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The Department of Mathematics offers four-year B.Sc. (Honours) in Mathematics and Data Analytics which intends to provide students a strong foundation in both mathematics and the practical application of data analytics techniques. The program integrates mathematical theories and methods with the skills required for collecting, analysing, and interpreting data in various domains with a comprehensive understanding of theoretical, analytical and research-oriented approaches.

The curriculum includes cutting-edge topics like Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition, and Marketing Analytics. Students are encouraged to enrol in an internship or in-plant training program during summer and/or winter vacations. An important aspect of this program is the availability of highly qualified faculty members, all holding PhD degrees and many from prestigious institutions, with expertise in various domains in mathematics as well as data analytics.

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The program offers significant opportunities for independent study and research through project work, culminating in a dissertation. This project work involves literature surveys and investigations contributing to specific areas of Mathematics and data analysis.

Moreover, the program features a student exchange program, facilitating exploration of higher study possibilities in renowned universities in the USA and Europe. Many of our students have already embarked on PhD programs in prestigious institutions, both within and outside India.

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Important Date

Commencement of Application Form: February 28, 2024
Program Highlights

B.Sc. (Honours) in Mathematics and Data Analytics offer a comprehensive curriculum that combines mathematical principles with practical skills in data analytics. The course aims to equip students with a strong foundation in mathematics while providing them with the necessary tools to analyse and interpret data.

This program combines Mathematics, Data Analytics and Programming Skills. Students have the option to choose electives in areas such as finance, business analytics, or specific industry applications. This course focus on encouraging students to stay updated on emerging trends and technologies in the field through seminars, workshops, or guest lectures.

Career Opportunities

B.Sc. (Honours) in Mathematics and Data Analytics can open up a wide range of career opportunities in various industries that increasingly rely on data-driven decision-making. Graduates with this degree possess a unique skill set that combines strong mathematical reasoning with practical data analysis skills.

Some potential career paths for students are Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Business Intelligence Analyst, Market Research Analyst, Financial Analyst etc.

They can also contribute to advancements in mathematical and data analytics research by working in academic institutions or research-focused roles in industry.




4 Years- 8 Semester


  • 10+2 or equivalent with 60% of aggregate marks from Science stream including Mathematics/Statistics as one of the subjects.


Selection will be based on merit and interview process.

Fee Structure

Program Fee for the year 2024-25 (Semester Wise)

Tuition Fee: Rs. 40,700

Caution Deposit: Rs. 3,000

# Scholarship available for meritorious students. Please contact Admission Office (+91 830 400 4400) for details.


Semester I
Sl. No. Course Title Theory / Practical Credits
1 English I T 2
2 Language Paper I T 2
3 Calculus of Single Variable T/P 4
4 Discrete Structures T 4
5 Introduction to Data Analytics T 4
6 Computer Applications and C Programming T 4
7 Computer Applications and C Programming Lab P 1
8 Foundations of Indian Heritage T 2
9 Mastery Over Mind T/P 2
Credits (A) 25
Semester II
Sl. No. Course Title Theory / Practical Credits
1 English II T 2
2 Language Paper II T 2
3 Linear Algebra and its Applications T/P 4
4 Calculus of Several Variables T/P 4
5 Python Programming T 4
6 Python Programming Lab P 2
7 Data Structure and Algorithms T/P 4
8 Glimpses of Glorious India T 2
9 I am Tech P/F
Credits (B) 24
Semester III
Sl. No. Course Title Theory / Practical Credits
1 Algebra T 4
2 Differential Equations T 4
3 Open Elective A* T/P 3
4 Data Wrangling using Python T/P 4
5 Environmental Science T 4
6 Life Skills I T 2
7 Amrita Values Programme I T 1
Credits (C) 22
Semester IV
Sl. No. Course Title Theory / Practical Credits
1 Real Analysis I T 4
2 Probability and Statistics with R T/P 4
3 Number Theory and Data Security T 4
4 Computational Optimization Technique I T/P 4
5 Open Elective B* T/P 3
6 Life Skills II T 2
7 Amrita Values Programme II T 1
Credits (D) 22
Semester V
Sl. No. Course Title Theory / Practical Credits
1 Complex Analysis T 4
2 Computational Optimation Technique II T/P 4
3 Machine Learning T/P 4
4 Mathematics of Networks T 4
5 Elective I T 3
6 Live-in-Lab/ Open Elective C T 3
7 Life Skills III T 2
Credits (E) 24
Semester VI
Sl. No. Course Title Theory / Practical Credits
1 Deep Learning T 4
2 Big Data Analytics with Hadoop T/P 4
3 Real Analysis II T 4
4 Image Processing T/P 4
5 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence T 4
6 Elective II T 3
7 Internship (for exit compulsory) / Multivariate Statistics and Regression Analysis T/P 4
Credits (F) 27
Total Credits after 3 years (A+B+C+D+E+F): 144 Credits
Exit Option: Award of B.Sc. in Mathematics and Data Analytics Degree after 3 years
Semester VII (Honours)
Sl. No. Course Title Theory / Practical Credits
1 Advanced Algebra T 4
2 Natural Language Processing T/P 4
3 Elective III T 3
4 Elective IV T 3
5 Elective V T 3
6 Mini Project 4
Credits (G) 21
Semester VIII (Honours)
Sl. No. Course Title Theory / Practical Credits
1 Dissertation 15
2  Internship 4
Credits (H) 19
Total Credits after 3 years (A+B+C+D+E+F+G+H): 184 Credits
Award of B.Sc. (Honours) in Mathematics and Data Analytics Degree
Department Specific Electives
Sl. No. Course Title Theory / Practical Credits
1 Topology T 3
2 Random process T 3
3 Functional Analysis T 3
4 Advanced Graph Theory T 3
5 Advanced Real Analysis T 3
6 Numerical Analysis T 3
7 Chaos and Non-linear dynamics T 3
8 Singular perturbation theory T 3
9  Foundations of MATLAB T 3
10 Formal language and automata theory T 3
11 Coding Theory T 3
12 Ordinary Differential Equations T 3
13 Fourier Series and Integral Transforms T 3
14 Special Functions T 3
15 Combinatorics T 3
16 Queuing Theory T 3
17 Cryptography T 3
18 Wavelet Analysis T 3
19 Financial Mathematics T 3
20 Business Analytics T 3
21 Healthcare Analytics T 3
22 Software Engineering T 3
23 Mathematical Modelling in Industry T 3
24 Timeseries Analysis T 3
25 Complex Networks T 3
26 Graph Analytics T 3
27 Market Analytics T 3
28 Pattern Recognition T 3
29 Social Network Analysis T 3
30 Reinforcement learning T 3
31 Advanced Artificial Intelligence T 3
32 Wavelet Analysis T 3
33 Queuing Theory T 3
34 Demography and Actuarial Statistics T 3
35 Stochastic Process T 3
36 Web and cloud analytics T 3
37 Generative AI T 3
38 Power BI T 3

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