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Program Overview


Learning how stress can be reduced? Come, try out a course that explains sustainable stress reduction through meditation.

The main aim of MAstery Over Mind online meditation course is to understand and empower one’s potential and facilitate stress reduction intrinsically. The course will helps showcase methods to overcome the stress that accumulate in our day-to-day life.

About the Course

As a technique that has survived ages and traditions, meditation helps to debark the over active mind into the present moment which serves transforming lives. The MAstery Over Mind 12-week online course equips every attendee to manage stressful emotion and anxiety facilitating inner peace and harmony while explaining the philosophy and the science of self-management and stress reduction.  

By the end of the course, the attendees will be trained to be able to manage stress that can help to maintain good health, physical and mental well-being. Meditation makes our mind relaxed not only while meditating but for the whole day. 

Course Curriculum

MAstery Over Mind 12-week online meditation course has 3 modules. After each module mentors will be having a live interaction session with the students and a quiz based on the topics covered.

Module Details

Module 1: Why to Meditate 

To know the significance of meditation and in what all ways, meditation helps to control the mind, make it stronger and more creative.

Module 2: Types of Meditation 

To obtain the basic knowledge about different types of meditation and its benefits.

Module 3: Mind and Meditation 

To understand about the relation between mind and meditation.



Bri. Deepthi (Vipina Valsan)
Bri Vandana
Amrita Darshanam
School of Spiritual and Cultural Studies

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