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Alumni Speaks

Shraddha Girish
Batch: 2016-2018, Talent Management, Bridgei2i Analytics Solutions

The best of both worlds’- That was life at Amrita for me. I was lucky enough to be a part of the MBA-MS Program that Amrita offered in collaboration with SUNY, Buffalo. Two high valued professional courses in a span of 2 years and from esteemed universities- It was an opportunity I did not want to miss. The MBA course gave me an understanding of how the business world works. The challenges we faced, kept us on our toes, constantly pushing us to give our best shot! It was a synergy between rich experiential learning and deep rooted values that our faculty imparted in us. The MS course was all about strategy and business analytics. The exposure we got at UB was quite a unique one in terms of the curriculum and the teaching pedagogy. I feel fortunate to have experienced student life at both the campuses. The faculty of the program were SME’s from their fields which was indeed the main reason we had a great learning at Amrita. Looking back, my journey at Amrita was such an exuberant ride. The opportunities I got, paved my path from Can I? to I CAN! The 2 years here, I made some wonderful friends and mentors and carved some beautiful memories which will remain etched in my heart for a life time!

Aiswarya Ajith
Batch 2017-29, HR Analyst, Walmart India

I have nothing but words of profound gratitude for my alma mater, Department of Management, Bengaluru. Life and learning experiences at ASB have made me so much wiser, stronger and smarter. Career took off the moment I landed at ASB and I have never had to look back since then. Great faculty, great facilities, great placements! Just was the perfect place for me to live my dreams,, thank you ASB!! Discovered that the hard skills learnt at college are the most sought-after at my workplace now. Thanks to my mentors, I transformed from an individual who spoke and wrote a great deal, to a prospective leader who communicates powerfully with fewer words. Professors inculcated in me the value of being precise and concise. All this plus, a ton of nostalgic memories to cherish lifelong. Couldn’t ask for more, could I?!

Vishnu Kurup M. K.
Batch: 2018-20, Analytic Consultant, Bridgei2i Analytics Solutions

Amrita is not just a campus but a family with energy and life all over. Students are always in constant pursuit of knowledge. When two renowned universities (Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham & SUNY, Buffalo) collaborate to offer two high valued programs in a span of two years with all the necessary exposures, will be an opportunity which nobody wants to miss. Amrita gave not just the management side knowledge but it also taught us how to live a life of values. When MBA taught us how the business world is and its techniques, MS helped us in building strategies in business to succeed. The main attraction of the whole course is the techno-functional exposure to the world of data. How to use the analytical techniques to understand what the data is telling us and deriving insights to help the business to hit the mark. The faculties here are the best in their fields and that’s the main reason why we don’t have a doubt on the quality of learning which we get. The two years here have given me some great mentors and wonderful friends who are still a part of my mainstream life. There is a great saying by Benjamin Franklin, “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” Yes here we are involved and so the learning stays with us. In a nutshell Amrita gives you bliss full Life and Learning.

Joel M Johnson
Batch: 2018-2020, Almabase, Marketing & Growth, SaaS

When the world and the complexities around you are evolving, it is critical for every manager to be adept to the changing scenarios. Here at Department of Management, we students are honed with the best of resources catering to the needs of our all-round development. The MBA program at ASB, reinforces the spirit of creative action in its students enabling them to push the boundaries of what is considered possible. The amount of industry exposure that we are subject to, enables us to augment our problem solving and analytical skills which are key to embarking successful careers in industries and markets. The peer and faculty relationships that I have developed over the course of time, is something that I would cherish throughout my life.

V. G. Avinash Reddy
Batch: 2017-2019, Business Analyst Bridgei2i

The reason I got placed in Bridgei2i (Fastest Growing Analytics Company in India) is due to the academic syllabus and extracurricular activities in the Analytics field by Department of Management. ASB’s Analytics Program consists of not just Analytics techniques and tools but also it integrates Marketing, Finance, Supply Chain and HR with Analytics this increase the scope in the analytics field. Additionally, Analytics club helped me to get more industry knowledge. MS boosted all these with international exposure and techniques.

Arvind Iyer
Batch: 2016-2018, Business Technology Analyst (Tax Consultant-1), Deloitte

It gives me immense pleasure to call myself an alumnus of Department of Management Bangalore and State University of New York at Buffalo. The best part of being a student in this university is getting an international exposure by visit to University at Buffalo. In the world of globalisation, the degree of MBA-MS gives us a competitive advantage and MS degree in Business Analytics and Systems helps us to understand the dynamics of today’s business world. MBA-MS has the right mix of curriculum for career enhancement. As Data Analytics is the new trend in the business world and provides lot of opportunities, I was privileged to learn this course in my MBA program. A degree in MBA-MS is one of the best opportunities that a student can get and utilize to shape his/her career and be ahead of others in this competitive world and this institution is the best platform for providing that opportunity.

Vishnu V.
Batch 2017-29 ,Sr. Business Analyst, TCS

The unique combination of MS from SUNY Buffalo and an MBA from Amrita University helps the students understand the principles of Management, Analytics, and Strategy in a current and evolving business environment. The course exposes us to a completely new style of pedagogy. Facilities from SUNY Buffalo really help and shape the students to give a new outlook on how to approach a Business problem and getting a solution for it. Having worked in the IT industry for 3years before joining the course, this program really helped me to Think, Analyze and Apply the principles from a business perspective.

Niraimathi Gandhi
Batch: 2018-20, Branch Sales & Service Executive, Karur Vysya Bank

Life at Amrita can’t be expressed simply in words. The opportunity to learn is so vast. The unique programs that are offered here help the students to explore more, learn new things, and gain practical experience in the corporate world with the great support of faculty members. The strong alumni support helps the students at ASB to grab new opportunities. In short, ASB is a place that produces well-disciplined and qualified students.

Shalini Madhusudhan
Batch: 2018-20, Human Resources Analyst, Atkins

ASB-Bangalore lives true to its values of being a genuine, transparent and value centric Institution. What sets it apart, is its unique dual-degree program of MBA-MS. The institute consists of an expert faculty and a mix of talented and competitive students, who not only learn the courses well but also master learning about lift other than the teaching aspects academics. ASB has created a niche for itself and is constantly growing. It has produces successful alumni and is constantly striving towards the success of its students.

T. Lakshmipriya
Batch: 2018-20, Junior Management Grade-1, Federal Bank

Being an Amritian since 2014, the experience as a student has taught me various subjects which cannot be learned just from text books or theoretical chapters. The mission of this institution emphasizes value based education as well as moulding the character of the younger generation. To make this real, the exposure arranged by this institution as well as the MBA-MS program through various activities, workshops and mentoring have shaped myself for further achievements. Placement department has helped and supported me from the initial stages for my career growth. The MBA – MS program has given me a foundation to thrive in a corporate managerial world out there.

Mr. Giriraj
Batch: 2018-20, BNY Melon

Amrita is not just a university; it is the epitome of learning where students fulfil their dreams, overcome their limitations to step into the world as smart and confident professionals. The unique MBA-MS dual degree program at Amrita school of business has groomed me holistically. Amrita was always a second home to me, as it is “Home away from Home”. I feel proud to be a part of such an esteemed Amrita Family. Thank you Amrita, professors, and friends for making this journey Incredible.”

Ms. Priyanka R
Batch: 2018-20, Bridgei2i Analytics Solutions

Amrita Business School, Bangalore is a place which will give memories for life. The campus is a vibrant place to stay focused in your career. The academics enhances your skills & expertise and in addition to that provide a platform where you could implement the knowledge you gained. The faculties are like your family and they will be always there to guide you & extend their support in order to help you achieve your goal. Once you are part of this great institution, there will always be people around you to motivate and compete with you & make you rise to great heights in your life & career.

Kriti Begani
Batch: MBA-MS 2017-19, Tax Consultant, Deloitte

I’m proud to say that I’m a part of (the future alumni of) Department of Management Bangalore. I’ve learnt a lot here, that has inspired me to grow and become a better person both- professionally and personally. The best thing in this college is its highly knowledgeable and friendly faculty, who treat you like family, who continuously guide & motivate you, and who are always available to help you. Apart from this, the ambiance, the infrastructure, the co-curricular & extra-curricular events, the trip to University at Buffalo, are all well-organized and well-designed, and I’m happy that I got an opportunity to experience it all.

Vidyalakshmi Nair
Batch: 2009-2011, Marketing Head, Entertainment Network India Ltd.

The uniqueness of the MBA-MS dual degree program is many fold apart from the few obvious ones. The MS courses mainly deal with strategy, development and analytics which is a must-have for any manager in today’s competitive world. Thus the MBA and the MS program go hand in hand. The Bengaluru campus houses a cozy atmosphere and students become one closely-knit family – encouraging healthy competition, learning to work in multi-faceted teams and leading initiatives. One of the most enlightening highlights of the program is the “unlearning and learning” period at University of Buffalo (UB), State University of New York (SUNY). Not only were the students exposed to an entirely different pedagogy but the stint at UB also taught us the importance of working in diverse conditions and groups, working with deadlines and exams that give us every kind of advantage whilst being the most challenging. This educational modality helped us to think better and faster even in our MBA courses, making our presentations and answers smarter and more strategic.

Sharath Krishnan
IT consultant, TCS

Amrita-SUNY EMBA-MS Twinning Program is a well-structured program for experienced professional without taking break from the work. All the courses are aptly selected to meet the current industry requirement for professional to grow into leadership positions. All the faculty members are well experienced with tremendous knowledge in their respective fields. At the end of this program, I felt very happy and satisfied for taking a right decision to do this program which gave me two PG Degrees. Thanks to Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, University at Buffalo and TCS for giving us a fantastic learning opportunity.

Chandra Sekhar Koduru
Head, Academic Interface Programme, TCS

The EMBA-MS program from Amrita university has, in my opinion, not just been a standard classroom course. It has been a platform in which professionals have come together to share experiences in their respective domains, while all the time being mentored by professors who themselves come with a lifetime of industry knowledge. In this course, I have found that the onus is not on just learning from a textbook, but on discussing real-life cases and scenarios that hold great relevance to our current work. At the end of this course, I get a feeling of fulfilment on having received a treasure-trove of lessons learnt based on discussions and guidance from not just my professors, but also my fellow peers.

R. K. Patham Iyer
Head, Audit and Compliance, Analytics & Insights, TCS

After spending 25+ years in multiple corporates, I was not sure if i had made the right choice of joining Amrita- UB EMBA-MS twin programme. But Amrita-UB joint faculty and courses surpassed my expectations. It is as much about discovering myself, transforming into a new league of leadership. All my ego, inertia, negative thoughts and complacency got destroyed during this two year course time. This course has forced many of us to discover what we are capable of, so much more than we thought or believed in ourselves.

Rajesh Mathew

One of the good things about the Dual Degree Master’s Program with SUNY – Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham is that, it’s a tailored business program. The best part about this Indo – US initiative is the opportunity that you get to interact with professors who are from different geographies, with varied consulting & teaching experience across the globe. Classroom sessions are highly interactive and are always accompanied by case studies, current affairs discussions, relevant video clips, presentations, etc. to give a very holistic learning experience.

Suganya D

Some of my most enriching and rewarding experiences as an MIS student are Studying with professionals from some of the best IT companies. Being taught by eminent and immensely respected academicians from two world renowned B-Schools. Working with highly professional administrative staff, who understand the psychology of the working professionals who are balancing the act between study and work. It is highly gratifying to know that MS will help you emerge out a winner, at the end of an exhilarating 18 month journey, without missing a day at work. All working professionals who are aspiring to enhance their academic credentials SHOULD consider this program.

Nandhini R

The program has created an immense impact on young aspirants, like myself. The program helped not only acquiring knowledge and skill but also it has brought out inherent qualities within us like co-operation, having fun during work, understanding others, and finally molding the character and personality of the individual. Infrastructure for conducting the program is WORLD CLASS, certainly equal to the corporate training classrooms at Infosys, Wipro or Siemens. The best part of the program is all students are given access to the lectures after the class in form of digital media, which the student can go through anytime and from anywhere.

Dinesh Warrier

The course content is very relevant to deliver service to the customer. The most impressive thing was that I could apply the learning at my workplace on a daily basis. Most courses were taught based on case studies. The highlight was the esteemed faculty who were exceptionally brilliant & highly qualified with several years of research background. Their passion for teaching was manifested in their attitude of being always available to us during and after the course. The experience helped me gain confidence and I feel I am better equipped with the necessary tools and techniques to deliver in an organization. The class encompassed students from various domains and services which brought in diverse perspectives. The institution and the faculty were very flexible which helped us balance work and education almost comfortably. The course covers a lot of areas which I feel is necessary for project and program management.

Ashwin Ashok
Deputy Unit Manager, Bajaj Finserv

“My MBA journey has been quite a ride! Right from the get-go, it’s been a whirlwind of challenging courses, teamwork, and some seriously epic networking opportunities. The classroom wasn’t just a place to soak up knowledge; it was an arena for innovation, where I fine-tuned my problem-solving skills and learned to keep up with the ever-changing business scene. Plus, the international twist (MS) in the curriculum really cranked up the excitement. Interacting with folks from all over the world, including the rockstar professors of UB expanded my perspective and boosted my ability to work with people from different backgrounds and industries. This whole immersive experience didn’t just make me a better student; it made me better equipped for my career and life in general. Once I entered the professional world after my MBA, I felt like I had the secret sauce for success. The knowledge, skills, and awesome network I built during my MBA journey helped me step up into leadership roles and reach my career goals like a boss.”

Gayathri R
Management Trainee, Hexaware Technologies

This journey has been nothing short of remarkable and has left an enduring mark on both my personal and professional growth. My experience in this program has significantly enhanced my critical thinking, problem-solving, and innovation skills. It has deepened my understanding of fundamental business concepts and equipped me with the ability to apply them effectively in real-world scenarios. The Global Leadership Program conducted by the University at Buffalo, in particular, sharpened my leadership abilities, preparing me to take on future leadership roles with confidence. With my MBA degree in hand, I feel well-prepared to navigate the complexities of the business world and make substantial contributions to my current organization. I am immensely grateful to Amrita School of Business, its dedicated teaching and non-teaching staff, for providing me with this invaluable opportunity and unwavering support throughout my journey. Thank you, Amrita School of Business, for being a pivotal part of my academic and personal development.

Rahul S.
Management Trainee, Hexaware Technologies

My MBA journey at Amrita School of Business was an excellent experience that shaped me as a professional and as a person. I chose the Marketing specialization because I wanted to learn how to create value for customers and stakeholders. The curriculum at ASB was relevant, and I learned from the world-class faculty who had rich industry experience and academic background. The major highlight of my MBA was the dual degree programme with University at Buffalo, State University of New York (UB) which gave me exposure to the global business environment and enhanced my analytical skills. ASB has a strong reputation among the top recruiters in the country, and I was fortunate to get placed in Hexaware, one of the leading technology solutions provider firms in the world. I am proud to be an alumnus of Amrita School of Business, which is not only an institution of excellence but also an institution of values, and has truly prepared me for success in life.

Sreevidya K.
Associate Business Process Analyst at SLB

It was a great experience studying at ASB Bangalore, a memory to cherish for lifetime. Being a global university, it gave me an opportunity to enhance my academic and interpersonal skills. I am thankful to the training & placement cell for providing a platform to improve my skills and an opportunity to showcase them. In the last I am saying The world is here at Amrita University.

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