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The Department of Visual Media and Communication, Amrita School of Arts & Sciences, Kochi announces a new 4-year program in Communication Design (B.Des- Hons) to keep with the need of the times. This program is as per NEP 2020 and will be carried out under the Centre for Innovative Design and Media Applied Research (CIDMAR). CIDMAR is a catalyst that turns novel ideas into experimental research and therefore this new age program also facilitates the requisite research ambience under the Centre’s panoply.

Communication design majors develop excellent foundations in a wide range of subjects, including graphic design, media arts, and mass communication. A bachelor’s degree in communication design is meant to equip students with valuable creative and technical abilities, which is an invaluable combination for individuals entering the workforce.

The program is designed by a team of Academicians and Industry professionals with the aim of catering to the huge need for skilled designers across the industry. The course being the only NEP 20 compliant course in Kerala makes you completely Industry ready and opens doors for students for a career in media and even in corporate bigwig firms like TCS, McKenzie and other Fortune 500 companies. A communication designer’s job is to establish a connection between the spectator and the visuals and effectively engage the viewer before deciding on the visuals.

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Aligned with the New Education Policy, the program focuses on equipping students with a unique blend of creative and technical skills to excel in the field of communication design.

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Key Objectives

  1. Fostering Creativity
    • Encourage and promote student creativity as a fundamental component of the program.
    • Provide opportunities for students to think creatively, experiment with new concepts, and establish their individual design voice through various projects.
  2. Design Thinking and Problem Solving
    • Emphasize design thinking and problem-solving abilities.
    • Teach students how to approach design problems holistically, considering user demands, market trends, and sustainability.
    • Develop skills to critically evaluate issues and create original solutions through design.
  3. Multidisciplinary Approach
    • Expose students to various design fields, including graphic design, industrial design, fashion design, interior design, and more.
    • Facilitate the exchange of ideas between different disciplines to help students develop a comprehensive understanding of design.
  4. Industry-relevant Skills
    • Bridge the gap between academic learning and the demands of the design industry.
    • Provide practical experience through internships, industry partnerships, and real-world projects to prepare students for professional roles in design.
  5. Ethical and Sustainable Design
    • Emphasize ethical and sustainable design principles, considering environmental and social impacts.
    • Highlight the importance of responsible design, eco-friendly materials, social inclusion, and ethical considerations throughout the design process.Aligned with the New Education Policy, the program focuses on equipping students with a unique blend of creative and technical skills to excel in the field of communication design.

Attention Please!

Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham has not appointed any Agent or Third-Party Client for securing admission in any programme. Students are hereby requested to contact only the toll-free number on our website for any admission related queries.

– Issued In Public Interest By Directorate Of Admissions And Academic Outreach

Important Date

Commencement of Application Form: February 28, 2024

Important Note

AEEP Registration is Closed Now
Last Date to Apply (Kochi) :  July 15, 2023
Program Highlights

NEP 20 Compliance

The program is designed in accordance with the New Education Policy (NEP) 20, ensuring alignment with contemporary educational standards and practices.

Distinctive 4-Year Program

A comprehensive 4-year program specifically tailored to meet the demands of the modern world.

Focus on Communication Design

Specialized focus on communication design, covering a wide range of areas such as social media design, digital marketing, product design, industrial design, and corporate communications.

Multidisciplinary Approach

Exposure to various design fields, including graphic design, industrial design, fashion design, and interior design, through a multidisciplinary approach.

Expertly Crafted Program

Developed by a team of academics and industry leaders to address the increasing demand for competent designers in various industries.

Prototype Design Generation

Empowering students to transform creative concepts into tangible solutions, our program uniquely emphasizes prototype design generation, equipping graduates with the skills to prototype, iterate, and innovate effectively in the dynamic realm of communication design.

Design Lab Facility

Exclusive design lab, fostering creativity and collaboration for unparalleled innovation in the field of design.

Industry Internships

Invaluable real-world experience through industry internships, where students apply classroom knowledge to professional settings, building a bridge between academia and the dynamic demands of the design industry.

Career Opportunities

Graduates from a Bachelor of Design (B. Des) in Communication Design program may explore the following career opportunities:

  • Graphic Designer
  • UI/UX Designer
  • Game Art Designer
  • Virtual Reality Designer
  • Freelance illustrator
  • Art Designer
  • Creative director of a newspaper
  • Creative director in the specialized press
  • Creative director in publishing
  • Creative director in advertising
  • Model maker.
  • Packaging designer.
  • Freelance designer
  • Web designer
  • Flash animator.
  • Project Manager
  • Motion designer
  • Design Instructor/Educator


Semester I
Course Title Theory / Practical Credits
Language I T 2
Communicative English  T 3
Introduction to Communication Design  T 4
Elements and Principles of Design  T 4
History of Design and Human Evolution T 4
Fundamentals Image Representation for design  T 4
Digital Graphic Design Practice  P 3
Foundations of Indian Heritage  T 2
Credits (A) 26
Semester II
Course Title Theory / Practical Credits
Language II T 2
Professional Communication T 2
Environmental Science and Sustainability T 3
Innovative Design for Society T 3
Communication Theories-Visual Semiotics and Perception T 4
2D Art and Design Fundamentals P 3
Product Visualization – Photography & Videography P 3
Glimpses of Glorious India T 2
Yoga (I AM TECH) P 2
Mastery Over Mind VAC 2
Credits (B) 26
Semester III
Course Title Theory / Practical Credits
Creative Thinking Process and Methods T 4
Fundamentals of Typography & Exploratory Printing T 4
Technical Writing for Design P 4
Advanced Product Visualization – Photography & Videography P 4
Design Project – 1 (Problem Identification) P 4
Life Skills I T 2
Amrita Value Programme I T 1
Credits (C) 23
Semester IV
Course Title Theory / Practical Credits
Packaging Practical P 4
Elective -1 T 3
Elective – 2 T 3
Design Project – 2 (Problem Analysis) P 4
Product Designing and Videography Project P 4
Open Elective T 3
Life Skills II T 2
Amrita Value Programme II T 1
Credits (D) 24
Semester V
Course Title Theory / Practical Credits
Design and Brand Management T 3
IPR and Patents T 3
Advanced Digital Design Practice P 4
3D Art and Design Fundamentals P 4
Design Project – 3 (Creative Exploration and Prototyping) P 4
Elective -3 P 3
Elective -4 P 3
Open Elective T 3
Life Skills III T 2
Credits (E) 29
Semester VI
Course Title Theory / Practical Credits
Internship P 4
Design Project 4 (Final Project with Patent) P 6
Market Analysis P 3
Project Staging P 6
Credits (F) 19
Total Credits after 3 years (A+B+C+D+E+F): 147 Credits
Exit Option: Award of B.Des. in Communication Design Degree after 3 years
Semester VII (Honours)
Course Title Theory / Practical Credits
Design Thoughts and Discourse T 4
Qualitative Research Methods for Design T 3
Quantitative Research Methods for Design T 3
Credits (G) 10
Semester VIII (Honours)
Course Title Theory / Practical Credits
Research Seminar P 10
Research Project P 12
Credits (H) 22
Total Credits after 4 years (A+B+C+D+E+F+G+H): 179 Credits
Award of B.Des. (Honours) in Communication Design Degree
Discipline Specific Electives
Sl. No. Course Title Theory / Practical Credits
1 Critical Analysis of Design T 3
2 Interactive and Information Design T 3
3 Design and Entrepreneurship T 3
4 Sustainability in Innovative Design T 3
5 UI/UX design P 3
6 VR for Design Practice P 3
7 Advertisement Production practice P 3
8 Visual Production Practice P 3

How To Apply 

Registration for admission 2022 is fully online. Candidates are required to have their recent photograph, online payment credentials, etc. to be ready to complete the online application process. Application fee of Rs. 750/-

The NRI applicants please email to and not to be applied through the website.




4 Years – 8 Semesters

  • 10+2 or equivalent any stream with an aggregate minimum of 50% marks from CBSE /State Board/ICSE.
  • Fluency in English language with effective communication skills.
Selection Process

Selection will be based on merit and interview process.

Fee Structure

Fee Structure (Semester Wise)

# Scholarship available for meritorious students. Please contact Admission Office (+91 830 400 4400, +91 484 280 2000, for details.

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  • Medical Services
  • Canteen
  • General Store
  • ICTS
  • Reprographic Facility
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