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Career Development


AMRITA focuses on defining the career vision of students and equipping them with skills and resources to achieve it. From the development of business communication skills to providing lifelong networking assistance, we nurture the management leaders through conscientious steps. The process commences from day one of arriving at the campus and endures throughout the two-year curriculum.


Career Development

Corporate Industry Relations(CIR)

Throughout the two-year tenure, the students are trained on vital skills necessary to excel as a professional. Corporate Industry Relations (CIR) undertakes the core responsibility of these exclusive placement training classes. CIR is a unique and dedicated department of AMRITA, established to provide expert guidance to students in specific areas beyond their regular academic curriculum and help them fulfil their career ambitions

Career Development Process
  • Assessment: The students explore the environment, curriculum and career opportunities in the first 15-day orientation program. Through liaison with faculty from all specializations, students understand the courses in detail, decide the courses to choose in order to lead a career of their choice. CIR assesses the students on their abilities and charts the customized development program for the class.


  • Development: Career development at AMRITA is embedded into its curriculum. It focuses on exploring their inner self to realize their career passion and equipping them with the necessary tools, skills, and knowledge to achieve it. A series of on-campus programmes and resources enable the students to get a clear perception about the industry sectors, opportunities, and placements.


  • Placement: In order to fulfil the career aspirations of the students, it was found necessary for them to have expert assistance in specific areas, beyond their regular academic training. . CIR functions encompass seven key areas of placements – learning and development, corporate relations, career facilitation, entrepreneurship development, alumni networking, corporate communication and corporate training.

Entrepreneurship as a Career

Entrepreneurship as a Career

AMRITA has a holistic and interdisciplinary approach to fostering entrepreneurship.

  • Exclusive opportunities for students to develop business prototypes from real-life scenarios through the flagship program, Live-in-Labs.
    Investment assistance through Amrita Technology Business Incubator (Amrita TBI), jointly supported by Govt. of India and AMRITA.
  • Through Amrita TBI Pitchfest, aspiring entrepreneurs can get investment up to $100,000 along with an incubation space.
Entrepreneurship courses
  • Innovation in Entrepreneurship
  • Managerial Values and Business Ethics
  • Legal Aspects of Business
  • Innovation Management
  • Rural Marketing and Entrepreneurship

Placement Testimonials

Arijeet Srivastava
Team Manager, Operations, Amazon
Batch: 2017-19

The placement drive at Amrita Business School comprises a mix of well renowned firms and many emerging start-ups. Companies come with specific job profiles and students fulfilling the same are handpicked. Established brands such as Amazon, Zoho, BNY Mellon, Phillips, Deloitte to name a few are the first to arrive and pick the students they feel are good enough to fit the job requirements. There is no dearth of companies coming and it is up to the students to ensure they get picked, The Business School has Analytics as a specialization, and firms such as Caterpillar, Bridgei2i are the ones who regularly recruit in this domain. The CIR cell plays its part in ensuring students are in the best frame of mind as far as aptitude preparation, interviews and various other counselling is concerned when the placement season commences.

Sai Pramod Bhupathi
Assistant Manager, Data Scientist, KVB
Batch: 2018-20

Placements at Amrita School of Business (ASB) for students have always been remarkable with an encouraging support and guidance from the high-quality faculty members. Students undergo training in various aspects to develop interpersonal skills, effective communication skills, etc. With more than 100 companies visiting for the campus placements, Corporate & Industrial Relations (CIR) at ASB provides a bridge between the corporate companies and students providing opportunities for every student across various specializations. CIR interacts with the students from day one of the MBA program helping the students to identify their potential skills, interests, and guide them in the direction to meet the industry standards and achieve one’s dream role in their dream company.

Aishwarya Jai
Federal Bank
Batch: 2018-20

CIR plays a crucial role in any placement process. For any student to crack an interview, Motivation and Perseverance is key and the CIR Department of ASB Bangalore has driven us through the interview process with abundance of the same. Their seamless process of Mock Interviews and Group Discussions has given us an edge over others. One important aspect that they have taught us is: “How to accept failure, not give up and rebound with the same motivation in further interviews.” I would love to extend my gratitude to the CIR Department for supporting me throughout the 3-day interview process and for keeping my confidence and morale high.

Annijasmin Johnbosco
Tax Consultant, Deloitte
Batch 2018-20

In Amrita, Bengaluru CIR has always been a pillar of support and guidance. For all the companies proper guidance was provided with the help of alumni to crack the interviews and get placed. CIR provided the best assistance for all the rounds in the interview processes to ensure all the efficient candidates are placed in their deserving companies. One of the approaches of CIR that I admired was they had provided new and a variety of opportunities to the MBA students. Their positivity, motivation and support had always helped us students to never lose hope and to give any interview our best shot.

Directors Message

C. Parameswaran
Director – Corporate & Industry Relations

We welcome the corporate world to visit us, interact with our faculty who are world-class and our students who display a high level of motivation and energy, for mutual benefit.

Our Recruiters

At Amrita, companies vie with each other to be the early birds for hiring,
thanks to the quality of students, past and present.


Corporate Speak

Naren Mohan
Specialization: Marketing
Company: Honda Cars India Ltd., Greater Noida
Mentor: Dr. Deepak Gupta

Naren Mohan came on as an intern for Honda’s Mobile application this summer and has by far surpassed our expectations.

He has the skills of a innovative marketing person and the creative insight to lead a small team. Naren San, we would like to wish you all the best for your future endeavors and would love to have you onboard!

Aditya Ahuja
LLC & D’LITE Department (After Sales)
Honda Cars India Ltd., Greater NOIDA

Munduri Ajendranath
Specialization: Marketing
Company: NetElixir, Hyderabad
Mentor: Prof. Shri Krishnan

We crossed the 100,000 hour mark today at NetElixir. To celebrate this remarkable milestone, our summer intern (India office), Ajendranath, created an amazing team exercise (and video recorded the entire event). There could not have been a better way for us to celebrate 100,000 hour mark and the power of smart people, than this. Thank you Ajendra!

Udayan Bose
Founder & CEO,
NetElixir, Hyderabad

Pavithra A
Specialization: Finance
Company: India Ratings & Research (A Fitch Group Company), Chennai
Mentor: Dr. Sangeetha Gunasekar

I am inclined to give a glowing recommendation for Pavithra for the work that she has done during her short internship at India Ratings & Research. She exuded confidence and willingness to apply herself. Her most important quality, reflected in her work, is her logic and her ability to grasp concepts and processes quickly.

Avinash Lodha
Associate Director, India Ratings & Research (A Fitch Group Company), Chennai

Arun Preethi Pillai
Specialization: Marketing
Company: TNS India Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore
Mentor: Dr. Deepak Gupta

Ms. Arun Preethi Pillai has done a recognizable performance during her 2 months internship with TNS Qualitative. She was instrumental in bringing up good value to key internal discussions by gaining a good understanding of data and analysis.


Piyush Mungle
Senior Research Executive
TNS India Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore



Final Placements:

Contact Person:
Mr. Ravikant Kamavarapu
Manager – Corporate Relations and Placement,
Corporate and Industry Relations, 6th Floor, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham (University)
Campus: Bangalore | Kasavanahalli | P.O: Carmelaram | Bangalore – 560035
Phone: 8236055155/ 7022588704
Tel: +91 080-25183700 Ext. 825

For Internship & Live Assignments:

Contact Person:
Captain Rajiv Raghav
Joint Director,
Corporate and Industry Relations, 6th Floor, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham (University)
Campus: Bangalore | Kasavanahalli | P.O: Carmelaram | Bangalore – 560035
Phone: 7022895082
Tel: +91 80 25183700, Extn: 713

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