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B.E. / B. Tech. ( Mechanical, Automobile, Chemical, Aerospace, Aeronautical)


Two years

Fee Structure


  • The tuition fee of 53,000 per semester applies to the option where you take your time to complete the
    program over six semesters. This option is designed for working professionals.
  • Working Professionals will not be eligible for any scholarship.
Fee for Working Professionals
Head Fee Term
Tuition Fees 53000/- Per Semester
Caution Deposit (Refundable) 5000/- One Time
Total 58000/-


First Semester
CourseCode Type Course L T P Credits
23MA607 FC Advanced Engineering Mathematics 3 0 3 4
23TF601 FC Advanced Fluid Dynamics 2 1 0 3
23TF602 FC Advanced Heat Transfer 2 1 0 3
23TF603 FC Advanced Engineering Thermodynamics 2 1 0 3
23TF604 SC Machine learning 3 0 3 4
23TF681 FC Experimental Methods 0 0 3 1
23RM707 SC Research Methodology 2 0 0 2
23AVP601 HU Amrita Value Program *   P/F
23HU601 HU Career Competency-I 0 0 3 P/F
Total 20
Second Semester
CourseCode Type Course L T P Credits
23TF611 SC Computational Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer 3 0 3 4
23TF612 SC Introduction to Deep Learning 3 0 3 4
23TF613 SC Automation and IoT 3 0 0 3
23TF690   Project Seminar & Industry familiarisation 0 0 6 2
23TF614 SC Advanced Thermal & Fluids Eng. Lab 1 0 3 2
  E Elective I 3 0 0 3
  E Elective II 3 0 0 3
23HU611 HU Career Competency-II 0 0 3 1
 Total 22       
Third Semester
CourseCode Type Course L T P Credits
23TF798 P Dissertation – Stage I   11
 Total 11
Fourth Semester
Course Code Type Course L T P Credits
23TF799 P Dissertation – Stage II 15
Total 15
Code Course L T P Credits
Fluid Stream
23TF731 Aerodynamics 3 0 0 3
23TF732 Biofluid mechanics 3 0 0 3
23TF733 Boundary Layer Theory 3 0 0 3
23TF734 Fluid Structure Interaction 3 0 0 3
23TF735 Introduction to Turbulence 3 0 0 3
Thermal Stream
23TF741 Computational methods for Micro and Nano Scale Thermal Systems 3 0 0 3
23TF742 Cryogenics 3 0 0 3
23TF743 Heat Exchange Equipment 3 0 0 3
23TF744 HVAC and Refrigeration 3 0 0 3
23TF745 IC Engine Systems, Combustion and Emissions 3 0 0 3
23TF746 Inverse Heat Transfer 3 0 0 3
23TF747 Micro and Nano Scale Thermal Engineering 3 0 0 3
23TF748 Two-phase Flow and Heat Transfer 3 0 0 3
Automation / Energy Systems
23TF751 Fuel Cell Technology and Hydrogen Energy 3 0 0 3
23TF752 Instrumentation and Process Control 3 0 0 3
23TF753 Introduction to data-driven methods 3 0 0 3
23TF754 Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence 3 0 0 3
23TF755 Nuclear Reactor Thermal-Hydraulics and Safety 3 0 0 3
23TF756 Power Plant and Thermal Systems Engineering 3 0 0 3
23TF757 Renewable Energy 3 0 0 3
23TF758 Turbo machines 3 0 0 3

Program Overview


The T&F department in Amritapuri campus has enormous national and international collaborations with industrial and academic institutions. Our students have got internships and placements in prestigious companies like Ingersoll Rand India, TCS Ltd., Cummins India Limited, Renault Nissan, NAL, Infosys, Siemens Industry Software (India) Pvt.Ltd. etc. The department actively collaborates with Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) and National Aerospace Labs (NAL) and students work in projects at these institutes of National repute for their final M.Tech thesis. Some students have also been selected for international student exchange programs (Polytechnic de Milano, Italy, University of California, and Davis etc.) where they do their final M.Tech thesis work. The companies recruiting are IBM India Ltd., Nationstar Mortgage, Hyundai, GE (Oil & Gas), Cognizant Technologies, Infosys, HCL Technologies, ZOHO Corp., Tavant Technologies PVT. Ltd.

Eligibility Criteria
  • B.Tech. (Aerospace Engineering)
  • B.Tech. (Applied Mechanics)
  • B.Tech.  or B.E.(Automobile Engineering)
  • B.Tech. (Automotive Design Engineering)
  • B.Tech.  or B.E.  (Chemical Engineering)
  • B.Tech. (Chemical Science and Technology)
  • B.Tech. or B.E.  (Civil Engineering)
  • B.Tech. (Civil Infrastructure Engineering)
  • B.Tech. (Energy Engineering)
  • B.Tech. (Energy Technology)
  • B.Tech.  or B.E. (Mechanical Engineering)
  • B.Tech. (Nanotechnology)
  • B.E. (Petroleum Engineering)
  • B.E. (Production & Industrial Engineering)
  • B.E. (Production Engineering)
  • M.Sc. in Applications of Mathematics
  • M.Sc. in Applied Mathematics
  • M.Sc. in Applied Mathematics and Computing
  • M.Sc. in Applied Statistics and Informatics
  • M.Sc. in Engineering Physics
  • M.Sc. in Nano Sciences & Technology
  • M.Sc. in Production Engineering
Industry Partners
  • Indian Space Research Organisation (VSSC, SHAR)
  • National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL)
  • Gas Turbine Research Establishment (GTRE)
  • Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO, DRDL)
  • Thermax Ltd


Company Candidate Company Candidate
Nissan India Pvt. Ltd Jeevan Sai Royal Enfield Chennai R. P. Govindu
Siemens Sabarinath M/s Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning India Limited Mr. Vishnu Chander
M/s Cummins India Ltd Ms. Reshmi Ingersoll Rand Sajesh P.
Ingersoll Rand Arun Raj


Arjun C. K., NAL, Bangalore Ezhuthasan Atish Grirish ,VSSC, ISRO
Aiswarya S., SDSC, SHAR, ISRO Akula Jeevan Sai, Nissan India Pvt. Ltd.
Sajesh P., Ingersoll Rand Shruthi S., Cummins India Ltd
Akhil S. Nair- Volvo group, Banglore R. P. Govindu, Caterpillar
Dinto Antony Alex– GTRE, B’lore Sujith R. Stephen- Robert Bosch, Coimbatore
Student Achievements

Best Paper Award for Mr Rahul Visvam in FMFP (Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Power) – 2017 held at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Amritapuri Campus during December 14-16, 2017.

MTech Program Fee 2022 (Per Semester)

Facilities & Infrastructure

  • Subsonic Research Wind Tunnel
  • Flow visualization facility
  • Vortexing Apparatus

Advanced Thermal & Fluids Engg Laboratory


Excellent hi-end computing facility.

Research Students

M. Tech. in Thermal & Fluids Engineering(Augmented with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning)  * Only for Working Professionals
Thamilmani M

Research Scholar, copt, IIT madras

M. Tech. in Thermal & Fluids Engineering(Augmented with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning)  * Only for Working Professionals
Tamal Jana

Research Scholar, Department of Aerospace Engineering, IIT Kharagpur

M. Tech. in Thermal & Fluids Engineering(Augmented with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning)  * Only for Working Professionals

Internship at Hanyang University, South Korea

M. Tech. in Thermal & Fluids Engineering(Augmented with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning)  * Only for Working Professionals
Naga Nitish Ch

Research Assistant at Kevin T. Crofton Department of Aerospace and Ocean Engineering at Virginia Tech

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best private universities in India offering M.Tech in Thermal and Fluids Engineering?

Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham is one of the top private universities in India offering a 2-year M.Tech in Thermal and Fluids Engineering at its Amritapuri campus.

This multi-campus, prestigious academic institution offers multi-disciplinary, research-intensive courses across Engineering, Management, and Medical Sciences, including Ayurveda, Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Agriculture Sciences, Arts & Humanities, and Social & Behavioural Sciences.

Amrita has emerged as the seventh-best university in the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) Rankings 2023 and is accredited with the highest possible ‘A++’ grade by NAAC.

With more than 250 UG, PG, and Ph.D. courses, Amrita campuses imbibe value-based education to a vibrant student population of over 24,000, helmed by 1700+ strong faculty.

One of the top institutions for higher learning, Amrita has established 180+ collaborations with the top 500 world-ranked universities and is the first choice for corporate conglomerates in India and abroad for campus recruitment.

What is Thermal and Fluids Engineering? 

Thermal and Fluids Engineering is a specialized field of engineering that studies fluid mechanics, heat transfer, and thermodynamics. It focuses on the analysis, design, and optimization of systems and processes involving the transfer of heat and the flow of fluids. Applications of thermal and fluids engineering include heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC), refrigeration, combustion, energy conversion, and thermal management in various industries.


What are the career prospects for M.Tech graduates specializing in Thermal and Fluids Engineering? 

M.Tech graduates specializing in Thermal and Fluids Engineering have diverse career opportunities in automotive, aerospace, energy, HVAC, power generation, manufacturing, and research and development. They can work as thermal engineers, fluid dynamics analysts, heat transfer specialists, HVAC engineers, combustion engineers, and research scientists. The demand for skilled professionals in this field is significant due to the need for efficient energy utilization, environmental sustainability, and technological advancements.

What are some critical areas of research in Thermal and Fluids Engineering? 

Some key areas of research in Thermal and Fluids Engineering include:

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulates and analyzes fluid flow and heat transfer phenomena.
  • Multiphase flow and heat transfer in boiling, condensation, evaporation, and spray cooling applications.
  • Turbulence modelling and simulation techniques for predicting turbulent flows in industrial processes and engineering systems.
  • Heat exchanger design and optimization for efficient heat transfer in thermal systems.
  • Renewable energy systems include solar thermal, geothermal, and biomass energy conversion.
  • Microfluidics and nano-fluidics are used to manipulate fluids at the micro and nanoscale in biomedical and electronics applications.
What are the challenges and opportunities in Thermal and Fluids Engineering? 

Some challenges and opportunities in Thermal and Fluids Engineering include:

  • Increasing energy efficiency and reducing environmental impact in thermal systems and processes.
  • Developing advanced cooling technologies for high-power electronics, data centers, and electric vehicles.
  • Optimizing heat transfer and fluid flow in microscale devices for biomedical and microelectronics applications.
  • Enhancing thermal management techniques for energy storage systems, such as batteries and phase change materials.
  • Addressing heat transfer and flow control challenges in aerospace propulsion and thermal protection systems.
  • Exploring new materials and manufacturing techniques for heat exchangers, heat pipes, and thermal interface materials.


What resources or courses are recommended to prepare for an M.Tech program in Thermal and Fluids Engineering? 

Some recommended resources and courses to prepare for an M.Tech program in Thermal and Fluids Engineering include: 

Practical Experience: Engaging in internships, research projects, and laboratory experiments related to fluid mechanics, heat transfer, and thermal systems at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham provides valuable practical experience and enhances learning. 

Books: “Introduction to Thermal Systems Engineering” by Michael J. Moran, Howard N. Shapiro, Bruce R. Munson, and David P. DeWitt, “Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics” by Bruce R. Munson, Donald F. Young, and Theodore H. Okiishi, and “Heat Transfer” by Yunus A. Çengel and Afshin J. Ghajar. 

Why Amrita

The top reasons to choose Amrita for your career


World University Rankings 2020


BRICS Rankings 2020


World University Rankings 2020


BRICS University Rankings 2020


India University Rankings 2023


Overall Rankings 2023
7th Best
University in India
Amrita Ranked No.1 in India Top 100 in The World
‘A++’ Grade


M. Tech., Thermal and Fluids Engineering (2017 – 2019)

“Being a part of AMRITIAN is best part of my life. Dual degree program in the US made me a great exposure to the knowledge, culture, diversity, educational training and increased my potential. There are lots of opportunities to explore and exposure through Amrita.”

M. Thamilmani
M. Tech., Thermal and Fluids Engineering (2016 – 2018)

“I would like to describe the experience at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham is unique and enriching with a diverse group of people all across India and abroad, speaking different languages working together. I am glad to have learnt under esteemed professors at the Department of Thermal and Fluids Engineering whose lectures and the curriculum motivates all of us towards a research-based learning. The opportunities both in Industrial and Academic research areas available to the students helped us build our bright career path and lead us to a better future.”

Tamal Jana
M.Tech, Thermal and Fluids Engineering (2016 – 2018)

“I am Tamal Jana , a student of Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham trying to express my feelings about Amrita. There are so many things to explain but I have written very little. Here it is – “Amrita means a lot to me because it has made a significant change in my life through the teachers and also by instilling confidence in me. The Professors help us in understanding the fundamentals of Thermal and Fluid Sciences and also guide us in work with Industrial and Academic research tools. Besides, the Department gives us enough exposure for the students to get internships at top industries like Renault Nissan, Cummins, Ingersoll Rand, etc. and also Academic Project interns at ISRO, NAL, IIT-Bombay. The last thing which I want to tell is that, Whatever I am now is because I got the opportunity to study in Amrita.”

Our Recruiters

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Sabarinath M S

Associate Engg. Service Engg, Siemens Industry Software (India)Pvt.Ltd, Bangalore

Jeevan Sai

R&D Engineer, Renault Nissan. with 6LPA

Surya T

Cummins, Pune

Sajesh P

Post Graduate Engineer, Ingersoll Rand India Salary:6LPA

Shruthi Sivadas

Thermal & Fluids Engg., Cummins India Limited, Pune. Got placed with salary 6LPA.

Swathy Suresh

SCANIA, Sweden

Ravindra Govindu

Assistant Manager Royal Enfield Motors Sholinganallur Chennai.

Arun Raj T

Post Graduate Engineer, Ingersoll Rand India Salary:6LPA

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Dr. Ajith Kumar . S
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Amrita School of Engineering, Amritapuri
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