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Program Overview

This online certificate course, a first of its kind, discusses twenty-one military expeditions undertaken by Indian empires in foreign countries. We explore in particular the nature of expeditions undertaken in the context of the martial traditions of Bharat, the concept of Digvijaya, and the nature of rule by theChakravarthis. We also investigate these conquests and rule for their grounding in dharma and compare with foreign rulers.

With one lecture per expedition, the course will have a total of twenty-five dedicated lectures, alongside few others. Each expedition will be analysed for its geopolitical context or environment, objectives, tactics & strategies conceived, and results. All lectures will also include a discussion space for the contemporary lessons that we can learn from these expeditions.

Program Structure

Total 35 sessions / modules. Each online session / module can be 30 to 45 minutes of duration done over the weekends, spanning 35 weeks. This can be a 6 month course or 1 year course

  • Lecture 1: Introduction to concepts of Digvijaya in Itihasa, Purana, Artha-shastra & inscriptions
  • Lecture 2: Chakravarti Jaya’s Conquest of Jerusalem
  • Lecture 3: Kunala Maurya’s conquest of East Turkestan
  • Lecture 4: Mauryan conquest of Yunnan
  • Lecture 5: Mauryan conquest of China
  • Lecture 6: Chandragupta Vikramaditya’s Expedition against Persians and Transoxiana Alliance
  • Lecture 7: Mauryan Naval Expeditions to Southeast Asia
  • Lecture 8: Gupta Naval Expeditions to Southeast Asia
  • Lecture 9: Budhagupta Vikramditya’s Conquests in Tibet
  • Lecture 10: Chalukya Pulakeshin Parameshwara’s Naval strikes in Al Faw Peninsula, Iraq
  • Lecture 11: Lalitaditya + Quiz
  • Lecture 12: Bappa Rawal’s Expeditions to West Asia
  • Lecture 13: Pratihara Naval Strikes in Iraq, Iran, and Arabian Coast
  • Lecture 14: Pallava Nandivarman III campaign to Takua Pa
  • Lecture 15: Kadaramkondan Rajendra Chola’s Campaigns in Southeast Asia
  • Lecture 16: ViraRajendra’s & Kulottunga Chola’s Expedition to Kadaram
  • Lecture 17: The Pandya Victory over Savaka
  • Lecture 18: Gahadavala Govinda Chandra’s Conquests in China
  • Lecture 19: Paramara Lakshmadeva’s Offensive into Turkestan
  • Lecture 20: Vijayanagara Empire’s expeditions in South East Asia
  • Lecture 21: Sengge Namgyal’s Conquest of Western Tibet
  • Lecture 22: Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s Naval expeditions to Red Sea and Persian Gulf
  • Lecture 23: Post 1700 CE expeditions: Pamheiba’s Irrawaddy Conquests; Zorawar Singh’s Tibetan Campaign
  • Lecture 24: Analysis of Reasons, Motivations, achievements and limitations of Bharat’s Military Conquests abroad
  • Lecture 25: The Questions of Hindsight- Why did Bharat suffer centuries of foreign rule despite a strong offensive martial tradition- Research into other Expeditions.


Weekend evenings

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Sri Venkatesh Rangan

Sri Venkatesh Rangan is a senior finance professional working in Mumbai with a deep and passionate interest in Indian history. Over the years, he has researched the original 18th-century records, such as Bakhars, Daftars, Kaifiyats, Hakikats, Thailis, Tarikhs, residency correspondences and foreign diplomatic dispatches. With an academic and professional experience spanning multiple continents, he believes in understanding Indian historical events in a global context. With a reading list drawn from regional and world non-fiction literature, he is enthusiastic about exploring hidden connections between the past and the present. A key motivation for Venkatesh’s enquiries into the past has been to bring alive unsung and inadequately represented stories and personalities from Indian history.

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