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Program Overview

Prepare for an M.A. in Journalism and Mass Communication

M.A. (Journalism and Mass Communication) program offered by School of Arts & Sciences, Kochi.

Specialising in Video Production & Broadcasting

Prepare for an M.A. in Journalism and Mass Communication

Students enrolled in the MA Journalism & Mass Communication programme receive instruction in both technical abilities and critical media analysis. The postgraduate programme lasts for two years. In order to inform the public, the course covers the study of mass media, including newspapers, magazines, movies, radio, television, etc.

Students benefit from advanced theoretical and practical expertise in a variety of media careers, including journalism, advertising, event management, public relations, and others, thanks to this course. In the past ten years, the mass communication sector has experienced a tremendous expansion, with an increase in the number of media outlets and news channels. By leveraging the most up-to-date technology platforms, such as blogs, websites, and television, mass communication genuinely involves spreading knowledge that is not already known to everyone on the planet.

The program makes the student capable of:

  • Assimilating novel Ideas and innovations and transform it into different journalistic forms
  • Critically drawing connections and analysing media messages by contrasting and organizing viewpoints
  • Developing a critical and scholarly thinking in national and international politics, economy, ethics, culture, religion, and social institutions.
  • Applying ethical communication, principles and practices in academic, journalistic, personal, vocational and civic situations.
  • Transforming abstract/textual concepts into concrete news reports in any media form
  • News gathering, advertising and public relation, program production

Programme Duration: 2 years (2 Semesters)

Important Note

Commencement of Application form (kochi) : February 08th ,2023
Commencement of Application form (Mysuru) : February 08th ,2023


Semester I
Course Title
Media, Culture and Society
Print Journalism and Writing
Communication and Media Theories
Writing for Print Media practice
Audiography Lab
Photography Practice
Videography Practice
Graphic Design Lab
Cultural Education
Semester II
Course Title
Research Methodology for Communication and Media Studies
Film Studies
Media Laws, Ethics and Policies
Broadcasting for Radio and Television
Info graphics and Layout Designing Lab
Programme Casting, Anchoring and Presentation Skills
Television News Production
Digital Video Production Lab
Lab Journal 1
Amrita Values Programme
Semester III
Course Title
Media Analysis Techniques
Corporate Communication and Public Relations
Public Relations Campaign Practical
Introduction to Data Journalism and Visualization
Web Designing and Content Management Lab
Online and Social Media Tools for Journalists
Lab Journal 2
Mini Project in Media and Communication
Live-in-Lab.@ / Open Elective*
Life skills
Semester IV
Course Title
Comprehensive and Technical Viva-voce
Project in Media and Communication
Elective (any one)
Course Title
Crisis Reporting
Big Data Journalism
Health and Environmental Communication
Global Communication
Approaches in Gender and Media Studies
Science Journalism
Advertising theories and practices
Business Journalism
Sports Journalism
Psychology and Media
Communication for Development



Graduation in any discipline with 50% marks.


Two Years – Four Semesters

Fee Structure

Fee Structure (Semester Wise)
  • Regular Fees: Rs. 57,300
  • Caution Deposit: Rs. 3000
Scholarship Fees
  • Slab 1 – Rs. 28,650
  • Slab 2 – Rs. 34,380
 Fees for the year 2022-2023
Fee Type Slab Seats(%) Fees(Year Wise)
Scholarship Fees 1 5% ₹ 42,500
Scholarship Fees 2 6% ₹ 63,750
Regular Fees 3 89% ₹85,000
College Caution Deposit  –  ₹ 3000


  • % of Seats based on Total admissions per course
  • Scholarship for 1st year students will be awarded based on the academic performance in both semesters (Odd and Even).
  •  For example – First year student will get scholarship benefit in second year.
  •   Scholarship will be renewed on request in subsequent years on consistent academic performance by securing a Semester Grade Point Average (SGPA) of
    •  9.5 and above for 5% Students (% of Seats based on total admissions per course)
    •  9.0 and above for 6% Students (% of Seats based on total admissions per course) in each semester without any arrear at any point of time.

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