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Preparing Socially Responsible Leaders with Global Impact

The two-year residential MBA program at ASB offers the knowledge, skills and perspective needed to accelerate a long-lasting career. The courses are refined and kept abreast with inputs from Board of Studies comprising of veterans from industry and academia. The courses arm the students with the most up-to-date hard and soft skills to lead the challenges of business world. For the purpose, the curriculum, pedagogy and learning processes are designed across six trimesters in two years.

The full-time MBA curriculum consists of core and elective courses. Each calendar year is divided into three regular terms and a summer term. To graduate, students are required to complete 30 core courses and 10 electives (or 11 based on their CGPA) among the 60 electives offered.

Students may choose specialization in five specialization areas: Business Analytics, Finance, HR, Marketing, and Operations Management. Interested students may choose dual-specialization.

Students can also apply for dual-degree M.Sc. International Management at Telecom Ecole De Management (TEM), France. In such cases, students should complete five trimesters at ASB and spend two semesters at TEM, with second semester comprising of an internship.

During the two-year study, the students undergo programs like summer internship, business research projects, CAPSTONE business simulation program, additional certification of IBM, SHRM, Lean Sigma and SAP.

The classroom teachings are enriched with different modes of teaching including class discussions, presentations, live projects, quizzes, test papers, surprise tests, regular assignments and class works, assignments and class works.

Attention Please!

Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham has not appointed any Agent or Third-Party Client for securing admission in any programme. Students are hereby requested to contact only the toll-free number on our website for any admission related queries.

– Issued In Public Interest By Directorate Of Admissions And Academic Outreach


Term I
Code Course Credits Category
23GM101C Business Communication 3 SDC
23FI103C Accounting for Decision Makers 3 FC
23MM101C Fundamentals of Marketing 3 FC
23HR102C Individual & Group Behaviour Dynamics in Organizations 3 FC
23GM105C Statistical Analysis 3 FC
23BA302C Management Information System 3 FC
Term II
Code Course Credits Category
23HR303C Human Resource Management 3 DC
23FI203C Financial Management 3 DC
23MM202C Marketing Practice 3 DC
23OM202C Operations Management 3 DC
23GM205C Decision Models in Management 3 FC
23BA101C Introduction to Business Analytics  3 DC
Term III
Code Course Credits Category
23FI104C Managerial Economics 3 DC
23GM509C Environmental Management & Sustainable Development 3 VaC
23GM610C Managerial Values & Business Ethics 3 VaC
23GM407C Strategic Management 3 BC
23GM515C Mastery Over Mind 2 AC(VaC)
Elective 1 3 CE
Elective 2 3 CE
Code Course Credits Category
23SP001C Summer Internship 6 Core
Term IV
Code Course Credits Category
23GM305C Legal Aspects of Business 3 BC
23GM512C Innovation & Entrepreneurship 3 BC
Elective 3 3 Elective
Elective 4 3 Elective
Elective 5 3 Elective
Elective 6 3 Elective
23GM409C Corporate Skills 3 AC (SDC)
Term V
Code Course Credits Category
Elective 7 3 Elective
Elective 8 3 Elective
Elective 9 3 Elective
Elective 10 3 Elective
23GM106C Self-Awareness & Personal Growth Pass/Fail AC(VaC)
Term VI
Code Course Credits Category
Elective 11 3 Elective
Elective 12 3 Elective
Elective 13 3 Elective
Elective 14 3 Elective
23BRP001C Business Research  Project 3 AC(SDC)


1 FC Foundation Core
2 DC Domain Core
3 SDC Skill Development Core
4 BC Business Core
5 VaC Value Added Core
6 AC Amrita Core
7 CE Core Elective
List of Elective Courses – Proposed


1. 23FI409E Reporting and Analysis for Management Decisions(RAMD) 3 Core Elective
2. 23FI509E Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management (IA& PM) 3 Core Elective
3. 23FI631E Financial Markets and Institutions (FM&I) 3 Elective
4. 23FI512E Financial Derivatives (FD) 3 Elective
5. 23FI636E Financial Modeling and Valuation (FM &V) 3 Elective
6. 23FI408E Bank Management and Financial Services(BM & FS) 3 Elective
7. 23FI518E Fintech Innovations & Transformations in Financial Services (FI &TFS) 3 Elective
8. 23FI519E International Finance (IF) 3 Elective
9. 23FI511E Financial Statement Analysis (FSA) 3 Elective
10. 23FI520E Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) 3 Elective
11. 23FI521E Appraisal and Financing of Green Projects (A &FGP) 3 Elective
12. 23FI522E Enterprise Transition (ET) 3 Elective
13. 23Fl633E Strategic Financial Management (SFM) 3 Elective
14. 23FI606E Corporate Fraud & Internal Control (CF & IF) 3 Elective


15. 23OM506E Logistics & Supply Chain Management (LSCM) 3 Core Elective
16. 23OM502E Total Quality Management (TQM) 3 Core Elective
17. 23OM618E Services Operations Management (SOM) 3 Elective
18. 23OM406E Cases in Supply Chain Management (CSCM) 3 Elective
19. 23OM509E Manufacturing Systems (MS) 3 Elective
20. 23OM403E Project Management (PM) 3 Elective
21. 23OM622E Process Flow Management (PFM) 3 Elective
22. 23OM611E Production Planning and Control (PPC) 3 Elective
23. 23OM407E Supply Chain Analytics (SCA) 3 Elective
24. 23OM408E Technology Management (TM) 3 Elective


25. 23HR411E Organizational Theory, Structure, Design, & Dynamics (OTSD&D) 3 Core Elective
26. 23HR412E Industrial Laws and Industrial Relationships (IL&IR) 3 Core Elective
27. 23HR413E Talent Acquisition & Learning and Development (TA & LD) 3 Elective
28. 23HR614E Performance Management and Compensation (PM&C) 3 Elective
29. 23HR602E HR Metric and Analytics (HRM&A) 3 Elective
30. 23GM623E Cross-Cultural Management (CCM) 3 Elective
31. 23HR512E Organizational Change and Development (OC&D) 3 Elective
32. 23HR404E Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM) 3 Elective
33. 23HR639E Employee Engagement (EE) 3 Elective
34. 23HR518E Social Psychology for Managers (SPM) 3 Elective
35. 23GM658E Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) 3 Elective
36. 23GM654E Management Beyond Profit: The Heart of Sustainable Business (MBP) 3 Elective
37. 23HR502E Leadership Skills (LS) 3 Core Elective


38. 23MM610E Marketing Research (MR) 3 Core Elective
39. 23MM403E Sales and Distribution Management (SDM) 3 Core Elective
40. 23MM642E Applied Marketing Research for Marketing Decisions (AMR) 3 Elective
41. 23MM506E Consumer Behaviour (CB) 3 Elective
42. 23MM636E Foundation of Management Consulting (FMC) 3 Elective
43. 23MM610E Business to Business Marketing (BTB) 3 Elective
44. 23MM408E Digital Marketing (DM) 3 Elective
45. 23MM510E Marketing Analytics (MA) 3 Elective
46. 23MM623E Strategic Marketing Management (SMM) 3 Elective
47. 23MM618E Strategic Brand Management (SBM) 3 Elective
48. 23MM409E Go to Marketing (GTM) 3 Elective


49. 23BA030E Data Analytics using R and Python (DAUR&P) 3 Core Elective
50. 23BA037E Spreadsheet Modeling and Optimization for Analytics (SMOA) 3 Core Elective
51. 23BA035E Business Application of Digital Technologies (BADT) 3 Elective
52. 23GM501E Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) 3 Elective
53. 23BA001E Business Analytics (BA) 3 Elective
54. 23BA615E Advanced Tools for Decision Support (ATDS) 3 Elective
55. 23BA036E Time Series Analysis and Forecasting (TSAF) 3 Elective
56. 23BA039E Data Visualization and Communication (DVC) 3 Elective
57. 23BA038E Artificial Intelligence in Business (AIB) 3 Elective
58. 23BA034E Natural Language Processing (NLP) 3 Elective


59. 23GM408E International Business (IB) 3 Elective


  • UG degree (10+2+3 Pattern), recognized by AIU (Association of Indian Universities)
  • Minimum 50% aggregate* in 10th, 12th and UG. Student in their final year can apply with the last completed semester results.
    *minimum of 50% in all semesters & aggregate in UG, for Bengaluru campus.
  • Any one of the valid test score of CAT/ XAT/ MAT/ CMAT/ GMAT/ GRE. Candidates appearing for these tests can apply with the test registration number.
  • Department of Management, Kochi and Amritapuri (Kollam) campuses accept valid KMAT scores.
  • Candidates applying for MBA-MS at Bengaluru need to have a minimum IBT-TOEFL score of 79 or IELTS score of 6.5 with individual category score of 6 or PTE score of 55 with individual category score of 50.
  • Those appearing for final year examinations of Bachelor’s degree may also apply, subject to the completion of their examinations and viva-voce.
  • It is mandatory for a final year student, who is provisionally considered eligible by ASB, Coimbatore and offered admission, to submit the mark-sheet and degree certificate of the final year bachelor’s degree examination.
  • Candidates with work experience will have an added advantage for admissions.


Fee Structure

1st Year 2nd Year Total Fees
Before/ At the time of Admission Dec 2023 Jun 2024 Dec 2024
Tuition Fee ₹1,95,000 ₹1,95,000 ₹1,95,000 ₹1,95,000 ₹7,80,000
(Paid in 4 Bi-Annual Installments)
Caution Deposit* (Paid at the Time of Admission) ₹10,000 ₹10,000
(Day Scholar)
₹2,05,000 ₹1,95,000 ₹1,95,000 ₹1,95,000 ₹7,90,000


Hostel Rent** + Establishment Charge ₹24,000 ₹24,000 ₹48,000
(Paid Annually)
Caution Deposit* (Hostel) (Paid at the Time of Admission) ₹5,000 ₹5,000
Mess** ₹39,900 ₹39,900 ₹79,800
(Paid Annually)
Sub -Total (Hostel + Mess) ₹68,900 ₹63,900 ₹1,32,800
Total (Hosteler)  ₹2,73,900 ₹1,95,000 ₹2,58,900 ₹1,95,000 ₹9,22,800
Fee Structure – Bengaluru Campus
Tuition Fee 11.2 Lakhs
Hostel & Mess 2.4 Lakhs(subject to revision)
Total 13.6 Lakhs (payable in 4 instalments)
Additional cost for visit to University at Buffalo, New York  (subject to currency exchange rates) +/- 4 Lakhs
  • Waiver on Tuition Fee for 10% of the class.
  • Up to 70% waiver in tuition fee for top scorers in Amrita MBA Entrance Test or CAT.
    1.  70% Waiver for CAT percentile above 85
    2. 50% Waiver for CAT percentile above 75 to 85
  • Renewal of Scholarship for subsequent year is subject to meeting the following conditions:
    1. Consistent Academic performance by securing a CGPA of at least 8 in the first year.
    2. A certificate of good conduct from the Chairman.
    3. Clearing each trimester without any arrear.

Experiential Learning

Summer Internships

Summer Internship opportunities are provided to the students through Placement Committee of the campus. Placement committee is run by the students themselves, owing them an opportunity to interact with the companies during their course of study. After the completion of the internships, students submit an internship report as well as present summer posters highlighting their achievements during the summers. Many a times, students get placement offers during their summers itself. The summer internship also enables the students to indulge into live projects, which they can continue even after the internships. The eight weeks of training will expose and equip students with skills to develop innovative solutions for real-life applications. They would also experience the operational and functional problems pertaining to organizations.

Global Competency

Our students undergo Capstone Business Simulation program involving decision-making on all the functional areas of a business enterprise. In this web-based simulation, the students own a business and play the roles of managers, engage in an experience that integrates all functional areas of business. The students also com¬pete in the Capsim Business Simulation Global Challenge with business students worldwide.

Facilities at a glance

  • Central Library
  • Hostel Accommodation
  • Sports Facilities
  • Banking Facilities
  • Transport
  • Medical Services
  • Canteen
  • General Store
  • ICTS
  • Reprographic Facility
Master of Business Administration

Students can learn in an environment where they are comfortable and looked after. Here are the facilities that our campus provides…

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