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Course Detail

Course Name Self-Awareness & Personal Growth (SA & PG)
Course Code 23GM106C
Program MBA
Credits Proposed to be a Pass / Fail (with no credits)
Course Category Amrita Core
Area General Management


Course Contents

Course Contents (With an approximate distribution of hours/sessions)

  1. Self-knowledge
  2. Understanding self
  3. Personality
  4. Individuality Emotional
  5. Intelligence Spirituality: misconceptions and facts
  6. Human being: nature, evolution and possibilities
  7. Body-Mind complex
  8. Understanding stress and its management
  9. Yoga: misconceptions, history, theory, practice, application Concentration and Meditation
  10. Integral Psychology – glimpses
  11. A brief history of Arya Varta
  12. Cultural and spiritual heritage of Bharatavarsha
  13. The Universe
  14. Food and nutrition
  15. Selections from the sacred texts of India
  16. Selected biographies of great sages, seers and thinkers
  17. Teachings/sayings of awakened beings
  18. Stories and anecdotes
  19. Social problems – a universal outlook
  20. Environmental awareness
  21. Selected poetic outpourings
  22. Selections from literary treasures of the world
  23. Audio-visual clips
  24. Music, chants, hymns and sound

Course Description & Outcomes

Course Description
  1. The course on Self-Awareness and Personal Growth is essentially an experiential learning programme based on the teachings and revelations of enlightened minds of the past and present of different countries/places, especially, Bharatavarsha.
  2. In this course the primary emphasis is on the individual, the person and his/her entire personality structure, both the inner as well as the outer.
  3. In this course the participants/students are encouraged to begin a process of self-study and self- observation, starting from NOW, for self-unfoldment and eventual self-realization.
  4. The course endeavors to instill a firm foundation for the holistic development and growth of the individuals in all spheres and dimensions of existence, which help one to live life in all its depth, glory and benediction.
  5. The course, as it proceeds, will deeply and objectively go into the various perceptions/views of great seers, scientists and thinkers of all ages and cultures, which will be shared and discussed in order to help the participants/students discover for themselves the truth or falseness of it all.
  6. This course, in its interactive proceedings, is a sincere attempt to create a congenial ambience, in which both the teacher and the taught ask, nourish and sustain fundamental questions with an abiding sense of urgency, concern and openness without being carried away by superficial explanations and verbal wranglings.
  7. By offering a variety of inputs drawn from different sources from all over the world, the course strives to bring about a conscious shift of focus from the ordinary to the extraordinary; unreal to the real; transitory to the eternal; mediocrity to excellence through a process of dynamic dialogues and penetrating insights
  8. This course is an effort to revive the deep felt need for self-knowledge first and foremost before anything else.
  9. This course, one should understand, is not an end in itself. It is just a beginning, a voyage on an uncharted boundless sea. There is no goal to be reached, no rewards, no punishments either. It is a pointer, pointing towards the Unknowable.
Course Outcomes & Learning Levels
  1. To wake up, to observe and learn about oneself; to self-inquire and learn to look within, to be self- aware, thus leading one to inner awakening.
  2. To explore the possibilities, ways and means that would help the individual to bring out/unfold his or her hidden potentialities and creativity and pave way for an integrated, harmonious and total human growth and spiritual flowering.
  3. To inspire and inculcate an abiding interest in the cultural and spiritual heritage of Bharatavarsha,
  4. To study and explore the teachings/revelations of fully awakened beings.
  5. To study the various universal approaches towards the objectives.

Evaluation Pattern 

# Assessment Component Percentage of Marks
1 Continuous Assessment * 40
2 Mid –Term Examination 20
3 End –Term Examination 40

*Based on assignments / Tests / Quizzes / Case Studies / Project / Term paper / Field visit report. 


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