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B. Sc. Molecular Medicine is a program offered by the Amrita Center for Nanosciences and Molecular Medicine, Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Kochi.


B.Sc. Hons. (with Research) in Molecular Medicine is designed to provide a comprehensive and thorough understanding about the basic principles that constitute the research and development that make up the modern medicine.  This would include both theoretical and practical training using state-of-the-art technology that is involved in molecular basis of homeostasis and diseases. One of the unique strengths of this course is its interdisciplinary approach whereby different areas of medical sciences were harnessed towards realization into development of therapeutics and diagnostics. The honors program provides a unique opportunity for the young inquisitive minds to ponder over the different aspects of medical sciences they learned in theory by performing hands on research.  This is performed at our state-of the-art facility by experienced internationally trained faculty to equip them to address different aspects of medical sciences. ASNSMM was the first academic institution to offer an undergraduate program (B.Sc. Honors) in Molecular Medicine in India.


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The unique aspect of the Honors program is that the students get the opportunity to gain substantial research experience in their fourth honors year.  In addition, they will take some cutting-edge specialized courses in the honors year.  Secondly, the students are given the opportunity to design their own program with a significant number of elective courses that allow them to tailor the program as per their interest while taking some mandatory core courses which are essential to their basic understanding and specialization.

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A student graduating from the 4-year BSc honors program will qualify to be admitted to the 5-year PhD program in Molecular Medicine with all exit options kept open. The 5-year Ph.D will train the student in all the state-of-the-art technologies and research methodologies in the field as well as the opportunity to interact with clinical and industrial partners and international groups. Scholarships will be available for the Ph.D program for students above 8.5 CGPA, as part of this program.  A trending academic discipline with huge scope in both industries and academia, this stream has the potential to change the world and offer a plethora of career opportunities.

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Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham has not appointed any Agent or Third-Party Client for securing admission in any programme. Students are hereby requested to contact only the toll-free number on our website for any admission related queries.

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Important Note

Commencement of Application Form: February 10, 2024


Course Categorization
Disciplinary/Interdisciplinary major: (DIMa)
Disciplinary/Interdisciplinary minor: (DIMi)
Skill enhancement course: SEC
Ability enhancement course: AEC
Multi-disciplinary course: MDC
Value Added Course: VAC
Summer Internship: SI
Research Project/Dissertation: RP/D
Semester I
Course Code Course Category Course Credit
23ENG103 AEC English 1 3
23CHY106 DIMi Chemistry 1 3
23MMD101 DIMa Biochemistry 3
23MMD102 MDC Cell biology 3
23CSA104 SEC Computational Skills 2
23MMD182 MDC Cell biology lab 2
23MMD181 DIMa Biochemistry lab 2
23CHY186 DIMi Chemistry lab 1 2
22ADM101 VAC Cultural Education 2
Semester II
Course Code Course Category Course Credit
23ENG113 AEC English II 3
23CHY114 DIMi Chemistry 2 3
23MMD111 DIMi Bio Physics and Bio Energetics 3
23MMD112 DIMi Bioinformatics 3
23MMD183 DIMi Bio Physics and Bio Energetics lab 2
23CHY187 DIMi Chemistry lab 2 2
23MMD113 DIMi Biostatistics 2
22AVP103 VAC Mastery over Mind (MAOM) 2
22ADM111 VAC Cultural Education 2
Students can exit with Certificate in Molecular Medicine (44 credits)
Semester III
Course Code Course Category Course Credit
23MMD201 DIMa Developmental biology 3
23MMD202 DIMa Microbiology 3
23MMD203 DIMa Molecular biology 3
23MMD204 DIMa Biochemistry of Energy Metabolism 3
23MMD205 VAC Ethics and Research Methodology 2
21SSK201 SEC Life skills 2
23MMD281 DIMa Molecular biology lab 2
23MMD282 DIMa Microbiology lab 2
    Amrita Value Program I* 1
    TOTAL   21
Semester IV
Course Code Course Category Course Credit
23MMD211 DIMa Immunology 3
23MMD212 MDC Genetics 3
23MMD213 DIMa Cancer Biology  3
21SSK211 SEC Life skills 2
23MMD214 DIMi Computer programming 3
23IPR211 VAC Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) 2
23MMD283 DIMa Cell culture lab 2
23MMD284 DIMa Immunology lab 2
    Amrita Value Program II* 1
    TOTAL 21
Students can exit with Diploma in Molecular Medicine (86 credits)
Semester V
Course Code Course Category Course Credit
23MMD301 DIMa Molecular methods 3
23MMD302 DIMa Biotechniques 2
23MMD303 DIMa Introductory Medical Physiology 3
23MMD381 DIMa Molecular methods lab 2
23MMD382 DIMa Biotechniques lab 2
23MMD304 DIMi Fundamentals of Tissue Engineering 3
21SSK301 SEC Life skills 2
Electives (Any one Each course carries 3 credits)
DIMa 23MMD331 Regenerative Medicine 3
23MMD332 DIMa Principles of Pathology 3
    TOTAL 20
Semester VI
Course Code Course Category Course Credit
23MMD311 DIMa Fundamentals of Pharmacology 2
23MMD312 DIMa Proteome and Proteomics 3
23MMD313 DIMa Antimicrobial agents 3
23MMD391 SI Summer Internship 3
23MMD314 DIMi Nanosciences in Biology 3
Electives (Any two Each course carries 3 Credits)
23MMD341 DIMa Stem cell Biology 3
23MMD342 DIMa Microbial diseases and vaccine technology 3
23MMD343 DIMa Drug Delivery 3
    TOTAL 20
Students can exit with Bachelor’s Degree in Molecular Medicine (126 credits)
Semester VII
Course Code Course Category Course Credit
23MMD401 DIMa Gene Editing Technology 3
23MMD402 DIMa Post-translational modifications and its significance in Medicine 3
23MMD403 VAC Biosafety 1
23MMD404 DIMa Protein structure and function 3
23MMD498 RP/D Dissertation project 1 4
Electives (Any two each course carries 3 credits)
23MMD431 DIMa Cell Therapy 3
23MMD432 DIMa Immunotherapy 3
23MMD433 DIMa Biopolymers in Medicine 3
    TOTAL 20
Semester VIII
Course Code Course category Course Credit
23MMD411 DIMa Machine Learning in Molecular Medicine  3
23MMD412 SEC Art of scientific writing 2
23MMD499 RP/D Dissertation project 2 12
Electives (Any One. Each course carries 3 credits)
23MMD441 DIMa Microbiome 3
23MMD442 DIMa Personalized Medicine 3
    TOTAL 20
Students exit with Degree in Molecular Medicine with Honors (166 credits)
Amrita Value Programmes I & II
Course Code Title L-T-P Credits
22ADM201 Strategic Lessons from Mahabharatha 1-0-0 1
22ADM211 Leadership from Ramayana 1-0-0 1
22AVP210 Kerala Mural Art and Painting 1-0-0 1
22AVP218 Yoga Therapy and Lessons 1-0-0 1
22AVP212 Introduction to Traditional Indian Systems of Medicine 1-0-0 1
22AVP201 Amma’s Life and Message to the modern world 1-0-0 1
22AVP204 Lessons from the Upanishads 1-0-0 1
22AVP205 Message of the Bhagavad Gita 1-0-0 1
22AVP206 Life and Message of Swami Vivekananda 1-0-0 1
22AVP207 Life and Teachings of Spiritual Masters of India 1-0-0 1
22AVP208 Insights into Indian Arts and Literature 1-0-0 1
22AVP213 Traditional Fine Arts of India 1-0-0 1
22AVP214 Principles of Worship in India 1-0-0 1
22AVP215 Temple Mural Arts in Kerala 1-0-0 1
22AVP218 Insights into Indian Classical Music 1-0-0 1
22AVP219 Insights into Traditional Indian Painting 1-0-0 1
22AVP220 Insights into Indian Classical Dance 1-0-0 1
22AVP221 Indian Martial Arts and Self Defense 1-0-0 1
22AVP209 Yoga and Meditation 1-0-0 1



10+2 with at least 60% marks in Physics + Chemistry + Biology


Fees Structure

*Fees mentioned beside are current. The University reserves the right to alter fees at any time without notice.

B.Sc 2023 Batch
Jun-24 ₹ 78,550 ₹ 10,000
Dec-24 ₹ 78,550
Jun-25 ₹ 78,550
Dec-25 ₹ 78,550
Jun-26 ₹ 78,550
Dec-26 ₹ 78,550
Room Rent + Establishment Charges Annual ₹25,000
Mess Charges Annual ₹43,000

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