and seat confirmation will complete only after submission of educational documents and full fee payment including caution deposit.


    Based on UG Marks, Entrance Test or Interview


    2 years (4 semesters)

    Admission Procedure (Amritapuri)

    How to Apply

    Registration for admission 2023 is fully online. Candidates are required to have their recent photograph, online payment credentials, etc. to be ready to complete the online application process.

    Application fee of Rs. 750/-

    The NRI applicants please email to  and not be applied through the website.

    Proceed to Apply Online

    Management Quota option in Amrita Online Application Portal (AOAP)

    ‘Candidates can also submit the option in Step 2 of the application process, in case if they wish to be considered under management quota.

    Program Overview

    Need & Objective of the Programme

    The proposed course, MSc in Environmental Science with a minor in Remote Sensing & Geographical Information System (RS& GIS), is a ground-breaking one in the realm of similar courses offered in Indian academics, with the combination of Environmental Science with cutting edge technology of RS & GIS. The course has been planned to impart up-to-date knowledge in various fields related to Environmental Sciences together with RS & GIS. It also helps the students to find solutions to natural resource management and finally helps in finding scientific and sustainable solutions to the problems related to the environment. The present course is intended to meet the national and international requirements of environmental management, monitoring natural resource management, environmental legislation, air/water/soil pollution management, environmental impact assessment, hazards, and risk management, energy resource conservation, biodiversity conservation, waste management, social issues of the environment, environmental protection, and policies for sustainable development of the society.

    Potential for the Out-going Students

    The diverse topics included in the course will help the students to gain significant knowledge and skills in various fields of both, environmental sciences and applications of geoinformatics in environment management. The aim of the course is to foster a high-class future generation of environmentalists who would grow into environmental managers, academicians, researchers, scientists, teachers, policymakers, and industrialists. Laboratory courses have been designed to provide a thorough and hands-on experience in working with various sophisticated instruments. The final semester of the course is unreservedly dedicated to dissertation/thesis work enabling the students to gain experience in solving a real-life problem under the supervision of eminent guides/researchers in premier Institutes in the field both in India and abroad, involved in pursuing research and development projects. The curriculum is designed to ensure depth in the area of specialization together with the breadth of exposure and intellectual enrichment and to prepare the students for high-level professional research and development careers in national laboratories, Universities, Ministries, colleges, research organizations, MNCs, administration, NGOs, and industry both in Environmental Science and RS & GIS.


    Sl. No Course Code Course Name L-T-P Credits
    1 22ENV501 Introduction to Ecology and Environmental Sciences 3-0-0 3
    2 22ENV502 Environmental Chemistry 4-0-0 4
    3 22ENV503 Natural Resource Conservation and Management 4-0-0 4
    4 21CUL501 Cultural Education 2-0-0 P/F
    5 22ENV504 Biodiversity Conservation Management 3-0-0 3
    6 22ENV505 Environmental Geology 3-0-0 3
    7 21SSK501 Life skills 0-0-3 P/F
    8 22ENV506 Solid Waste Management 4-0-0 4
    9 22ENV581 Lab I: Ecological Studies and Biodiversity Estimation 0-0-2 1
    Total Credits 22
    Sl. No Course Code Course Name L-T-P Credits
    1 22ENV511 Environmental Microbiology 2-0-0 2
    2 22ENV512 Environmental Biotechnology 2-0-0 2
    3 22ENV513 Introduction to Remote Sensing & Geographical Information Systems 4-0-0 4
    4 22ENV514 Environmental Analytical Techniques and Instrumentation 4-0-0 4
    5 22ENV515 Disaster Prediction and Management 3-0-0 3
    22ENV516 Environmental Pollution Control 4-0-0 4
    6 21AVP501 Amrita Values Program 1-0-0 1
    7 Open Elective 2-0-0 2
    8 22ENV582 Lab-II: Environmental Microbiology 0-0-2 1
    9 22ENV583 Lab III: Environmental Pollution Analysis 0-0-3 1
    10 22AVP103 Mastery Over Mind 1-0-2 2
    Total Credits 26
    Sl. No Course Code Course Name L-T-P Credits
    1 22ENV601 Environmental Impact Assessment & Management Systems 3-0-0 3
    2 22ENV602 Environmental Ethics, Laws, and Policy 3-0-0 3
    3 22ENV603 Environmental Toxicology 3-0-0 3
    4 22ENV604 Surveying 3-0-0 3
    5 22ENV605 Geospatial Applications for Environment Management 4-0-0 4
    6 Core Elective 3-0-0 3
    7 22ENV681 LAB-III: GIS Lab – I Surveying And Cartography 0-0-2 1
    8 22ENV682 LAB -IV : GIS Lab II Remote Sensing and Image Processing 0-0-3 1
    Total Credits 21
    Sl. No Course Code Course Name Credits
    1 22ENV699 Dissertation 14

    Core Electives

    Sl. No Course Code Course Name L-T-P Credits
    1 22ENV631 Green Chemistry 3-0-0 3
    2 22ENV632 Environmental Applications of Nanotechnology 3-0-0 3
    3 22ENV633 Environmental Health Perspectives 3-0-0 3
    4 22ENV634 Ecotourism 3-0-0 3
    5 22ENV635 Sustainable Management Systems 3-0-0 3
    6 22ENV636 Green Product Design 3-0-0 3
    7 22ENV637 Renewable Energy Resources 3-0-0 3
    8 22ENV638 Industrial Safety and Hazard Analysis 3-0-0 3
    9 22ENV639 Advanced Statistical Methods 3-0-0 3
    Course Code Course Title L-T-P Cr. ES
    21OEL631 Advanced Statistical Analysis for Research 2 0 0 2 D/E
    21OEL632 Basics of PC Software 2 0 0 2 D/E
    21OEL633 Computer Hardware and Networking 1 0 1 2 D/E
    21OEL634 Consumer Protection Act 2 0 0 2 D/E
    21OEL635 Corporate Communication 2 0 0 2 D/E
    21OEL636 Design Studies 2 0 0 2 D/E
    21OEL637 Disaster Management 2 0 0 2 D/E
    21OEL638 Essentials of Cultural Studies 2 0 0 2 D/E
    21OEL639 Foundations of Mathematics 2 0 0 2 D/E
    21OEL640 Foundations of Quantum Mechanics 2 0 0 2 D/E
    21OEL641 Glimpses of Life through Literature 2 0 0 2 D/E
    21OEL642 Information Technology in Banking 2 0 0 2 D/E
    21OEL643 Knowledge Management 2 0 0 2 D/E
    21OEL644 Marketing Research 2 0 0 2 D/E
    21OEL645 Media for Social Change 2 0 0 2 D/E
    21OEL646 Media Management 2 0 0 2 D/E
    21OEL647 Object-Oriented Programming 2 0 0 2 D/E
    21OEL648 Painting and Sculpture 1 0 1 2 D/E
    21OEL649 Personal Finance 2 0 0 2 D/E
    21OEL650 Principles of Advertising 2 0 0 2 D/E
    21OEL651 Principles of Packaging 2 0 0 2 D/E
    21OEL652 Scripting for Rural Broadcasting 1 0 1 2 D/E
    21OEL653 Social Media Website Awareness 1 0 1 2 D/E
    21OEL654 Theatre Studies 1 0 1 2 D/E
    21OEL655 Writing for Technical Purposes 2 0 0 2 D/E
    21OEL656 Yoga and Personal Development 1 0 1 2 D/E
    21OEL657 Fundamentals of Legal Awareness 2 0 0 2 D/E

    Fee Structure (Semester Wise)


    • Subject to Change *
    Scholarship Fees
    (Semester wise)
    Caution Deposit
    45000 5000
    Hostel Fee / Mess Fee 2024
    Hostel Fees Annual 25,600/-
    Mess Fees Annual 45,000/-
    Caution Deposit One Time INR 5,000/-

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