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Chairperson’s Message

Department of Management at Bengaluru campus offers unique Master’s programme in Management, in collaboration with one of the top public universities in the USA. The two year full-time masters twinning programme in Business Management offered jointly with University at Buffalo, State University of New York (SUNY) is the epitome of excellence in Management and Business Analytics. The program offers breadth of opportunities to students, not only in the Indian marketplace but also globally by providing deep knowledge, hands-on skills and techniques through eminent faculty from SUNY, AMRITA and Industry.

The international exposure with a visit to SUNY, Buffalo also enhances the students to global standards. It provides a propitious opportunity for students to earn two world class Master’s degrees through a single programme.

We welcome you to this exciting educational journey with innumerable opportunities to learn, explore and engage together for a rewarding life.

Established in 1995, Faculty of Management at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham has built a formidable reputation for itself and its graduates as a Business School with sound foundations; with a commitment to excellence; and a demonstrated ability to initiate, innovate, and lead, through its focus on preparing business leaders with human values and ethics.

Department of Management, Bengaluru Campus

The Department of Management at Bengaluru campus offers unique master’s programme in collaboration with one of the top public universities in USA, University at Buffalo, State University of New York (UB).

During their study term, students come into contact with peers and faculty of diverse background and are given many opportunities to practice their leadership skills outside the classroom with events such B-Fests, Culrutal programs, Live-in-Labs, Management simulation games and many more. There are a wide variety of new and innovative courses and these are supplemented by colloquia from experienced industry professionals, entrepreneurs, and our alumni. Faculty are always accessible and the students are encouraged to take up research projects and think beyond the regular curriculum. For those who wish to hone their research skills, the school encourages participation at conferences and research-activities worldwide.

MBA – MS Dual Degree Programme at Bengaluru Campus

  • It is a collaborative programme with University at Buffalo, State University of New York.
  • Upon successful completion, the graduand is conferred:
    • an MBA degree by Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham
    • and MS degree in Management Sciences: Business Analytics and Systems by State University of New York.
  • The graduand earns two separate and independent degrees through single programme.

In this world of ‘Internet of things’, Analytics has become the ‘in thing’ globally which is being applied to every field and industry. The volume and velocity of this data is so huge that it overwhelms the time starved managers. Shortage of skilled professionals in a world has led to the huge demand for Business Analysts and Data Scientists. The time has never been more right to embrace Analytics and join the MBA – MS Dual-Degree programme.

Students get a chance to witness the flavors of international education at SUNY, Buffalo by attending classes upto four weeks in the SUNY campus.

The Course is globally benchmarked against the best and the curriculum has been designed to meet contemporary standards and is continuously fine-tuned to keep abreast with the changing global business scenario.

Among the campuses, Bengaluru is the only campus that offers this unique programme.

University at Buffalo, State University of New York

University at Buffalo (UB) is a premier, research-intensive public university dedicated to academic excellence and making a positive impact on the world. A flagship institution in the State University of New York (SUNY) system, UB is the largest and most comprehensive campus in the 64-campus SUNY system.

  • Top 1% in the World: Ranked No. 269 out of 20,000 universities worldwide by the Center for World University Rankings.
  • Best of the Best: The first SUNY institution invited to join the prestigious Association of American Universities, an association of elite research universities in the U.S. and Canada
  • No. 1 Public: The top public in New York State and among top 40 in the U.S.
  • For more than 15 years, among the top 25 institutions in the United States hosting international students.
  • A City on the Rise: One of the New York Times' famous 52 Places to Go.

The UB School of Management is ranked in all the major rankings—Bloomberg Businessweek, Forbes, U.S. News & World Report—usually in the top 10% of the elite group.


  • Any Bachelor’s degree with minimum 50% marks (average and in all semesters) recognized by the Association of Indian Universities (10+2+3 years of education).
  • Valid score from CAT/ MAT/ CMAT/ GMAT/ GRE/ XAT.
  • English Proficiency Test score:
    • IBT-TOEFL: Minimum 79, or
    • IELTS: Minimum 6.5 with individual category score of 6, or
    • PTE: Minimum 55 with individual category score of 50.
  • English Proficiency Test score is not mandatory at the time of admission, but can be submitted before August 20, 2021.
  • Those appearing for final year examinations of Bachelor’s degree may also apply, subject to the completion of their examinations and viva-voce, if any, before June 30, 2021.
  • Candidates with work experience will have an added advantage for admissions.

Fee Structure

Tuition Fee : 10.6 Lakhs
Hostel & Mess Fee: 1.9 Lakhs
Total Fee : 12.5 Lakhs

To be paid in four installments

*Additional cost for visit to the University at Buffalo, New York (subjected to currency exchange rates) : +/- 3.25 Lakhs


  • 50% waiver in the Tuition Fee
  • For students 85 percentile or above in CAT, or 95 percentile or above in MAT
  • Given to Top 10% of the class
  • For continued Scholarship in Second Year: Maintain minimum CGPA of 8.5
  • Scholarship to Additional 10% of the class in Second Year: for students with CGPA 8.5+


Amrita – MBA Bangalore campus, offers a unique collaborative twinning program where students will have the opportunity to earn a full-time MBA and an MS (Master of Science) in Management and Business Analytics from University at Buffalo, The State University of New York (USA)(link is external).

MBA- MS Brochure at Bengaluru

The Collaborative program can easily be explained as follows. Suppose you join a MBA degree program, say "Masters of Business Administration" for which you need to complete 36 courses and to earn another MS in a closely related field, say Business Analytics. you will need to complete 10 courses in Business Analytics. However, because of the closeness of the two fields, some of the courses could be jointly applicable to both the degrees. When the two degree programs are integrated and offer as a single stream of courses, we have a collaborative Program. Two unique degrees are issued after 2yrs of completion of education called Dual degree Programme.

The Collaborative program consists of Two Masters Degrees: (i) MBA (ii) MS in Management: Business Analytics and Systems. The MS is a specialized degree that is uniquely designed to provide aspiring professionals with focused knowledge and skills so that they can grow into executive positions and become effective leaders. This degree is offered by SUNY at Buffalo. The MBA is a Management degree in Business that is designed to grow into Management positions in any industry and is offered by Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham.

Yes. MIT has similar alliances with the National University of Singapore (NUS) and the Nanyang Technical University (NTU). For example, in the MIT-NUS alliance, students take a single stream of courses, some offered by MIT faculty and others by NUS faculty. After completing the stream, the students earn two MS degrees in Computer Science one from MIT and the other from NUS. The MIT-NTU alliance also works similarly.

The degrees have been jointly designed by Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham and SUNY at Buffalo and will be offered as a single stream of courses over a period of 24 months. The two degrees have overlapping course requirements that have been effectively used to extract the synergies between their respective requirements and leverage the competencies of the faculty from the two universities. As a result, this innovative design of the program would enable the students to complete both the degree requirements in 24 months in a significantly cost-effective and time-effective manner.

Yes, As part of the academic exercise, students visit the SUNY campus for 3 to 4 weeks. They attend a full course, visit industries around New York and have a cross cultural engagement.

The courses are specially designed to focus on the following fundamental skills required of managers: Functional, Technical and Process skills for effective management of organizations and Soft skills. The Functional, Technical and Process skills are focused on the following:

  1. Develop a strategic perspective on high tech industry
  2. Acquire leadership skills
  3. Learn to deal with business partners
  4. Learn to manage projects and teams
  5. Acquire the foundational skills needed in the functional areas
  6. Learn how high tech enabled services are designed and implemented
  7. Acquire the necessary technical skills needed in high tech industry
  8. Learn to leverage technologies, business processes and organizations
The focus on soft skills is as follows:
  1. Learn the art of communication
  2. Develop a sensitivity to cross-cultural issues
  3. Learn to work in teams
  4. Cross psychological barriers
  5. Develop a balance between Work and Life

We believe that the proposed post-graduate dual-degree in management program with the above clear focus would build outstanding professionals who would contribute enormously to the productivity of their firms. Further, the emphasis on the above set of skills would also develop managers into entrepreneurs in their own areas, besides giving them a significant career advantage through the two advanced degrees.

The classes will be held at the Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Bangalore campus. Amrita has constructed a state-of-the-art class room facility for this program. The faculty from SUNY Buffalo and Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham and the industry experts will come to Bangalore to conduct the classes.

Each course would consist of appropriate combinations of: Lectures by Instructors, Guest-lectures by field experts, Case studies, Student group presentations, Tutorials wherever appropriate, Soft skills training, Audio-visual presentations, Projects and Exams.

Several. The courses will be supported by the following technologies: Web-based asynchronous e-learning support, Instructor - student, student - student, group communications emails and chat rooms, Web hosting of study material, online exams wherever possible, Online program administrative support and Media-equipped classrooms. The students will be provided with the books and study material required for each course. The program administration is housed at the Amrita campus in Bangalore. The administrative office will assist students with all programmatic matters such as course registration, scheduling, study material distribution, exam administration, collection of projects and assignments, all program announcements, etc.

Several. Here they are:

  • Unique Value: The MBA-MS is a Management degree. This is uniquely designed with a focused coverage of all necessary knowledge areas and skills so the aspiring professionals can grow into executive positions and become effective leaders.
  • Universal Value: In the MBA- MS In this program, students gets an edge over others as they gain competency in Analytics and Strategic decision making which is the need of the hour.
  • Career Value: Consequently, the dual-degree would advance the careers of students across several vertical industries. This is a significant expansion of their career options with enhanced flexibility for career migrations.
  • Distinctive Value: While there are several universities in India including the IIMs, ISB, XLRI etc. that offer management degrees, there is no degree program that is specially focused on the management of High-tech firms.
  • Market Value: SUNY at Buffalo is a top-tier and well-recognized research university in the US. Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham is a first-rate academic institution in India. The US degree and the Indian degree have tremendous market value both in India and abroad.
  • Time and Cost Efficiencies: Consequently, the two degrees can be earned in 24 months. Furthermore, The cost of the program is competitive when compared to the best B-Schools in India.
  • Distinguished Faculty: Several distinguished Professors from the US will be traveling to Bangalore to teach in this program. The program also includes several highly regarded industry experts who will deliver lectures during the courses.
  • Cost Advantage: Earn US degree in India at a fraction of the total cost of going to US and earning it.

Curriculum Overview

Trimester 1 Trimester 2 Trimester 3
Business Communication Economic Analysis: Macro Level Management Information System - II
Financial Accounting Organizational Behaviour - II Business Research Methods
Marketing Management - I Financial Management Human Resource Management
Economic Analysis: Micro Level Marketing Management - II Cost Management
Organisational Behaviour - I Production and Operations Management - I Economic and Environmental Policy
Data Analytics - I *Data Analytics - II Production and Operations Management - II
  Management Information System - I Introductory Statistics with R
Trimester 4 Trimester 5 Trimester 6
Strategic Management *ITES Strategy & Policy Environmental Management and Sustainability Development
*Enterprise Models Contracts Relationship and Management Innovation and Entrepreneurship
*Analysis Modelling and Design *Business Analytics Managerial Values and Business Ethics
Elective 1 | Elective 2 | Elective 3 | Elective 4 *IB Law and IP Management *Software Project and Change Management
  Elective 5 | Elective 6 | Elective 7 | Elective 8 | Elective 9 | Elective 10 *Information Assurance
    Elective 11
    *Work Life Balance

*MS Courses at Bengaluru


Immediately after the term I and term II of the study, students get the opportunity to apply their classroom knowledge as they explore sustainable business opportunities in rural regions of the country through Live-in-Labs.  They directly interact, observe, and study, while living in rural communities to gain a better understanding of prevalent problems. The program supports and facilitates students to delineate projects that address problems, and subsequently, to implement, test, and eventually demonstrate innovative, affordable, and comprehensive solutions.

Study Trip to the University at Buffalo, New York

As part of the twinning programme curriculum requirement, students visit the University at Buffalo at the end of first year, to understand the US business practices and undertake a course in Strategy. The study trip allows students to immerse themselves in international learning environment, enabling them to gain a good insight into global business; attend lectures and have interactive sessions with renowned professors, and local industry visits.


  • Recruitment by over 110 companies
  • Average CTC (2018-20 Batch): 6.56 L
  • Median CTC (2018-20 batcg): 6L
  • Highest CTC (2018-20 Batch): 16.69L
  • Highest ever CTC (2017-19 Batch) : Rs. 28 L
  • Placement in diverse and high-quality organizations
  • Opportunities for Summer Internship in over 120 companies

Last Five Year Performance: 2015 - 2020

Students Speaks

The reason I got placed in Bridgei2i (Fastest Growing Analytics Company in India) is due to the academic syllabus and extracurricular activities in the Analytics field by Amrita School of Business. ASB’s Analytics Program consists of not just Analytics techniques and tools but also it integrates Marketing, Finance, Supply Chain and HR with Analytics this increase the scope in the analytics field. Additionally, Analytics club helped me to get mor industry knowledge. MS boosted all these with international exposure and techniques.

V.G. Avinash Reddy,Batch: 2017-2019 | Business Analyst | Bridgei2i

Placements at Amrita School of Business (ASB) for students have always been remarkable with an encouraging support and guidance from the high-quality faculty members. Students undergo training in various aspects to develop interpersonal skills, effective communication skills, etc. With more than 100 companies visiting for the campus placements, Corporate & Industrial Relations (CIR) at ASB provides a bridge between the corporate companies and students providing opportunities for every student across various specializations. CIR interacts with the students from day one of the MBA program helping the students to identify their potential skills, interests, and guide them in the direction to meet the industry standards and achieve one’s dream role in their dream company.

Sai Pramod Bhupathi, Batch: 2018-20 | Assistant Manager – Data Scientist | KVB


CIR plays a crucial role in any placement process. For any student to crack an interview, Motivation and Perseverance is key and the CIR Department of ASB Bangalore has driven us through the interview process with abundance of the same. Their seamless process of Mock Interviews and Group Discussions has given us an edge over others. One important aspect that they have taught us is: "How to accept failure, not give up and rebound with the same motivation in further interviews.”I would love to extend my gratitude to the CIR Department for supporting me throughout the 3-day interview process and for keeping my confidence and morale high.

Aishwarya Jai,Batch: 2018-20 | Federal Bank

Alumni Speaks

I have nothing but words of profound gratitude for my alma mater, Amrita School of Business, Bengaluru. Life and learning experiences at ASB have made me so much wiser, stronger and smarter. Career took off the moment I landed at ASB and I have never had to look back since then. Great faculty, great facilities, great placements! Just was the perfect place for me to live my dreams,, thank you ASB!! Discovered that the hard skills learnt at college are the most sought-after at my workplace now. Thanks to my mentors, I transformed from an individual who spoke and wrote a great deal, to a prospective leader who communicates powerfully with fewer words. Professors inculcated in me the value of being precise and concise. All this plus, a ton of nostalgic memories to cherish lifelong. Couldn't ask for more, could I?!

Aiswarya Ajith,HR Analyst | Walmart India | 2017-2019 Batch (Bangalore Campus)

It gives me immense pleasure to call myself an alumnus of Amrita School of Business Bangalore and State University of New York at Buffalo. The best part of being a student in this university is getting an international exposure by visit to University at Buffalo. In the world of globalisation, the degree of MBA-MS gives us a competitive advantage and MS degree in Business Analytics and Systems helps us to understand the dynamics of today’s business world. MBA-MS has the right mix of curriculum for career enhancement. As Data Analytics is the new trend in the business world and provides lot of opportunities, I was privileged to learn this course in my MBA program. A degree in MBA-MS is one of the best opportunities that a student can get and utilize to shape his/her career and be ahead of others in this competitive world and this institution is the best platform for providing that opportunity.

Arvind Iyer, Business Technology Analyst (Tax Consultant-1 | Deloitte | 2016-2018 Batch (Bangalore Campus)


The unique combination of MS from SUNY Buffalo and an MBA from Amrita University helps the students understand the principles of Management, Analytics, and Strategy in a current and evolving business environment. The course exposes us to a completely new style of pedagogy. Facilities from SUNY Buffalo really help and shape the students to give a new outlook on how to approach a Business problem and getting a solution for it. Having worked in the IT industry for 3years before joining the course, this program really helped me to Think, Analyze and Apply the principles from a business perspective.

Vishnu V.,Sr.Business Analyst, Tata Consultancy Services | 2017-2019 Batch (Bangalore Campus)

I'm proud to say that I'm a part of (the future alumni of) Amrita School of Business Bangalore. I've learnt a lot here, that has inspired me to grow and become a better person both- professionally and personally. The best thing in this college is its highly knowledgeable and friendly faculty, who treat you like family, who continuously guide & motivate you, and who are always available to help you. Apart from this, the ambiance, the infrastructure, the co-curricular & extra-curricular events, the trip to University at Buffalo, are all well-organized and well-designed, and I'm happy that I got an opportunity to experience it all.

Kriti Begani, MBA-MS 2017-19 | Deloitte | Tax Consultant


Life at Amrita can’t be expressed simply in words. The opportunity to learn is so vast. The unique programs that are offered here help the students to explore more, learn new things, and gain practical experience in the corporate world with the great support of faculty members. The strong alumni support helps the students at ASB to grab new opportunities. In short, ASB is a place that produces well-disciplined and qualified students.

Niramathi Gandhi,Branch Sales and Service Executive | KVB - Tiruppur Main Branch | 2018-2020 Batch

The uniqueness of the MBA-MS dual degree program is many fold apart from the few obvious ones. MS courses mainly deal with strategy, development and analytics which is a must-have for any manager in today’s competitive world. Thus the MBA and the MS program go hand in hand. The Bengaluru campus houses a cozy atmosphere and students become one closely-knit family – encouraging healthy competition, learning to work in multi-faceted teams and leading initiatives. One of the most enlightening highlights of the program is the “unlearning & learning” period at The University at Buffalo (UB), State University of New York (SUNY). Not only were the students exposed to an entirely different pedagogy but the stint at UB also taught us the importance of working in diverse conditions and groups, working with deadlines and exams that give us every kind of advantage whilst being the most challenging. This educational modality helped us to think better and faster even in our MBA courses.

Vidyalakshmi Nair, Marketing Head | Entertainment Network India Ltd | 2009-2011 Batch



Dr. Manoj P.
Ph.D, MS in Information Systems, MBA

Areas of Expertise: IT Security Audit, Information Management, Project Management, International Business
Dr. Mehir Kumar Baidya

Areas of Expertise: Marketing & Strategy

Dr. Deepika M. G.
Associate Professor

Areas of Expertise: Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Economic Policy Environment, Marketing Research, Agriculture Economics, International Trade and WTO Finance
Dr. Vivek Dubey
Associate Professor

Areas of Expertise: Sustainable Business Models, Supply-Chain Management; Operations Management

Dr. Priya Gupta
Assistant Professor

Areas of Expertise: Disaster Management, Sociology of Communities, Sociology of Environment, Organizational Studies and OB and HRM, Leadership, Industrial Relations and Labour laws, and Labour research
Dr. Angan Sengupta
Assistant Professor

Areas of Expertise: Health and Population Economics, Economics of Ecology and Natural Resources, Statistics, Demography, and Epidemiology

Dr. Prashobhan Palakkeel
Assistant Professor
Ph.D, MS, M.Phil.

Areas of Expertise: Business Analytics, Applied Econometrics, Statistical Programming using R and SAS, Macroeconomics
Dr. Navneet Kaur
Assistant Professor

Areas of Expertise:Accounting; Corporate finance

Maria Sabastin S.
Assistant Professor

Areas of Expertise:Management Information Systems, E – Business, Cloud computing and IT Strategy
Dr. Harish Kumar
Visiting Professor
Ph.D, CFA, Industry Expert & Consultant

Areas of Expertise: Finance: Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management
Aaditya Vidyarti
Visiting Professor
Head - Asia Pacific & Europe PROLIM Corporation

Areas of Expertise: Sales & Marketing: B2B Enterprise Technologies
Manjunatha V.
Visiting Professor
Industry Expert in Banking SME and Trainer in Banking, MF, Capital Market, Treasury

Areas of Expertise: Banking and Capital Market
Shijith P. M.
Visiting Professor at Amrita
Assistant Professor, Solbridge International School of Business, South Korea

Areas of Expertise: Operations Management, Supply chain management, Manufacturing Planning & Control, Project Management, Business Process Management, New Product Development, Design Thinking, Constraints Management

Experts from State University of New York for MS in Management: Business Analytics and Systems (Offered as Dual Degree in Bengaluru campus)

Dr. Ram Ramesh
Visiting Professor
Director, MS Program University at Buffalo

Areas of Expertise:Economics of IT, Conceptual Modeling and Database Systems, Operations and Decision Analysis, Predictive Analytics of Availability-Aware Cloud Computing and High Performance Computing Systems, Design of Service-Level Contract Mechanisms in Cloud Computing Markets, Predictive Analytics of Health Information Exchanges
Dr. Raj Sharman
University at Buffalo

Areas of Expertise:Information Assurance, Disaster Preparedness and Response Management, Health Information Systems, Internet Performance, Database/ Imaging Systems and Analytics

Dr. Giri Kumar Tayi
University at Albany

Areas of Expertise:E-Commerce and Omni-Channel Retailing, Information Sharing in Supply Chains, Economics of Information Systems, Modeling of Online Communities, Geographically Distributed Software Development, Risk Management, Engagement Models, Data Quality and Data Mining, Models and Algorithms for Mobile Computing Environments, Digital Government

Dr. Sanjukta Das Smith
Chair & Associate Professor
University at Buffalo

Areas of Expertise:Predictive Analytics, Social Network Analytics, Contract Management, Management of IT Projects

Dr. Rajiv Kishore
Professor & Chair of Management
University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Areas of Expertise:PStrategic Management, Innovation Management, International Business Management, Information Systems, Technology Management, Outsourcing, Offshoring, Business Information Systems
Dr. Raghav Rao
Professor & AT&T Distinguished Chair
University of Texas at San Antonio

Areas of Expertise:Management Information Systems, Decision Support Systems, E-Business, Emergency Response Management Systems, Information Assurance
Dr. Supradeep Dutta
Assistant Professor
University at Buffalo

Areas of Expertise:IT Security Audit, Information Management, Project Management, International Business
Dr. Niam Yaraghi
Assistant Professor
University of Connecticut

Areas of Expertise:Operations and Iformation Management



Amrita Bengaluru’s multi-fest, is the perfect blend of technical, managerial, and cultural events. It is a joint effort by all students at the Bengaluru campus – MBA, M.Tech, and B.Tech, creating a fusion of engaging competitions and activities. The objective of AYKYA’20 is to contribute and serve as a concrete platform to connect different kinds of people and build unity among all, giving every individual an opportunity to express themselves and work with each other for innovative enterprises and talents.

Read More

Envisage – the MBA-MS Fest

Envisage is the “fresher’s day” event to welcome the first year students. A host of management games in the domains of Marketing, Finance, HR, Operations and Systems are offered by student forums. These management games are crafted in consultation with faculty members, thus benefiting from their wide experience and deep wisdom.

University at Buffalo, SUNY Graduation Ceremony

The Graduation Ceremony for the recipients of the Master of Science in Management- Business Analytics and Systems, and Master of Science in Embedded Systems of the University at Buffalo, State University of New York (SUNY) were held at the Bengaluru campus, in 2015 and 2017. The events were presided over by Dr. Satish Tripathi, President, University of Buffalo.

Cultural Events


Speaker Name




Mr.Arun Babu

Lead - Talent Branding (Employer Branding) & Talent Acquisition

Merck Group

How to get the best out of your MBA course

Ms.Rajbir Bhamra / Mr.Shashi Kumar

Founder & CEO / Social Media Marketing Strategist


An overview of E-Commerce industry & opportunities for MBA graduates

Mr.Kochat Narendran


Nikkos Retail Logistics

Understanding Supply Chain Management (SCM) / Logistics world

Mr.Radhakrishna Subramaniam

Enterprise Architect (Management Level)

NCS - Singtel Group, Singapore

•How disruptive the automation technologies are?
•Impact and opportunities in employability
•Disruption in labour market
•Mitigation or suggestion

Mr.Anirban Ghatak

Founder - MieRobot, an EdTech start-up


Three tools of disruptive digital business – Analytics, Product management and User Experience

Mr.Aditya Bhamidipaty

Founder & CEO

FirstHive, Bengaluru, India

Career choices, Entrepreneurship, Evolution in digital landscape, Understand customer through digital marketing

Mr.Atindra Nath Bhattacharya

Professor & Chair, Marketing & Social Innovation

(SOIL) School Of Inspired Leadership, Gurgaon, India

Problem Solving by Design Thinking – building ‘Creative Confidence’ to solve complex problems

Mr.Samit Tripathy

Project Delivery Head

Microsoft, Hyderabad, India

Understanding the dynamics of consulting in software services

Ms.Sapana Patel / Mr.Bassel Martin

CEO / Principal

Kinamark, Toronto, Canada

Entrepreneurship and Cross cultural exchange

Dr.Badri Narayanan Gopalakrishnan (Ph.D)

1. Economist
2. Consultant at McKinsey and Company
3. Affiliate Faculty Member at the School of Environment and Forestry Sciences, University of Washington, Seattle.
4. Co-founder and Partner, Infinite-Sum Modeling Inc.

Infinite-Sum Modeling Inc., Seattle, USA

Interdisciplinary Analysis for Business and Policy

Ms.Prabha Masilamani

HR Leader, Strategy Partner with
[24]7.ai Innovation Labs

[24]7.ai Innovation Labs,

1. Role of HR and the challenges in the Covid times
2. How do we create a Business Continuity Plan from HR perspective

Dr.Harish Kumar (Ph.D, CFA)

Consultant - Financial investment


Investing in Financial markets during Covid times

Mr.Vysakh Shaji

HR Transformation consultant

Deloitte, India

An Alumni Connect

Mr.M K Chandrasekar


Catapult consulting

YOU - The Brand

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Postgraduate (PG)
Department of Management
School of Business